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Posted by charles at June 4, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Juvenile problems

Starts with falling in love which I never believed in or wanted. Guy I love fucks my best friend and sticks with her. Manipulates me into giving him my attention. Uses my feelings like a game. Then decides he's done with me and tells me he lied and he never meant any of what he said. Then I get raped by two guys. One was my friend. Other small stuff. Failed classes. Never been more depressed. The only thing I cared about went broke and is gone now. Failed audition. Failed at fucking everything. If the world end in December, I'll be fucking happier than shit.


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By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 13:04

did you call the police with the guys that raped you or did nothing about it like most spineless fucks?

By broken at 10,Jun,12 16:17

Booze was involved right..... So you don't remember what happened the night before and that means you were raped because you were too wasted to remember you were acting like a cheap slut?
By Owned at 11,Jun,12 04:01

You are the sorriest waste of bandwidth I've ever had the astonishment of experiencing. Do you know that professionals who deal with mental instability visit this site often to observe behaviour. Do you know that all these individuals who put their thoughts are being more honest then most judicial participants. We have found that those who can be honest benefit with the ability to find a solution to a problem they, as can be seen, are fully aware of.

You however are different, You don't realise you have a problem and so will not search for a way to remedy your problem. lucky for you the disgust that most people feel when you are around is enough to classify you as the lowest form trash that had the benefit of existing as nobody on the internet. Luckily if a natural disaster had to happen in your area and you happened to die then that would one less saddening aspect of the said disaster. If hell exist it awaits you and if it doesn't I'm pretty sure you'll live you soon.

So toughen the fuck up and get ready for a world of hate which is ten times worse the the she-man who slapped you and fucked like the disposable human you are.

or else you could just apologise and from now on realise that most of these people don't care much for your crap attempt at trolling. Apologise and make your life mean more then condom still stuck in your ass. Help people out. be nice. be human. Your negative comments are the most impact you may have on this world. and the worse they are the less we feel for you. Actually your just a piece of shit... I give you 7 days.

BTW. professionals have been observing your comments and you might have a self destructive personality disorder. If I gave you the true term for the disorder then you'd probably find the correct medication for it? You only deserve what I give... 7 Days

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 18:43

That sucks charles.

My advice is that you've gotta start making better decisions if you want to avoid situations like this in the future. I don't know you're history, but as probably realize now you misjudged the first guy's character. My guess is that you fell for the bad boy who it was obvious to every guy in the room was playing you from the beginning and just wanted to have sex with you. You placed your trust in a rapist and somehow ended up alone with the other two guys; clearly another example of poor character judgment.

A step you can make right now in the positive direction is to stop failing classes. Go to every class, do all of your homework, take notes, study them for few hours every day, and start listening to classical music instead of the mainstream junk that played nowadays.

By anonymous at 16,Jun,12 09:57

I thought Charles was a guys name, was this written by a chick? Or a gay dude?

By Air?Jordan?8 at 19,Aug,14 02:33

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