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I just want to be happy.

Posted by You will never know at May 23, 2012
Tags: Juvenile problems  2012 May

My life is falling deeper and deeper into a hell pit. My family, not overreacting, but literally hate me so much I've actually come to hate myself. I don't bother to take care of myself. I'm only seventeen and a drop out, no GED, not smart enough to even think about taking the GED test. I can't even pass 4th grade math. It's sad. I can't drive, I can't do anything. All I can do is sleep around, which I will admit. I have been sleeping with multiple guys and have gotten a bad reputation because they are both friends. Even my own mother calls me a dirty skank whore who will never amount to anything. I just agree. Because it is true. I envy my cousins who are all smart, getting into college, boyfriends, good jobs, nice cars, all of it. I WILL NEVER HAVE ANY OF THAT. I just want to end it all, but I'm too much of a chicken to do so. So instead I'll just keep living my life the way I am right now and maybe things might change..for the better..or worse.


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By Cursed at 24,May,12 15:03

Hey sweetie-
You know what? I bet you're good at many things and you just don't give yourself enough credit? My advice would be to go back and get that GED. You will be glad you did- and it's not that hard... I was terrible at math when I was your age and the only way I got through it was with a fantastic tutor. She helped me understand the concepts of Geometry and Algebra enough to pass the tests. I bet there's someone that you know who is good at math and who can tutor you enough to pass the GED? There will be many jobs that you can apply for once you pass- and it will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment! It's never too late to go back to school my dear! I went to college in my late twenties and graduated in my thirties! Trust me, it's worth the effort!
So pull up those boot straps baby! You can do it! Find some help to get you through the math and you will be quickly on your way to a decent paying job- As I have learned, and you will learn eventually, nothing comes for free. There are always strings attached-
Work hard for yourself- who knows what you can achieve!

By anonymous at 25,May,12 00:23

you are only 17.
you can be anything you want yo be.
so long you put your mind into it anything is possible.

if you don't think you can make it on you own why don't you concentrate in finding a rich boyfriend? Your assets is your youth if nothing else.

I'm not trying to put you down or anything.

By The Professor at 25,May,12 23:07

Get a GED,,,then go in the military...get out of there,,,they suck and treat you badly,,,screw them..

By anonymous at 26,May,12 21:56

I'm 21, just got highschool diploma and nothing else, thats much worse thana 17 year old gr.12 drop out your only 1 year behind, im 4 years behind. I have a worse reputation than you, I spend about 5 years being crazy.
sounds to me like your problem is you dont have enough confidence, you are young and u can do whatever u want. most of all, nothing is going to change by itself, you must be the change u wish to see. go back to school and finish up, i agreee with the professor the military might be a good place for you to straighten up, see your lucky you probably have people who you feel good about asking them to be character references.

By Jason at 05,May,13 08:18

Hello Daniel and William!I just wanted to encauroge you in all that you are doing. Your journey on Australian Story was deeply moving and very inspiring. The book is wonderful and, thanks to you, I have now also linked in with BOS Australia. I'm trying to forward your emails to anyone I can think of in the hope that you will (continue to) achieve amazing things for these magnificent creatures. It is tragic to think that this beautiful creature is being slowly being wiped out (largely) so that we can keep eating chocolate. Keep up this wonderful work!Julia

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By Jerry at 15,May,17 01:38

that there should be no problem "just stopping" the I figured I would just stop :-)Big mistake! I felt like a complete loon for about four days! I felt weak, dizzy - and had a really hard time concentrating. I couldn't even read! I mentioned it to a social worker in my office - she told me about dionsctinuation syndrome and gave me some good advice to help cope until it passed...which it did. I feel fine now. It's surprising how much my doctor did not know!

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