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Why me !

Posted by anonymous at May 17, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2012 May

Why is it that my life has turned out the way it has. I tried to be a good person and all I get in return is a shitty life. There's so many reasons why life sucks. Why did I leave school, why do I isolate myself from people when theyre getting to close, why doesnt anything good last forever ! I've isolated everyone so much that they all hate me. I have no friends, no boyfriend, no school, no work, no career path no direction in life. I have so much hate inside of me ! Why me ! I want everybody to leave me alone and I wana be anorexic again but this time I won't let anyone get in the way, at least when I was sick I had a routine, confidence, skinny body, friends, a job, my course . Why did they ruine everything I was doing so well until they gave me food ! But this time I won't let them I'm stronger now they can't trick me. I won't be happy till I'm as light as a feather.


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By Cursed at 18,May,12 14:30

Hey sister-
You want to be anorexic? Sure. Starve yourself. That way, your body when you do decide to eat, will blow up like a balloon. Yup. Because you starved yourself, you fucked up your metabolism, and now it won't function properly. Also, all the food and nutrients that you denied your body- well you skin will get sallow, you're teeth will rot, and your hair will fall out. Yeah- that's it, don't eat!!! Good idea!
By at 19,May,12 09:40

Good day, at least if this jamrag were anorexic, and her teeth rotted out she could get a part in an english zombie movie! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By Cursed at 20,May,12 20:13

Good day-
I would like to say
Thank God for Queens!

By anonymous at 18,May,12 19:09

No don't become anorexic. You are not feeling that way because you are no longer anorexic, you are feeling that way because you were anorexic. Seek help. Be strong and find the will to survive. Don't be ungrateful. You can do it. And don't starve yourself, you will be more unhappy and will die because of what? Social pressure. It isn't worth it. it's tough, but not impossible. Find the WILL and you will have a way to beat it! You must first want to beat it! I don't know what to tell you more to trust me when I say it isn't good and that you should fight it. Good luck.

By anonymous at 18,May,12 23:54

shut up you slagrat!

By anonymous at 19,May,12 01:30

man i feel ya the first part is spot on i feel the same way man. except being aneroxic i do have a eating habit

By TJ at 25,May,12 02:46

Whoa there! You obviously have a very heavy load on your shoulders. What happened? And who are "they"? Who gave you food? why do you say you've isolated everyone so much that they hate you?

I'd love to help, but I need deeper details. If necessary, I'll give you my personal email if you truly need someone to hear you.

By is cbd legal in washington dc at 28,Sep,20 15:21

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