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One gun + two bullets = two dead bodies

Posted by anonymous at May 9, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 May  Relationship

Hi, I'm 29, work as a construction worker, my job required me to work 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. I had a beautiful girlfriend, who left me 3 months ago, left me for my brother. 8 months ago was all good, until I let my brother moved in with me and my girl. It all start with both of them having strong conversations while I'm out the room and when I returns they both goes in silent mode. One night we was watching a movie together, the 3 of us, I got tired close to the middle of the movie so I went to bed and left them up. Half way into sleep, I hear moans, laughter and other weird noises in the living room, and it didn't sounded like it was coming from the T.V, it sound very real, like my girlfriends voice. I walked in there, and they both jumped as if I almost caught them doing something, so I asked what's going on my brother say....nothing, you scared the shit out of us man, you know were watching this horror movies. So after that, my girlfriend finally came to bed. The next day I got ready for work, I find them both again in each others faces, didn't think nothing but told them both that I'm off to work and see them later. Lunch break, my nightmare begins. I came home on lunch break, which something I normally don't do. Had my house keys, unlock door and headed straight to my room, only to find my brother and girlfriend both sleep, nakedness, and on top of covers. I woke the both of them up, my brother and I both fighting, I went to closet for my gun and put it to his head and told him to get the fuck out my house. I told my girlfriend that I will kill her and then take myself out, she left as well. I did attempt suicide but couldnt do it. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to actually pulled that trigger.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,May,12 11:12

You have a really shitty brother, sorry for your situation.
By anonymous at 10,May,12 16:00

Agreed, you sound like a very hard working man and she wasnt shit if she didn't appreciate you.

By anonymous at 10,May,12 16:17

Depression is repressed anger. You need to know that you are entitled to your feelings and that you were wronged. As for suicide... Whats your hurry we all die one day. Just wait it out if you still dont like it time will finish you off.

By anonymous at 10,May,12 17:05

You are a badass man. Many men these days are too girly to pull a gun on their brothers head, even if he is cheating with their girlfriend. Softer men would just let it happen or politely ask to break off the engagement. You didn't give a shit about prison or fucking over your life. Not caring is cool, in my opinion.
By anonymous at 12,May,12 06:27

I would have just nailed him with a baseball bat a couple times and if the cops ask just say "it looked like she was getting raped" so that way you would have mentally scared that bitch for life and killed your brother, I must say family reunions probably wouldn't be the same after something like that. What duech bag of a brother you have and a cunt of a girlfriend.

By Cursed at 10,May,12 17:23

Hey buddy-
I wanted to kill my X when I found him with another woman. I punched him in the face (didn't have a gun- thank god) and went after the woman. She locked herself in another bedroom. I left- peeled out of the driveway, heart pounding, heart broken, and what did the slut do? She went straight to the cops and placed a restraining order on me. Spent lots of $ on attorney's fees and the icing on the cake- HE CONTINUED TO FUCK HER. What did I get? NOTTA. BILLS and COURT. So, it's probably a good thing that you didn't pull the trigger. You'd be sitting in jail FOR LIFE- which would suck a whole lot more then just walking away. Thank goodness you walked away. Wish I could have done that....

By anonymous at 10,May,12 19:43

I feel sorry for you.
to me what really hurts is that it was your brother.
what a bastard.

however, as the other said. It ain't worth it to get yourself into trouble.

just walk away and shut them out of your life.
I'm sure you can find ways to make them suffer but never by pulling the trigger

By anonymous at 10,May,12 20:15

Call suicide hotline, they will help you.

By anonymous at 11,May,12 11:34

Oh boo fuckin hoo! Your brother did you a favour by showing you what your girlfriend is really like. THERES PLENTY OF GIRLFRIENDS OUT THERE....go find one that will be true to you. At the same time, I would tell your brother to fuck right off and never speak with him again.

By anonymous at 11,May,12 12:14

Thanks all for your kindness, I appreciate it.

By nicky at 12,May,12 03:43

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By anonymous at 12,May,12 06:46

You are strong man for letting them live. You will never lose the anger and sometimes will hurt others :(. Now you will meet new girl and it will be different. He is no brother, he is bitch faggot and she will do same of what she did to you to him. Sorry for your situation, i hope life goes up for you

By Andre at 10,Dec,15 17:06

I am Lauren's Mom and the Ouma of these two gorgeous cderhlin. I would love to post these on my Facebook page with a plug for you but cannot figure out how to do it. Tried the "share" but all it did was create a link between my e-mail & facebook accounts, which is certainly not what I wanted. Help please! The photos are incredible but I am a bit biased of course. Thank-you

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