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...really unemployable

Posted by Unemployable at May 16, 2012
Tags: Job  2012 May

I just turned 28 and still live at home with my parents. This was not my life plan. I got my Bachelors degree when i was 22 and the sky was the limit. Got a job soon after and life was good.
I quit work to focus on a Mastes degree three years after... I didnt complete it and trying to get back into employment is the hardest thing. I must have applied for over 50 jobs in 3 years... I've done 3 intenships which have not led me to anything. I dont even get tothe interviews stage. I have had professional firms look at my CV, theres nothing wrong wit it if thats what you were thinking... I've even applied to jobs waaay below my credentials.. I still dont get them. Infact that is it... I am no longer confident enough to apply for jobs that will truly challenge me. I fear i cannot take another rejection. So now i stay at home and pray for the world to end.
I fry my braincells with TV on a daily basis, each junk food, have my weight yoyo ridiculously. I shut out my friends who are happy cos i just cant deal with them right now.
I know i am fortunate still to have a place to live and people who care about me... But i have stopped caring about myself. Asking your folks for pocket money at 28 is really...shattering.
So... My life sucks!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,May,12 09:21

you used the word CV rather than resume so I guess you are from the UK. I lived and studied there many years ago but am now living in Canada.

I got a master degree in electronics engineering when I was 23. I was trained to do chipset design. The economy at the time was tough and I could not find a job. Anyway, I changed my field and did sales and marketing for an electronics firm in Asia. When I came to Canada I had to start all over again. My first job here was the call centre. I had a family then so I had no choice. From there I got into IT industry. Got laid off twice in the past 3 years. In fact the last one was just 5 weeks ago. But I was able to find a new job in 3 weeks. I pays much better too.

You are not proactive enough. Shut off the TV. Make a few phone calls to your friends, especially to those already working. See if they have connections. Post your resume on job website. Don't forget it takes a couple of months before the recruiters will start calling you. Be very sure what job you are looking for and customise your resume that way. LinkedIn is also helpful.

I'm not very good at this but one of my friends who does contract work (changing job every 6 months) told me you have to send 5 applications out everyday. Why? Because the return call rate is usually 3 percent or less. You have only sent 50 applications in 3 years. It is ridiculous. You can only expect 1 call return.

wake up and get you ass off the couch.

By Ye at 16,May,12 12:25

I'm in a similar situation, except for the age gap, i'm only 21 btw.I live with my parents too, have made quite a few attempts at getting a job in the past years but no luck here. A H.S diploma isn't taking you anywhere. Got into state univ. but was dismissed due to some health issue. After that, Depression hit my ass. Don't wanna go outside bec. i'm socially inept. I've turned down several job opportunites as i'm afraid to be rejected. Now i'm pretty fucked up.

By at 16,May,12 14:50

Good day broke bloke, mite I suggest that you go down to the pub have a boddington, and go home, toss off on yer mum, then she will give you some quid because you worked for it!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By at 18,May,12 08:02

I hope a midget buttfucks your queen ....
By anonymous at 18,May,12 11:17

and then pokes out her eye and skull fucks her. Fuck the queen!!

By anonymous at 16,May,12 15:19

If you're into a new experience I would suggest teaching English in Asia somewhere. Japan after the tsunami needs them greatly and all you need is any B.A. degree to be accepted. You're get paid around 40k a year. If you wanted something new that's what I would do. You could start a little more fresh.

By anonymous at 16,May,12 18:28

Just start life over. tODAY is the first day of the rest of my life! OR move to the south of france and become a gourmet chef! :-)

By anonymous at 16,May,12 18:30

Stop and smell some roses! Actually do it. Life aint so bad after all! :>)
By dixon...ALL is WELL at 17,May,12 00:46

its nice......reall good

By anonymous at 16,May,12 18:51

You're still young. Join the military, Air Force, Coast Guard. Get off your ass, do something.

By La La Land at 16,May,12 19:26

Forget about it. Drop out of society, do nothing, eat too much and whine. Oh sorry, you are doing that already!

By dixon...ALL is WELL at 17,May,12 00:39

wen ever i get desperate i watch the movie "pursuit of happyness"...jus give it a will not remove your problems..but it will definitely give your heart something to smile about...its not so far my bro....keep praying.....!!we also will pray for you....ALL is WELL...

By anonymous at 17,May,12 04:14

Sounds quite like me. Oh, I am not sure if it is comforting to know that there is company...

Minus the Master degree part and the fact that our Bachelor degree were in diff majors. And also, +1 yr to your age.

I quit work in the past because I wanted a rest... and then when I was ready to get out there again: I couldnt find another job, nopes didnt even get to the interview stages too. It sucks really. Life was fine, life was good, you know, all the I am young, I have graduated, sky's the limit... but it all just changed.

It has been almost 4yrs since. And yes I am no longer confident enough to apply for jobs that will truly challenge me. Or so I thought.

Took me a few mths to snap out of that self pity loop. The realisation that I certainly do not want to squander the remainder of my 20s away in this manner helps.

Have started a new round of job hunt. Have dropped that TV vicious cycle, that junk food rubbish and the irregular hours.

I hope you can do the same too. First step is always to start sleeping regularly, and take care of yourself. No, not brushing or bathing as a normal human being should be doing routinely, bad habit has to go.

I wish you can leave behind this tasteless part of life and 'together', go forward. Good luck.

By anonymous at 18,May,12 10:29

Wow, I am in the same boat(well sort of) I am 47, have been an RN for 22 years left my job 1 year ago to take an Rn refresher course since I wanted to go back to work in a hospital,and can not find a job anywhere in New York/Long Island. they say there are way too many BS graduates on long Island compared to jobs. Now I have 20 years experience with only my Asociates Degree. put your resume online exactly what first comment Guy said is true . I applied to 50 jobs in one week! I had a few interviews, but now my husband was in a car accident and can't work. we have 4 children with no income . just had our cellphones shut off and my mom has been helping us a bit which Sucks. Your problem is not bad looking at mine. Good Luck , you will get a job soon and be making 50k just like that!!

By Tripping at 18,May,12 21:47

Drop LSD and forget about it. Life does suck for the majority.

By Sean at 19,May,12 03:20

I feel your pain, Im 28 also and Im in a similar situation. It really sucks to have a degree and yet cant find decent work, on top of having to move back in with parent/s. It is very humiliating and depressing. Just keep applying anywhere you can and dont give up, try a different type of career path. Maybe you can get training on driving Big Rigs & get a special license for it. Thats one thing I am thinking about. You would spend most of your time on the road, but you wont have to deal with people very much and it pays really well.

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