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Parole of my rapist

Posted by Paige at July 6, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 July

I any of you remmber i posted on May 29 about my rape I have the he will be parolled. Now I am very afraid. I don't if he come here to rape me again or if he is reformeed or not. If iwas on that baord he still be in prision.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Jul,10 21:34

Get a "land shark" (pit bull) and a sawed off shotgun.

By anonymous at 15,Jul,10 11:15

Like i said before, since someone took the comment off.
Invite him over and play with your pussy and then he will fuck you and you can scream rape and he will go back to prison for a long long long time for violating his parole and you will never see him again :)
By anonymous at 16,Jul,10 04:23


By anonymous at 19,Jul,10 15:26

paige ignore these assholes, just forget the bastard ever existed and all will be fine...
By anonymous at 21,Jul,10 14:47

until he comes and rapes her again
By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 10:31

He will then be met by a pit bull and a sawed off shotgun.
By Paige at 24,Jul,10 15:38

I have German Shepard named Dark Angel she is mean I got her from the pound. I feven sets on my proerty she will bite him hard I have fence to keep her getttin gother folks and I have rail road tis on th outside of the fence so she can't dig out. Let him try get me now. And he also meet up with a 357 magnum. My back round check was good. Georgia has as a law on their books. I hope he show so the dog can get himI can blow him away with 357 slug.
By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 20:55

Easier said then done. Only in Hollywood can a person face down a psychopath and pull the trigger and shoot accurately.
Most people will be too hesitant to pull the trigger when actually faced with a bad guy.
Go to a local gun club and learn how to target shoot. Learn how to draw a gun and defend yourself.
If you actually kill somebody, you will have to live for the rest of your life with the consequences, for good or bad.
Just saying.
Also, a .45 ACP could be better than a 357, but I am not an expert on firearms.
By Paige at 01,Aug,10 02:30

I have to a firing range the gun U bought is good enough and it does do dammage is what a guy told me at the fireing range. I about 3 times aweek and lear how to shoot my gun. I a 357. semi atomatic weapons would knock petiteself to the ground. Assalt rifle are assalt rifles. I wish I had my father's 30 alt 6 or his 22. I have never fired those my mother has those now.

By anonymous at 29,Jul,10 22:09

i am the one who raped you

and i'm coming to bang ya agine suger
By Paige at 11,Aug,10 01:32

Do it and regret it You will met a german shepard anda 357 Magnum. I will shoot first but no questions later. No paramedics as well I will let you die so don't come if you want to live
By anonymous at 23,Aug,10 04:35 Fold Up

you're such a loser... learn English, will you?
By anonymous at 08,Sep,11 19:57 Fold Up

can i come?
By anonymous at 12,Jan,12 15:50 Fold Up

grow the fuck up seriously rape isnt funny
By anonymous at 16,May,12 00:12

...I lol'd

By anonymous at 29,Aug,10 21:10

Uh, just carry a gun and kill him if he tries anything on you. Period.

By Paige at 14,Feb,12 19:50

One my dog was barking and then just stoped/ She usually is not like that. Then my door was kicked in so ran for my bed and then when forced their in I shot on of them in the head andhte other ran out and went after I shot again and gthe other in the leg but the other man got away. The killed my dog of the had a gun with silencer that is why I never herd shoot my dog. She was a fine dog. German shepherd is no god I want a pit bull becuase they banned inmy county. I think I nee a dobermen or rot whier of a mean chow. or all three. My i wnet with self defense I will not be charged. the police said that I did wha ti di to protect myself. they were there to rob and rape the said and the got he one that got away. They had condomes so they what they going before they came inmy house and met my freind 357 Mgnum.
By The Rapist at 16,May,12 00:14

I love a good challenge! ;)

By Calcio/Calcetto Uom at 15,Oct,14 14:05

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