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I'm just a nobody

Posted by nobody at May 13, 2012
Tags: Loneliness  2012 May

I'm 25 years old. I haven't had a boyfriend or even a boy who cared about me in 5 years. I don't even have any friends. I ask people to hang out but they always have an excuse why they can't and then they put on Facebook that they are bored and does anyone want to do something. People at work complain about having to work with me too. I'm a really nice, sweet, careing person, but people don't like me. I spend every day of my life at work or at home on the couch. I live alone because (of course) no one wants to live with me. I eat dinner alone, celebrate holidays and birthdays alone, take vacations alone, I even ring in the new year alone on my couch. I have 2 sisters. My younger sister has too many friends then she knows what to do with. She never has a free minute because she is always with her friends. My older sister has a lot of friends too but she also has the sweetest most careing husband. They just had their first baby. They have this perfect little life and I have my couch to sit on. My parents say they don't have a favorite child but it's obvious that I'm at the bottom of the list even though they are the closest things to friends I have. My mom seems irritated when I call her because I don't have something I need to talk to her about. I just call because most days if I don't talk to her I won't end up saying a word all day becuase I have no one else to talk to. She even said the other day that she would rather my older sister live right down the street and I can go live in her house 2 hours away because she would rather be closer to her. I'm so lonely and I want to find a boyfriend so I have at least one person who cares about me, but my mom always tells me that I need to lose weight if I ever want to get a guy which means that my personality and who I am on the inside isn't enough for someone to love me. My looks would be the only thing someone would want and since I'm fat, no one would want me, but I'm only fat because I have nothing else to do but sit on the couch and eat. I desperately want a family of my own but I know I will never get that chance. No one would ever want to marry me or have a baby with me. I'm going to be alone on my couch for the rest of my life. God forbid it be a long one. Although I don't think even God cares about me...


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By anonymous at 14,May,12 13:13

awww there there...
Im pretty and thin but I dont have friends :( and guys only want to be my bf not just friends and I dont want a bf for now...
at least u live alone and independent...
Ill be your friend :) I want a female friend :(

By anonymous at 14,May,12 14:07

Let out all of your pain and frustration now because its not good to hold it in. I understand the feeling you get when it feels like the world around you is in motion and your stuck in what seems like a deadend. I feel the same way day in, day out especially when I speak to friends who have good jobs, boyfriends/ fiances and everything seems perfect for them. I have a feeling that you sometimes ask yourself why none of those good things seem to be happening to you and what could you possibly be doing wrong? Sadly I dont have the answers but I would like to think that we are experiencing all the crap now to get it out of the way for a bright future....But lets be frank! How many more re-runs of Bridget Jones Diary combined with a tub of Ben&Jerrys Icecream can we possible take before we realise that sometimes life does not work out the way we went it to. I hope my comment gives you some closure in knowing that there are people who can understand your feelings and maybe put a smile on your face.

And by the way I would'nt mind being your friend too! :-)

By at 14,May,12 14:37

gOOD DAY introvert, Mite I suggest that you go to your nearest pub and toss back a few boddingtons, start dancing on the table and find yourself a nice bloke. Dont be a jamrag, get out there and live life!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

By Cursed at 14,May,12 14:56

Dear Friend-
You are suffering from "Middle-Child-Itis". You're too busy comparing yourself to your siblings, and wallowing in self-pity to see the real problem: You're depressed. I'm a member of that club as well. The only person who is going to pull you off that couch is yourself. Trust me, I started reading your post and thought you were talking about me! And listen, you're parents don't have a favorite. It may seem that way- but they love you just as much as your sisters. What you need is a good shot of SELF-ESTEEM! You're heavy- just like me by the way, and it's making you down on yourself. We are our own worst critic. Look in the mirror- and tell yourself- no CONVINCE yourself, that you are worthy! You are worthy of feeling happy and YOU are going to do something about it! If you don't like exercising alone, join something more social like Weight Watchers. Go for a walk. Start off slow, and work your way up to a jog. Losing weight, unless you can afford plastic surgery, is a slow and painful process. That's why it's so much easier, hating ourselves, and eating Ben Jerry's (Chocolate mmmmmmm) ICE CREAM!!! But sweetie, if you put your mind to it- you can accomplish anything- So, get off the pity party couch and do something about it!
And I'll do the same-
By l'i'l teen at 20,May,12 12:14

why is ur name cursed?

By anonymous at 14,May,12 16:17

You are in a tough spot. Sometimes a person keeps getting kicked and beaten by life. No support, no love, no friends, nothing. After a while, this person must realize it won't get better. Life for some people just sucks. Bad luck I guess. I've always made bad decisions. I'm married but my wife was a BAD choice. She's made my life hell. No more friends or family. Just reality TV. And I get bashed every other day for not being her ideal man. She says "just be yourself" then doesn't like me. I've since given up on trying to make my life amount to anything. I'm simply waiting for death. There are no do-overs - just people telling me it's not too late to change. Yes, it is too late. I'm too old. I'm stuck. So are you. Sorry.

By at 14,May,12 16:36

sweety, you identified your own problem several times in your's "the couch".......focus on fitness......join a gym and live there (not really, but you know what i mean) are visual creature, we have to be attracted to you first before we'll ever try to get to know your personality a bike and ride it, become a kid again......i'll tell you this, if you don't get pissed, get busy and pick it up, you'll be on the couch till you're an old one else will lift a finger to help you, life will forget about you.....i'm stuck in the same boat as you......need some inspiration?.....go to youtube and check out prank vs prank.......they're a couple who pull pranks on each other.....but they have the best relationship, they go to the gym everyday, they eat healthy, and they're always having fun......just watching their blogs has given me something to shoot for....(fitness)
By anonymous at 14,May,12 20:39

'men are visual creature, we have to be attracted to you first before we'll ever try to get to know your personality inside'

so fucken true.

By Jerseygirl at 14,May,12 16:38

Join a club or activity you have interest in and you will make friends. Also consider joining weight watchers or a similar group, because you will make friends who are dealing with weight issue too. I have lost 65 pounds on my own and it made a big difference in my life. Unfortunately people judge you by your looks. Hang in there; love comes when your not looking.
By Cursed at 14,May,12 17:08

Way to go girl!

By anonymous at 14,May,12 17:54

Go on Biggest Loser for next year's season. They will whip you up in shape. And we, the audience, can laugh at you the first few weeks while you suffer and I eat a pint of ice cream.
By Cursed at 14,May,12 19:12

Man! I need to get on that show!
By anonymous at 14,May,12 21:07 Fold Up

Wow you have achieved maximum desch bag status.

By anonymous at 14,May,12 18:43

Get yourself a couple of vibrators and a lot of lube.
By anonymous at 14,May,12 19:13

I'm planning on it. Tonight- you and me.

By anonymous at 14,May,12 19:32

just that last sentence bothers me.. " i dont even think god cares about me" he does and u should ask help from him. if u already have then u need to try to get a better life with the help of god.

By anonymous at 14,May,12 19:40

well, maybe you should lose weight cuz when i look at fat people i dont imedently hate them i think of them being lazy and that is NOT a first good imperession! if your skinny more people give you a chance to know u. get outtside and meet someone! do something weird! go to the bar and meet someone!

By anonymous at 14,May,12 21:39

Nothing wrong with you. You need to focus on a higher goal to get over this. The problem with most folks is they are too focused on themselves..just look at the number of I's in your statemnet.

Also notice the number if I's in similar posts...

The real solution is to forget the I and focus on something beyond yourself

Finx a higher cause and work for it. You will get over your current problem

By anonymous at 14,May,12 23:18

Stop looking for a boy, and start looking for a man. Go outside, start making friends, if you have anxiety issues go see a psychiatrist or a therapist. And in this world, sad reality is that slim, fit people(NOT ANOREXIC) get much more attention and love than fat people, and no I'm not being a dick(look up Halo effect). You need to go outside, get some fresh air, EXERCISE(Not only will that help lose weight, but it get's your mind off the stress). No one is going to make your life better, and there isn't a guy sitting on a cloud in the sky listening to your thoughts and 'guiding' you. No, it's just you. We can provide you with support, but until you learn to love yourself, don't expect people to love you.

By anonymous at 15,May,12 06:54

it is a combination of things that attract men to women. Yes, men are visual creatures and we usually go for the look first. But mind you not all men like catwalk model type. I myself only get turn on by round figure women. There is a 200 lb+ girl with a bubbly personality in the office who i'm attracted to. I just learned the other day that she is getting married in the summer. So, obviously it is not just me who is attracted to her.

Personality, interest, sex, wavelength, education, confidence, etc. All of these play a part too. My first girlfriend was very fat. We were students and she was studying to be a lawyer. She was the first woman who I fell in love and had sex with. I think it does something to my preference for women later on in life. Lets make it clear I'm physically fit, 174cm, makes decent money (i am a senior manager in the office). Had a string of girlfriends in the past. So don't you for a minute think only losers would be attracted to you as well.

you need to put yourself out there to make more friends. That is the only way you can find your dream man. I'm not trying to be rude here, it is like you have a product to sell but if you don't promote it with get more eyeballs how can you expect sales?. You need to create the opportunity to find him. It is no difference from people looking for job. You have some you unique skill set but you would need time to find the employer that are looking for them. Most companies may not need them but there may be a few companies willing to pay top dollars for them.

By anonymous at 15,May,12 22:46

I'd stop looking at all the bad and focus on the good. People like positive people and maybe you've become such a downer that your friends don't want to hang out with you anymore. Put on a smile and go to a gym. Not just for exercise but maybe you'll meet your future husband there :) And God cares. His Son died on the cross for our sins so He loves you more than you will ever know :)

By at 16,May,12 19:20

Well, try tackling your problems one at a time, and you will find yourself having more energy and a more positive attitude towards life.
For instance, instead of being a couch potato, force yourself out of the house for early morning walks or jogs. Then you will have something to talk about with your family and MAYBE meet people and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE you will connect and start having friends. As for the love thing... don't concern yourself with this issue right now, just focus on socializing and sooner or later you will meet guys you like, but remember even though your brother-in-law seems perfect, there is no such thing as prince charming (it's only a fairy tale)... we are only human.
As i said, focus on socializing and meeting and interacting with people, just gather some courage and throw yourself out there, I mean come on!!! You only get one life... what's the point in hiding in your home if your not gonna live it??? It's like your passing time till you die... waste...
It's getting kinda boring, every single post he has to talk about midgets and getting drunk and fucking midgets and gay midgets ... GOD DAMN IT WTF IS IT WITH YOU AND MIDGETS....

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