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Posted by Chelsea at June 2, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Philosophical

I think being a human is pure hell. We get concieved, then we come into this worl, only to face trageties and pain. We get put thru school, only to get treated like crap and be bullied the entire time. In high school, you get pressured into drugs, sex, and you try them all just to see if it works to see if the bullying will finally stop, and you end up addicted, in rehab, and pregnant. In college, you deal with yourself and possiblt the child you've had to raise on your own. You get stares, and you get professors who think you are a whore, and you realize that you are completely alone. You make it thru college and you try to get out there and find a job. You can't find a job. You become homeless and moneyless, then get charges for not being able to take care of your kid, and you get the kid taken away, just as you are being put into a police car. You never see your child again. You get put into jail over night, then you get out. You go back to wandering the lonely streets, and finally, you decide to try to kill yourself. That attempt turns out horribly, and it doesn't work. And it seems like no matter how hard you try, you can't ever kill yourself. You get found trying to kill yourself, and end up going to a rehab place (again) and you are forced to talk to a bunch of nut-cases who have turrets and addictions. You don't feel like talking to these people. They don't know you and it's uncomfortable. You bail on the rehab, and finally get a job working at At that job, you get to eat lunch for free, so you work there for a few years, and gain so much weight that you are unforgetably unattractive, and you'll forever be alone, and you can barely walk to the bedroom to the bathroom of your house without breaking a sweat. THAT is how fat you are. It's sick. So after you become fat, youdecide you want to diet. Whatever money you have, you put towards dieting crap. You get addicted to the pills, and want to lose weight fast, then end up overdosing. Back to fucking rehab. After rehab, when you decide not to take pills anymore, you turn anorexic. You get down to 95 pounds, then get put in a hospital because you are literally dying. After you get out of that...congrats! You now have another outstanding bill that you can't pay! Woo-hoo. After gaining back weight from going back to your career as the fish-fryer at McDonalds, you get depression. You go home one day, think about how your life has gone, you sit on your computer, you spill your heart and soul out to a ton of strangers about how your life SUCKS, then you try to commit suicde one more time....and it works.


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By i wasnt here at 07,Jun,12 01:09

this is going to sound weird and stupid but the last sentence talking about the suicide....yeah it reminded me somewhat of poetry and i thought it was an oddly beautiful final sentence. Im not the poetic type cause i suck at it and feel stupid when i try to do it but....fuck im going off topic >_< ANYWAY...i know taking advice from strangers is stupid and you should never listen to what they say but.. you gotta stop making bad decisions....I know im sounding like a prick telling you this and yes i know its easier said than done, but try it!!!! I basically force myself to work everyday just like everything else i do and i gotta stop thinking suicidal and all that other crap im told to do, and i gotta follow every rule im told like a good little lap dog ^-^ and it sucks total ass doing what i do everyday damn day!...but i still do it, and why? because i have to -_- this is life and it sucks so while we still breathe we might as well make the best of it.

By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 13:02

:( i hope u didnt do anything to yourself... you dont deserve this...

By Cursed at 07,Jun,12 21:14

My dear girl- you are one the strongest women I have had the pleasure of reading their posts! You my friend are a winner!!!! BING BONG! You- have my heart in my throat, please, please do not do the deed. Here's why:
A. Your soul will go to eternal damnation
B. If it doesn't go there, it may end up in purgatory.
C. If it doesn't go there, then you may be stuck on earth as a ghost. Forever haunting the boundaries of here and the universe. (some people may find this fun)
D. Or you could just end up re-encarnated as the lowelest species on earth- a worm. Forever plowing under our feet.
E. But even a worm would be better than all the above listed... For you have an inner strength in you like no other- seriously. I am not feeding you BS. You had spoken about going to nursing school if I am not correct, please excuse me-
But what happened with that? Do not quit now! You have come this far- why quit now? I mean, really? I think you're doing fucking fantastic?? You've overcome so many battles- rehab, weight crap, guys, sex, shit, what haven't you been through?
Seriously, don't do it.
I'm on my knees begging you...
By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 22:46

I'm with cursed here, please don't do it, please.... There is hope.

By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 04:50

There is a hope in Jesus. yes it sounds cheesy, but it is true. When you give your life to him he gives your life a new breath. Whats impossible for man is possible for jesus. In the bible, Jesus only healed those who believed in him, who had faith. Give him a chance.

By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 06:16

Little whores like you don't deserve to live. If you gonna commit suicide well then fucking do it and stop talking about it. Blow your damn brains out, take alot of pills, stick your head in a gas oven, hang yourself, slit your waist, jump off a fucking building for crying out loud. There's tons of ways you can do it, take your pick.
By maria at 09,Jun,12 10:46

To the poster above: You're the one that needs to follow your own advice. One less imbecile like you and the world would be a better place. XOXO

By T. at 09,Jun,12 08:09

I know this post is a week old. But I really hope you didn't go through with it. Suicide its not the answer. Suicide is a permenient solution to a temporary problem. Yes you've been through so much but you have to be strong everything that has happen to you, you need to take that and embrace it into helping other wemon by helping other people with healing there tragedies you're also helping yourself I agree with Cursed please don't do anything that drastic because at the time it sounds like an easy escape but in reality ur making it worse. Please there's always a light at the end of the tunnel some times you just have to work harder to get to it.

By mous at 08,Jul,12 16:51

Once again stop harassing me teenage dirtbag and I will stop harassing you. Just go away from me and stay away. Don't comment to me and don't write to me.

By anonymous at 15,Aug,12 19:21

As a lonely depressed mentally tormented guy who cant get a girlfriend and who is stuck in a dead end trashy grueling job at a supermarket bagging groceries pushing carts and cleaning wiping scraping sweeping and vaccuuming tons of trash and shit and being stuck in an impersonal polluted unhealthy congested shithole suburb where time is spent or rather wasted sitting in traffic jams I also contemplate suicide. The reasons I dont do it are because I fear going to hell(Im probably going to hell anyway) because religious people say suicide is a grievous sin and because of my remaining family members who love me. My fear is that God has an evil side in Him or He is insane and is intent on punishing me. If God allows miilions of people to suffer every year then who is to say that He wont throw us into hell after we die? Negligence and cruelty are among this Gods trademarks. God has some qualities that I consider evil or not good based on reality and from reading the Bible such as irrationality unreasoning unfairness cruelty violence aloofness insanity ruthlessness spitefulness vindictiveness jealousy egomania vanity incomptetence contradiction negligence remoteness aloofness. As much as I hate my life I am scared of death and Im scared of ending up in a vastly worse hell than this one which lasts forever with fire worms shit suffocation demons and Satan. Its a fucking torture chamber and a fucking horror. I think religion has caused more harm and more misery than anything positive it has done. This fear of hell has caused a hell on earth. Yes human sin needs to be punished but this concept of an eternal torture chamber in hell is fucking sick. Its diabolic sadistic monstrous inhuman cruelty. And its a win for the Devil and a loss for Christ. And using fire and suffocation as methods of punishment is fucking sick and fucking cruel. Its beyond sick. Its beyond cruel. Dont do this God. A loving merciful and rational God would not do this. There are more merciful humane and intelligent ways to punish human sin than this. Its horrible enough that millions of people suffer both physically and mentally every year that goes by. To send the majority of humanity to be tortured forever in the next life is beyond monstrous. There are no words to describe this kind of horror.Reality is unbearable when looked at. The world is a sick cruel fucked up joke; tragedy; travesty; horror; and fuck up. I live in fear.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 02:44

I continue. As lonely as I am I no longer want a girlfriend. Fuck girls and women. Most of you are evil scum. Your a JOKE. I choose not to care if girls and women ignore me. You penis sucking vain selfish money centered unfriendly heartless cruel amoral sluts dont mean anything to me. God forgot to give you sluts a heart. I hate all of you. I dont care about any of you and fuck all of you sluts. Get the fuck out of my sight you fucking cunts.
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 02:37

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was funny.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:46

and my final comment to all you maggots who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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