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What's the point of living

Posted by anonymous at May 29, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Philosophical

I'm Andrew a young adult and living with my girlfriend, but probably is about to get broken up with. I know the reasons why and I can't change myself for that because u are who u are. My mom died when I was only thirteen, my dad is an alcoholic drunk who never sees me and doesn't t really know me. And I was sexually abused by my brother when I was a child. First off Ive seen and heard many sad story's and I have wondered if there is really a god. Why does he let people suffer,get raped,killings,famines misfortune? Is it a show? I dont understand why he won't save the dying and help the evil people to be free of their sins and evil. I have been called fat at times. Ugly, but the truth is I'm not even that bad looking. Life is hard and I dont like it. I have friends but its not enough. nothing ever feels enough in this world. The world can be good at times, but the truth is it never lasts, just like love, it fades, your happy at times then it fades. I Could have everything but I don't want any of it. I wish I was just a kid again not having to worry about living on my own paying for rent or spending any money. my stress levels are so bad I'm loosing hair and gaining weight. I should end it all here I dont like living in this world where there is so much pain to see, there is too many people suffering I hope god comes to a realization and comes and end our pain for us... Before I step in and do him a favor


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By anonymous at 30,May,12 19:21

sooooo your growing up and your just not man enough to handle it?
By anonymous at 30,May,12 21:09

amen, you're a fucking bitch that can't grow up.

#1 lose fucking weight
#2 whats happened has fucking happened, if you were sexually abused by your brother why didn't you call the cops? They could've sent yu or ur brother to a foster home. Besides if that did happen it's not a big deal, I have a friend who was sexually abused by her step-dad and she fucking forgot it.
#3 Are you fucking kidding me? You wanna be a kid again? A life that's just handed to you, and all everything is granted? Be indepentant you stupid cunt

#4 there are kids in africa fuccking starving, and you're sad cause you're fat and don't like paying your bills. Fuck you, just FUCK YOU, all I heard in this little fucking rant was a fat bitch that can't handle growing up, and a brother who likes fat chicks
By anonymous at 30,May,12 21:10

***^ or fat boys, in this case
By anonymous at 31,May,12 01:03 Fold Up

Hey douche bag and all the other people who responded to this post negatively, try to remember what the title of the website is and show the guy some god sympathy for he is correct life sucks because benevolent souls have to be around primitive minded idiot fucks like you. The reason why those kids are starving is because asshole leaders who share the same mindset and same primitive dogmas as you let them die they take their food, water, land, and for what a bunch of dead faces on a fiat paper currency. Society is just a giant fucking game, and reason why you assholes are so pissed is because someone is challenging your perception you all just want to go back to sleep and be the fat lazy modern day people you all are. I say fine go back to sleep. But a rude awakening is fast approaching.

By anonymous at 31,May,12 10:35

why blame and speak the name of God when everything goes wrong but yet in the goods you probably dont even know God... its in our lowest and sufferrings that we are drawn near Christ.
Life is given to us and we have the choice how to live it despite what comes our way...
Yes life can really be a bitch but No one can take your heart and if you fill it with so much hate and give up then you already lose!!!

By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 22:45

What your talking about gets right to the heart of the most disturbing and most horrible of mysteries the problem of evil and suffering in the world and a God who either allows it or who is unable to prevent it. This is why my religious faith has weakened in the last 18 years. Diseases; loneliness; mass starvation; animal suffering; grievous accidents; and human cruelty; and misery abounds in the world for thousands to millions of years of history and prehistory. We have a remote aloof disconnected God who behaves as if He doesn't exist. Its pitiful.This God is deficient and a failure. For 18 years Ive been disappointed in Him.It doesn't seem to occur to this God that He needs to start being responsible and START taking good care of His creatures. Things are not going to heal by itself. God has to do it and He has failed.I complain to this God and I try to reason with Him. It feels like I'm talking to myself. Maybe this God has no reasoning. Maybe God is irrational by any decent human moral standards and cannot see the cruelty immorality insanity and wrong in allowing rampant sufferinng and evil in the world. Its just not registering. Whatever the reason is the world is screwed and the Devil flourishes. God's deficiency is the Devil's opportunity.I live in fear. Its a hopeless future.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:51

and my final comment to all you dirtbags who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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