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Quitting Medicine = Happiness

Posted by Horse Doc at May 12, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Philosophical  Society

Does America really need another miserable doctor? One that won't prescribe opiates even if s/he believes their patient is truly in pain? One that spends 6 hours a day doing Insurance/HMO/Medicare paperwork, in addition to the 8 hours spent seeing patients?

I think not.

I was miserable, my co-workers were miserable, I had no reason to believe that this state of misery would change any time soon.

I had a rare day off from my residency program, and tried to relax by doing some stream fishing. Well, those few hours fishing did little to relieve me, but I did and up making a startling revelation while traversing the riverbanks, but it would take a day before I realized what it was.

I followed the stream where it went under a bridge. Under the bridge were two homeless fellows, drinking some rot gut whiskey. I joked with these guys while I fished through the area they were calling home. I finished my day off fishing and went back home--dreading the next day back at the hospital.

It was early the next day back at work that I realized an important life lesson--so clearly & obviously demonstrated to me.

The two homeless guys were dirt poor, probably mentally ill, likely alcoholics, BUT THEY WERE HAPPY ! ??

My coworkers at the hospital were well educated, rich (by most people's standards) and some of the most miserables SOBs in the world.

My revelation was that although I did NOT envy the homeless men's lifestyle; I certainly did not envy the lifestyle of a physician.

There had to be a happy medium: somewhere between having enough money & responsibilities and having enough time off to be human and enjoy life before dying.

Less than 2 months later, I had another job that did not require an MD, and only demanded 40 hours a week from me.

I am no longer miserable, but am enjoying my life again.

I have recommended to my friends from med school to leave medicine, and try to be happy. Unfortunately, they are married now with children. Their spouses & children are accustomed to a certain lifestyle now, having a certain amount of disposable income.

They are entrenched. They are trapped.

I would wish them happiness, but I know better.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,May,12 07:45

Fucken a dude, that's a great story!

By anonymous at 13,May,12 10:52

Awesome story. Well i have to say One's Happiness is the only important thing in this fucked up world.

By ur smart at 13,May,12 11:44

People are after money and material objects here. I am glad somebody realizes most people are miserable. Even if they have the 2.2 kids, 30 year mortgage, 2 new cars, attractive mate, etc. Glad to see this person woke up, before it is too late.

By Cursed at 13,May,12 12:32

Dear Doc-
Sometimes people are born knowing what to do in life. But most people have to battle it out. It's cool that you've found that money doesn't necessarily = happiness. In fact, I've personally found that the more money people have- the more miserable they are...Kudos to you for realizing that being a doctor was just not your thing- the malpractice insurance alone would drive anyone to jump off a bridge! Good luck- thanks for the story and keep on fishing!

By anonymous at 13,May,12 13:40

Are you fucking stupid? You're giving up $200,000 a year just cause life's a bit fucking tough? You're jealous of homeless drunk alcohlics who looked happy cause they were high on crack? No one gives a fuck you brain-dead piece of shit. Fucking failure, that's all you fucking are. You're a quitting, pussy failure piece of shit. Why don't you pull the fucking trigger you retarded pussy?
By anonymous at 13,May,12 19:08

Dude are you the same guy that's going around the other posts telling people to kill themselves. GO AWAY.
By anonymous at 14,May,12 14:32 Fold Up

I feel as though you get owned every day of your life and you're bitter af about it so you turn to the internet to torment people. What a bitch!

By anonymous at 13,May,12 19:14

Man I realized that money is not that important to me either but I go want a comftorble life. I don't want to work to pay the man 1/3 of what I make. Get cancer at retirement and die never really enjoying my life serving the system. I want to do art, play music, and write, but unfortunately I cannot make enough mobey unless I'm famous to live the way I want to. So I'm chosin to law school to try and reck as much havoc on the system as I can.
By Cursed at 13,May,12 20:10

Admirable. Clap, Clap.

By anonymous at 13,May,12 20:06

Hey man.. not sure if you will see my post but could u leave an email address that I could contact you at? Your story really inspired me. I am about to enter medschool within less than a year and I would really like to ask you some questions. Not so much about medschool, but about some things that you mentioned. Could you please leave a contact email? I am being serious. Thanks.

By crorkz jremy at 23,Nov,14 14:10

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