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This sucks

Posted by anonymous at May 23, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Relationship  Sexuality

I hate my situation so bad. I hate it with a fiery passion. I have never been as unhappy about how I live now than I ever have.
I am currently engaged. I am a lesbian. I am engaged to a woman 14 years older than me. She is once divorced. Has kids. One lives with us. I want to leave her. She isn't very nice to me. I am young. I feel like I can be happy one day. I just hate it here with her. She doesn't make me feel good. She can't support herself. I used to love the crap out of this woman. I don't think she ever really loved me. I think she is settling for me. I am sick of fighting for her. She can only have sex with me when she is drunk. She doesn't think I am very attractive. She freaks out about everything. She just freaked at me cause I accidently erased some spices she had on the grocery list. We got into a huge fight about it. I just don't want her anymore. I don't know why she keeps me around. This sucks. This life sucks. I know I can do better. I just don't know how to get out.


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By Cursed at 24,May,12 15:20

Hey sweetie-
I have found that no matter whether you are gay or straight, there are always the same "relationship issues". First of all, there is a major age difference. That is going to be problematic, no matter how you slice it! Secondly, she sounds controlling, which quite frankly doesn't surprise me- Every "older" man that I have dated- wanted to control me too... So, my advice is to get out! Get out of the relationship before it's too late... You can do it. If you have no place to go, make a plan. Place an ad in the paper or whatever avenue suits you to find a roomate situation, so you can get out from under her grasp. She is taking advantage of you- and if you allow it, she will control and abuse you until the day you die...
It's scary and it hurts to break up- but in the long run, you'll be so much better off! So, set yourself up to be independent- no matter what it takes! You will find a new love interest- but for now, take care of yourself honey... You will be much happier, I guarantee it!
Keep us posted-

By anonymous at 25,May,12 00:27

why don't you just leave her then?
its not like you have a kid together.

you owe it to yourself.
if it doesn't work it doesn't work. It can only get worst if you drag along.
By anonymous at 25,May,12 00:29

tell her you need to be left alone for a while to rethink

By anonymous at 25,May,12 08:33

You said you don't know how to leave her, Use the front door. It's just that easy.

By The Professor at 25,May,12 23:09

Leave the bitch,,she is using you. Do something,,,get out of the area..military,,,school,,,etc..

By anonymous at 25,May,12 23:16

this is why, as a lesbian, i dont date bisexuals or fed up straight girls looking for a bread-winner baby daddy in any body form... uhaul 19.99 no hold on your credit card. forget some more groceries, send her back to the store, and disappear!... oh yeah, youre a lesbian, you'll find someone new in five minutes. sorry my advice sucks but im dating a woman ten years older than me and I adore her even though i feel I am missing out on my age. if i were in your situation, there would be no hesitation. drunk sex, children, mean words? whhhyyyyyyyyyy

By anonymous at 26,May,12 02:45

Sounds a lot like a friend of mine. The choice is yours to leave. You do not have to be there and when you leave get ready for them to try to get you back. Ignore's a trap for the same old BS all over again.

By anonymous at 27,May,12 12:44

It sounds like you should break it off with her and look for someone more compatable.

By anonymous at 02,Jun,12 00:26


Listen very closely to me. Life is tooo short for you to be with someone that you are truly unhappy with. It is not worth it, and it will not get better once you get married. It will only get worse. Leave while you possibly can otherwise you are going to regret it for the rest of your life. Breaking off an engagement is a lot easier than breaking off a wedding.

By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 04:45

lick her asshole deeply....with tounge would improve relationship

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