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Posted by forgotten at May 29, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 May

i was born in reading on the 19/02/1993 when i was 3 my father left home and left my mother with £3000 of debt. in turn my mother tured into acouiholic and develept mentle health problems due to the drinking problems all i ever remember from my childhood. by five i was live with my grandparents happyest days of my life my mother had been sectioned in the DOP clinic, (witch helps people with drinking problems) when she left she seemed to be happy for a little while anyway. my mother later decided to move to southampton and i followed we moved to a cuncil astate and over time life just detireted i remember one night sat indoors with my mother she had takin pills and was fitting in the sofa i at 7 ran next door to get help the nighbers rang an amberlance and the police my mother was takin to hospital me i was put in cear.

on another night my mother had been drinking heaverly this coursed a mentel break down the police were called she left the house screeming there were bugs in her hair i again was put into care. my mother again left and i again was left in her care. all i remember after that were teenagers coming around and smashing the windows every night screeming abouse larghing they had heard about my mother and her break down.

i had to do somthing i had to get us out of there at 8 years old i decided to set fire to the house i get my mother out police amberlinces and fire egines were called. luckly they didnt find out the corse of the fire.

we were then rehoused on another cancil estate in southampton and of course it all seemed begin well i was still in primery school i had lots of friends i was poperler with the girls my mothere had cut back on her drinking and had made a few new friends around the area that i belived were trying to help her but i was wrong. she soon started drinking with her friends teenagers had started to use the house as a drinking place (place to hang out) when my mothere refussed to let them in. they would shout abuse and smash the windows this started to get more more frequent to the piont were it was happening ever single friday and weekend for 3 years so i wont name them all after a while they had started breaking into the house and stelling everthink. i remeber one night i came home ans there were over a hundred people in the house all getting drunk taking drugs my mothere was terrified sat on the sofa in the living room i tryed to get them out but they just lurghed at me i mean what was i going to do i was 12. i called the police thats what i thouht u were suppose to do but it turned out to be the worst dicetion i have ever made that friday night between 50 - 75 teenagers tryed to force there way into the house i remember my mother trying to pust the door closed why they on the othere side tryed to force there way in my mother manged to get the door closed god knows how. but she locked it i remember us hiding in the bathroom it all went quite we though they had left but then the first brick came though the window and then they all went though the locil news paper diceded to write a storing about the trubile but provided no help over the next few years my mothere tryed continousely to kill herself but faild due to my actions calling the amberlence and so on.

finerly the council decided to help we moved agian to millbrook were life was good we seemed to keep areselves to are selves my mother had made good freinds i had a small groupe of friends i was happy so was she at this point i was careing for her taking full responserbilty for her life and my own she was still drinking but i had found away to hide it away from people dont get me wronge i didnt lock her up just made sure if she was drinking she wouldent go out or call people in. witch worked she was happy so was i her drinking had got better. (P.S i havent mentioned much about my grandad but he was my hero he served 30 years in the army and was like a farther to me)

my grandad passed away when i was 15teen the worst thing that ever happend to me i felt like i had lost everthing my mothere had started drinking agian and decided it was all my felt. my friends left. in the space of a month i had lost my granda who was like my farther i had lost my friends and it felf like i had lost my mother. one night i was sat on the computer in the living oom my mother walked in she was pissed she blamed me for her life and decided she was going to kick me out i refoused to leave. she turned around and said to me if i killed myself everyone well hate you for ever. she tryed but agian it didnt work becouse i had called an amberlence but ever1 blamed me the famirly hated me but who cared they never help.


but now i am 19teen i have manged to get my mum in a nice area of southampton she id happy no longer drinks and has lots of friends.

me i am unemployed due to the fact that i have no quilfications no chance of a job or my own houseing and have no friends due to the fact that i cant trust people P.S the reoson ihave no quilfications is becouse the school i went to was the same school the teenagers that terrissed the house went to there was no way i was going there.

i have left out a lot of othere bad things
1- being sent to prison by trying to stop a crime from happening P.S the crown court relesed me becouse witnesses had seen that i had tryed to stop the crime from taking place. just took them 2 and half months to relese me.
me smoking weed to block out my life and all the pain
about 150 more nights of teenagers smashing the windows and terising the house
2 othere acaysions were my mother was sectioned
20 othere times i was put in care
the fact that i have been passed around the famirly like a hand me down everytime my mum was ''having problems''.

BUT HOPES STILL OUT THERE LOL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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By broken at 30,May,12 22:15

Yeah set fire to shit, that's a great way to sort things out.

I am deeply religious and I think The Flying Spagetti Monster turned you into a firebug becuse you constantly slaughtered the English language.

You could have easily shortened that novel to, " I am openly homosexual and inclined to lie"
By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 21:03

Hey now, I'M openly homosexual and I don't lie. This guy writing this (false) story is just plain uneducated.

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