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Posted by DOXOLOGY at May 3, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 May  Relationship

I am in so much fucking pain now. My father died today, anal cancer. Have you ever had to see a man constantly shit out all his body parts? It is disgusting. It pains me. My whore mother cheated on him for 40 years and he stayed with her. That bitch has a boy friend and she calls me today saying that they never divorced and she gets everything. Her boyfriend doesnt even know english. She met him at my fathers house mowing the lawn. When she told me she would get everything of my dads , I actually shit myself. My girlfriend ( who was smokin hot) was rite there and got so disgusted that she slapped me and then turned around and walked out to the car we came in and took off. (i bought her a camry with my money but put it in her name) So then I am in the house of my dead father with my mother and Miguel, Then my ex wife Pam shows up and tells me that she used my ss number to get a credit card and she charged it up over $18000. She laughs at me as she gets into her fucking new alien green camaro with her tuna ass girlfriend. What did I do? I left. I went to my house and my room mate was smoking ice in my living room with some black dudes. I screamed at them to get the fuck out of my house, and 50 cent looking bitch boy smacks my nose and breaks it. I go to the hospital, get my nose set, and find out dad didnt pay his premium and even though he died, I AMRESPONSIBLE FOR HIS BILL. did I tell you that my daughter and her el salvidorin wetback boyfrien stole my chevy last week and i didnt turn her in? Cops found the car, and are telling me even though she wrecked it i am responsible. Cant take this shit anymore. I hate mexicans. I hate women, and I hate midgets. FUCK YOU ALL , i WANNA DIE


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,May,12 09:05

i hope you do

By at 04,May,12 09:21

W8 a sec, why midgets?? XD
By at 04,May,12 11:19


By anonymous at 04,May,12 12:41


By anonymous at 04,May,12 17:27

WOW, you been through a hell of a lot. Dad died, which I'm sorry for your loss. Girlfriend dumps you, ex wife puts you in debt, your dumb ass daughter steals your truck, which if you were me, I would of found her little ass and beat the shit out of her. And last but not least, your Bitch ass mother, they all need to die, you don't need to want to die because their are being selfish assholes. To be honest, you kind of could of faught back and got what's yours, but you allowed some of it to happen and did nothing about. If I were you, I will turn the tables on the bastards and let's them know who's fucking in charge. And if you have to play hard ball than DAMMIT do it, don't spare them because they didn't spared you. I hope everything work out for the best, and stop letting people walk over you.

By anonymous at 04,May,12 17:33

You hate women huh, well than turn into a fag. Go get your stuff back, go kill you mother, daughter, friend, and whomever walks in your path. From what I read you have nothing to live for, turn Fag and be happy again.

By anonymous at 04,May,12 19:25

Bad things seem to keep happening to you because you seem to hate people....mexicans......nothing good comes from hate. BTW sorry about your dad.

By anonymous at 04,May,12 21:33

My most helpful advice right now,take your hate out on everyone kick their ass fuck it YOLO

By anonymous at 05,May,12 02:13

This is something that couldnt happen in movies, unbelievable im having hard time believing it but if its true my heart goes out to u mate

By anonymous at 05,May,12 03:51

That freak mercy guy the one who probably made up this bullshit. Nice try, though. It's f-n hilarious

By anonymous at 05,May,12 09:01

How about you go straight to hell you unimaginable asshole, you have no sympathy for anyone, go jump off a cliff.
By anonymous at 05,May,12 21:43

How about you slit your wrists you father fucking fagtard. This one is obviously just made up bullshit and you're defending some asshole for it huh? Good job faggot. Feel proud

By anonymous at 05,May,12 09:04

By the way, I wasn't talking about the author who wrote this story I was preferring to the anonymous person before me.

By Midget Man at 05,May,12 10:38

Hey leave the midgets alone, got that?
By at 06,May,12 11:24


By anonymous at 05,May,12 10:57

...I was taking this story seriously until the hate midget part...

By anonymous at 05,May,12 14:56

You're a fucking racist mother fucker. You deserve all that is handed to you. God wouldn't have it any other way.

By anonymous at 05,May,12 19:02

Chill out, smoke some pot and nod off to oblivion. Leave society alone.

By timmy at 12,Jul,14 19:10

Hey fucktards! Hahaha! Where the hell is the Grocery Bag Cock Sucker? Hahahaha!

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