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The hand you were dealt.

Posted by ace at May 19, 2012
Tags: Life Story  2012 May

Started out life in a wealthy family. Parents divorced, and the rich parent decided to bail on us.

Living in poverty, I managed to get an excellent education, and met the girl of my dreams who still haunts my thoughts 12 years later. We dated for 5 years, but while deciding on colleges she decided to follow her dreams and went to a different school (one the tuition was FAR too steep for me to attend). The relationship lasted another year and a half, but finally one day I had a bit of a meltdown because of the distance and begged her to come to school with me.

I made some bad choices. A few months later, she was dating one of the best friends I had in the world, because he was at her school and I wasn't. In that moment I lost two of the best friends I ever had.

About 8 months later I finally began getting lonely again and started dating. The girl I ended up with was a tramp and a very good liar. She would dress in work clothes and head out daily... a short time later did I find out she was only working 12 hours a week.

I decided to cool it with the ladies for a while and work on my own life, which I had been neglecting. Working hard in college, I was 3 months from 21 when a new girl in my life invited me to a party prior to exams. I decided to go and met a group of new people who accepted me right off the bat. We talked for a while, played some cards, and I had my first beer ever. Before I even finished the can we were busted by the campus police. Because I asked them in a very calm tone "Aren't there rapes, and murders and stuff? Do you really need to break up a party with a bunch of people who are almost 21 and not driving?" they decided I was being belligerent and slapped me with several tickets.

I went to court, plead not guilty, and the whole deal was expunged from my record, however the school decided that court was not correct and that I needed additional punishment. They put me on academic probation, fined me, and forced me to see a school counselor who told me people like me did not belong in college. My ACT and SAT scores begged to differ, however I agreed. College was not for me.

Around this time one of my 4 friends was killed in Iraq, right after he was sent home, recovered, and was redeployed. Another was killed in a horrible car accident, and I was lucky enough to be at her boyfriends house waiting for her to get home when they delivered the blood soaked purse with her hair smashed into it, and cracked, bloody drivers license in a plastic bag. My 3rd friend, her boyfriend went completely insane. Not that I can blame him. My fourth friend began using intravenous drugs like they were going out of style, and soon he was never around anymore to hang out with.

I quit school. Stopped caring about everything. 5 long years passed before I would find decent employment. I tried my hand at every job you can think of, but nothing seemed to last for one reason or another.

Finally I got a decent job about 8 months ago. I was immediately promoted, and then promoted again a month later. Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel.

I now have cancer. I'm dying. My whole life was one cruel carrot on a string.


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New Comment

By RealityOverHope at 19,May,12 15:24

Haha, cunt bitch, I hope your fucking cancer kills you. Stupid cunt, you're a little waste of space pussy. Your girl left you, and she's dating your friend. You're a waste of fucking oxygen, you're a failure, you're a loser. Don't you DARE get fucking treated for that cancer, wasting our tax money n shit, stupid cunt, just fucking kill yourself.
By anonymous at 19,May,12 17:03

How can you say that? That is seriously the most offensive I humane thing ever. I hope whatever happened to you, that causes you to behave this way, never effects anyone else
By anonymous at 19,May,12 21:56 Fold Up

u a a rude little bitch and i ever met i would blow ur fucking brains for playing tough on the intern net..........asshole
By anonymous at 21,May,12 04:56

I hope you get cancer so you experience what this guy feels... Idiot. Go to a therapist, you need serious help. Cunt.

By anonymous at 19,May,12 20:50

People who comment on here are so petty and retarded. It sounds to me like your life has been a journey alright, sometimes thru the desert but I find it admirable. You're strong. I'm sorry about your health :( but this life is only temporary ;) Thank God... I would hate to be stuck here with all these fggjking morons forever.. Haha God bless !!!

By anonymous at 19,May,12 21:55

idk what to say besides i'm sorry

By anonymous at 20,May,12 20:33

Oh my gosh how could someone say such horrible things when somebody is going through it.All I know is the person who said all those horrible things has the devil in them and God will take care of them.Iam so sorry for you and i will for you.

By Cursed at 20,May,12 20:37

Drama Queen.

By IceWriter at 21,May,12 11:56

May you be blessed where you'll soon be headed. I wish I could've been your friend, you sound like a nice person. I'm going off to college soon myself, all alone and by myself without any friends of my own, and you'de been a great person for me to befriend if you were younger and we happened to be going to the same University. I'm really sorry about the crap you've had to face and the cards you've been dealt. But here's wishing you'll have some peace soon and maybe you'll get to meet your friend who went off in Iraq. But here's another one supporting you, by heart, hoping it goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible for you, when the time comes.

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