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Prison of hell

Posted by anonymous at May 19, 2012
Tags: Abuse  Attitude  2012 May

I hate my life. I feel trapped in a prison of hell and I can't get out. I've grown up my whole life with divorced parents my fathers an alcoholic women beater and a wonderful mother who only cares about men and her appearance. I've been beaten my whole life, I've bee starved, my clothing taken away, molested, and just alone. I've lived with at least every family member because no one ever wanted to take care of me they passed me around like I was a hot potato. Never really had any friends and when I did something crazy would always happen for no reason can't have relationships with men either every time I do I'm either getting used for sex or cheated on because I'm just the one they want on there arm not to love. Every one important in my life or remotely important has died I've been to more funerals in my life in the past 20 years than most people do in there life. I just wish my life was better I'm depressed I can't ever seem to get myself out of my bed I'm always angry for nothing I just want to end it all maybe I wouldn't hurt anymore.


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New Comment

By RealityOverHope at 19,May,12 15:48

hahaha you got molested. I didn't, I have a fucking amazing life. LMFAO, I feel sorry for you, actually I don't. Just kill yourself you stupid cunt, just fucking do it.
By anonymous at 19,May,12 19:16

Fuck off you fat, stupid cunt!
By anonymous at 20,May,12 17:48 Fold Up

what the fuck do you think you are playing at who the fuck do you think you are you selfish little bastard if you aint got fuck all nice to say then fuck off you think you life is so perfect because you aint been through half of the shit that you have fuck your self mate !!!
By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 06:27 Fold Up

I'm replying a little late to ur comment but hopefully one day you'll realize the toll that takes on someone. Maybe when you mature you'll have sympathy. By ur comment I'm going to assume ur still young grow up have children and if something like that happens (and I hope to god it doesn't) you won't be laughing and throwing in there face how great ur life was no you'll break down and want to kill the basterd who did it. Things can still happen to you don't think ur in the clear of being hurt or broken down or violated in anyway because ur not humans are not born with perfect lives and no sense of hurt or feeling violated because we're are. Live ur perfect life until someone in some way violates it you wouldn't be laughing then.

By anonymous at 19,May,12 20:56

Take a shower to start with, clean yourself for a change.

By Puttycat at 20,May,12 11:57

I think you just need to step back and look at the things around you. I know its hard...but things do get better only if you let them. It won't until you think positive about all that matters in your life. I hope you get things straighten out and do not listen to the other ignorant comments on this page. Someday it will happen to them...hoping not but if they feel that way, why are they living themselves? Have a good day and just try something different to your life or move somewhere, where no one knows you and start over. God is there with you, he is just waiting for you to make the first and right move. Good luck.
By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 06:09

Thankyou. I appreciate it. I pray every day.

By Cursed at 20,May,12 17:00

Dear Friend-
I did a three card spread for you. You have some very strong cards!
Your Past: THE MOON: It is a card that means you've been in an emotional and mental rollercoaster ride. You've been moody, sensitive, and a little irrational. You can do two things, either wander through this crazy, lunatic landscape howling at the moon (get drunk, wallow in depression, alienate friends and family with wild, antisocial behavior), or get in a boat and go through it purposefully. Meaning that you should probably take up painting, writing poetry or some other creative endeavor where you can transform all that seeing and feeling into something beautiful!
Your Present: REWARD- Ace of Pentacles: means wealth, possesions, money matters, security, and property. The appearance of this card is usually the sign of a turn for the better in terms of fortune and wealth, and sometimes it can even indicate gifts of money, or inheritance from unexpected sources but it certainly doesn't mean that someone has to DIE for you to receive this inheritance. Well if that doesn't brighten up your day, I don't know what will???
And finally your Future: DREAMS: Seven of Cups: The 7 of Cups is a card about choices. When the 7 is reversed, you are beginning to make them and to move toward action. Trust your gut; you've probably already realized that you have to start somewhere. Do so, and you will thrive.
So, hopefully this breathes new life into your day...
By anonymous at 08,Jun,12 20:49

Stop trying to drum up business, you cunt.

By anonymous at 21,May,12 11:19

ca i put a plastic bag on your head while i fuck you

By Missy at 21,May,12 14:35

Pay noa attention to the misible pricks that think that you othing you are something to most of who now what it is like. I was devorced my self and my oldest duaghter who was 14 teen a the time which was 2 years ago thold me not sell yself short. I help folks in my line of work. Go to some support group or try terapy that helped me but I went one of my coleages. I have 4 children who love me 3 daughters and a son. They are my life and they have thorugh all my hard times.

By Missy at 21,May,12 14:39

Cursed has the right idea this person sound like the reeal deal but I don't beloeve in forutne teling myself.

By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 10:44

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By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:55

And my final comment to all of you degenerates who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Blondie at 05,May,13 21:02

You got to push it-this essenital info that is!

By JimBo at 05,May,13 21:02

Kudos! What a neat way of thinikng about it.

By take a look at it! at 24,Oct,13 21:17

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