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my shitty life

Posted by linlin at May 5, 2012
Tags: Life Story  2012 May

im 20 with a child i want to kill. had no job for two years before working as a cleaner. no life. no friends. no family. I live in a shithole now.

When I was five, my mum died of pancreatic cancer. I missed her dearly but things were still ok because my dad was still there to provide for me. 4 years later, he died at work due to an heart attack. I became an orphan at 9 years old. My uncle took me in. I thought everything would be fine but he took me out of school. took me away from the only friends I had. He isolated me from the world. He psychially abused me, and raped me almost every night. I had no one to turn to. I got pregnant at 13, had a miscarriage because he hit me and I fell down the stairs. I got pregnant again at 14. the baby luckily died as soon as it was born. I got pregnant again at 18. My uncle found an alchoholic, druggy girlfriend and she moved in with us. I thought this was the end of abuse. but it only escalated. they both started absuing me and she'd encourage the rapes that happened even while i was almost 6 months pregnant. When the child was born, he kicked me out of his shitty house and told me "You're too old to have fun with, you useless whore"

I fucking hate my life. I have no education and as a result, working as a fucking cleaner. living off welfare and no friends. I hate my child. i want to fucking kill him. everytime i look at him, i get reminded of what happened. he is a mutant.


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New Comment

By at 06,May,12 15:14

What the fuck that's tough! You need to report that heathen uncle of yours and get justice for his criminal offence that has completely damaged you physically, mentally and so much emotionally!! Don't just sit around there and do something to get even...legally. At any rate, don't resent your son. He's nothing to do with what happened and needs your motherly care more than anything else. Stay stronger. Fight for you and your son's right. Don't give up. With time things will get better. Hang in there
By anonymous at 08,May,12 02:21

You're a moron! Rape babies are not gifts!
By anon at 08,May,12 08:57

Well with you said i think you just deserve the whole thing you ignorant piece of human shit!! You're a cum dumpster and i hope you go straight to hell and may you suffer eternal damnation there. Fuck you whiney ass cunt bitch your filthy kinds don't deserve to breath the air so it'd be better if you just jump off a bridge and die you moronic excuse for a fucked up human being!!!!! May a midget spill sulfuric acid on your stupid whore face!!!!
By anonymous at 08,May,12 10:14

I hope that your dick falls off and somebody cuts off your balls.
By anonymous at 08,May,12 21:02

LMFAO at you! Well, for the record i'm a woman and i don't really give two shits about your filthy, stinky ass so shut the fuck up. You're a bag of wasted skeet and i hope an 18 wheeler truck runs over U you stupid, fucking whorebag! DIE BITCH!!
By anonymous at 08,May,12 21:31

Surrender the poor kid to me and i will raise him well. I'll tell him that you run away with a midget to another state but die from a car accident in the process. I'll tell him your a thick piece of stagnant stool and was once a stripper. Now you can go throw yourself over a cliff and die you two-bit cocksucker!!
By anonymous at 09,May,12 03:24 Fold Up

Fuck off this page bitch. u aint worth shit here. it's not a place for u act all "cool"

if u aint got anything good to say, don't say it. geez.
By anon at 09,May,12 05:41

fuck you!!
By anonymous at 09,May,12 06:29 Fold Up

No one said they were, moron.
By anonymous at 09,May,12 06:47

"once you begin swearing profusicially without valid reason, you know you've lost the argument"

---Oldest rule of internet arguments

By anon at 11,May,12 03:15

It's profusely-just so you know. Learn to spell, idiot.
By anonymous at 11,May,12 05:22

thanks, idiot. I'll be sure to remember that, idiot.

By Taryn at 08,May,12 15:32

You should've aborted that bastard child!
By anonymous at 08,May,12 22:16

You're a massive piece of human turd and should have never been born. I say, go slit your wrists and die, moron.
By anonymous at 08,May,12 23:48

Lame comeback from lame annonymousfaggot
By Karen at 10,May,12 00:06

stop sucking your father's cock, you cheap cocksucker!!! DIE IDIOT!
By Taryn at 18,Aug,12 04:33

Let me guess, you were the product of rape too? Is that why you've got your nuts in a knock? Your mother should've aborted you when she had the chance, retart child.
By Taryn at 18,Aug,12 04:35 Fold Up

I say, You first. Since suicide is on your mind go ahead and go through with it. Nothing of value will be lost.

By anonymous at 09,May,12 00:06

Names by Allen, Anon, and Karen, you 3 are the most stupid ass bitches that can ever live on Gods green earth. How the hell you all gonna judge her like that and criticize her about a child she had by her uncle. I think she shouldn't hurt the baby, BUT, I also don't blame her for not wanting anything to do with it. She been through a lot, have you retards read the story, I think you need to go back and reread it again. She clearly states that she been raped and had multiple pregnancies by this uncle. You, and whoever here to judge her can go set your asses on fire and continue to burn after you show up in hell. You people have no heart, means you living off a black hole in your chest. To the poster of this story, I wish you all the best and don't listen to any of the negative comments here because if they didn't live that nightmare, then they don't know your nightmare, they just here to hurt and make themselves feel like an human being instead of a beast.
By Karen at 09,May,12 05:45

suck my ass you stupid assbandit!
By anonymous at 09,May,12 06:45

dafaq is wrong with u Karen? honestly, ur a vile despicable creature that shouldn't be alive. u disgust me to death. here's someone who's been raped almost all her life and ur treating it like it's some funny joke. hate to break it to you darling but life ain't like the sick fantasy you dream of.

grow up u moron.
By Karen at 10,May,12 00:02

whatever you are such a fat loser. do you live in the basement with your mother? die dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By anonymous at 10,May,12 03:48

look who's talking bitch. ur the one with the disgusting fantasy and incestial feelings towards ur uncle or some shit.

die dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Karen at 11,May,12 03:30

SquiRrTtttt.. That feels sooo GAWD.
anyway, stop screwing your mother you fucking nasty-ass felcher! Why don't U go blow your brains out, you've got nothin' to loose.
By anonymous at 11,May,12 05:23

HAH. low life.

By anonymous at 09,May,12 02:45

stop having kids!!!!!! youre too young, have some common sense. I know you were abused and raped but PLEASE have some more respect for yourself. sex is not the answer to problems.
By anonymous at 09,May,12 03:19

AHEM! she didn't want kids. she was raped. god knows what her uncle would've done to her if she said "No, I don't want sex"
By anonymous at 09,May,12 05:43

killed her perhaps?
By anonymous at 09,May,12 06:34 Fold Up

she didn't want to have kids ! she was raped. do you understand rape?

By anonymous at 09,May,12 04:38

believe in jesus, he will help u
By jesus at 09,May,12 05:44

shut the fuck up don't you mention my name here! i refuse to be incriminated.

By Karen at 09,May,12 15:24

I'm sorry everybody, for my post up top. It's just I used to suck my dads cock, and my mom used to watch. He played in my pussy, I'm now my pussy is stretch out of place.
By anonymous at 09,May,12 23:59

thumbs up karen. they are all stupid mother fucking wankers and hopefully die soon from car accident

By anonymous at 10,May,12 03:46

there are some really fucked up people in this world. You Karen are one of them. probably a pathetic woman sitting behind a 14 inch tv watching sex and the city with her 15 cats.

By at 10,May,12 13:46

I mean da fuck... the bitch gets raped everyday and takes it like a champ... Call the fucking cops or something, tell someone, send his ass to jail and take his home and money... As a result, totally fake... And people commenting seem to be more concerned with each other than the story, and unfortunately more than half of them are retards... God damn it...

By anonymous at 10,May,12 20:46

no one give a fuck so don't even concerned reading comments everyone only think about themselves
i don't understand why some people have any right to live
they see what happened to this poor girl but there like 'not me' i hope everyone how thinks like that to just die

By anonymous at 11,May,12 00:06

Fuck, and I thought I had a shitty life cause I was unpopular in high school. Damn you're life sucks. Pull the fucking trigger slut! Just fucking do it!

By anonymous at 11,May,12 05:25

yeah. wtf is with all the random conversations here? most of them have nothing 2 do with the actual story.

By anonymous at 12,May,12 00:02

Please,do not give up! You have a baby now, this poor little innocent creature has nothing to do with your uncle monster. Go away further from him,report this monster to the police. Get some medical and counseling are so young,you can still rehabilitate and lead a normal life. If you feel like this baby is too much for you to handle, nobody will judge you,it is understandable, give the baby for adoption and start a new life. You are a good person, who has done nothing wrong. Please do not. Turn into monster like your uncle. You ll be able to overcome everything,because you have been through so much already and survived!

By anonymous at 12,May,12 22:13

Call the cops on your uncle, find a new home or someone willing to adopt you and make sure they are good prople first. Go to a counselor and ask for guidance. Get a Ged and study up for the test. Once you pass go to community college and transfer to a university on federal aid if you can. Go to okcupid and try dating a nice guy by filling out the match questions properly. Try turning to someone for help. Try not to let the past get to you, look ahead.

Take care linlin

By anonymous at 13,May,12 05:00

Why are so many comments so resentful and cruel? She has lost her parents and raped repeatedly by a relative...I don't think it takes a genius to work out that she has been through a lot of suffering...inform the police of this and maybe speak with a counselor...hang in there, you're going to be alright linlin...

By anonymous at 14,May,12 07:55

this is probably the saddest thing i've read here. i'm so sorry something so terrible happened to you. May god be with you.

By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 21:36

omg... the story is truly tragic, but the lame ass hillbilly comments are GODDAMN FUNNY LMAO

By anonymous at 05,Jun,18 05:31

This is fake and disturbing

By anonymous at 14,Sep,18 10:47

I was raped, and u have a child because of it. I love her more than life itself. I don't resent how she came to be. But end of the day, she's an innocent life. She doesn't need the heartbreak. Even if my life is a reminder and when she's older and asks who her father is ill simply just relive the whole thing again while I explain to her. No resent your child because of a wrong doing.

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