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Everything gone to Hell

Posted by anonymous at May 5, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Relationship

Last year was the best year of my life. Until I got married to a man that only wanted money and some of my best friends. My dad and mom works for a law firm and my dads a lawyer. I met this wonderful guy who I thought loved me and want it to spend the rest of his life with me. My parents told me so, they told me that he looked up to no good and might be after one thing but I was so in love I wouldn't listen, plus they said its was an age different, which I'm 22 and he's 34. Anyway, so we went on and got married and stay happily for at least 10 months until I came home and found him and my bestest friend on the living room floor, under a blanket and naked. I couldn't do nothing but scream at the both of them and cry like I just seem two dead bodies. So being caught in the act and couldn't explain, he then told me why he really married me, that's because my parents had money and he knew whenever they give me money, I always give to him because I was so easy to get things out of. My friend, well ex friend, she then told me as well that they both have been seeing each other for 3 months in the marriage. I could of killed the both of them. So now I have no one, hardly any friends now, I been so depressed that I tried to drink myself to death by a bottle of vodka and than tried to Chase it with pills. I been in a mental hospital and was diagnose with depression and now on meds for it. My life I had, the guy I met, my marriage, everything is gone to hell. My parents was so right, I was just so of an stupid idiot to listen, now I'm damaged forever over loss of love, I'm never trusting anyone again.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 05,May,12 15:43

Buy a bong, smoke pot.

By anonymous at 06,May,12 01:04

Look at it from the bright side. At least you found out the truth early rather than late.
you are only 23 I guess. No kid. It is a blessing in disguise. Imaging what if you find out 10 years later. It could be worse.

with your age you and financial situation. You can absolutely start over again. He is not worth crying over.

By Sean at 06,May,12 02:29

The guy is obviously a SCUM BAG and so is your friend that cheated with him. Sorry you went through that, but it's not the end of the world, believe me. Ive been through tough relationships too.

Like you said, you are only 22, you have so many good years a head of you, if you make better decisions. Also, Your parents have lots of money? Ok, this is not as hard of a situation as you think it is. Divorce his ass! You are better than him or your ex friend, you just need to believe it. Find some one better and dont let people walk all over you anymore.
By anonymous at 07,May,12 03:26


By anonymous at 06,May,12 09:14

You can definitely start over and be happy. You don't have to let your ex husband's behavior damage you for life. You should trust people who earn your trust and love. Trust your intuition as a woman. I'm sure there were warning signs (red flags) early on that your ex was a loser. Did he even have a steady job? Did he pay for dates or were you the one paying for everything? Next time get with someone who spoils and takes care of you. A real man doesn't use a woman for money. A real man works hard and has goals and ambition. But right now you need to just heal your heart and that takes time. You're very young, you'll be ok, you'll recover.

By Nick at 05,May,13 15:24

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