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make it go away

Posted by anonymous at June 4, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Meaninglessness

I think I am going insane or that I am insane. I see no point in life. I hate it that we need other people to feel like we exist and everything. I hate that we need money for everything. I'm not even sure that even if I had money if i would be happy. I don't know it's all so confusing. And I'm always so self aware and always in some sort of panic. Not literally but when I am alone I just stress over things. And those things I don't even thing are worth stressing over. What the hell should I do? I don't want to die, right? Make this go away. I know I have to make it go away but I can't I just can't.


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By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 17:25

I can give you a little advice but you have to make your stress go away, only you can do that. Try going to talk to a counselor, holding it in isn't going to help. Go out and do something creative, get a job, meet new people just don't be confined to the house or to yourself. Money is the rule of all evil, sure we need it to live but it isn't everything. Most people think because the rich have money that they don't have any problems, that's not true, they are more miserable than anyone. Try not to stress all the time, especially over something you can't change.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 07:02

I over think at times also. Sounds like you have the awareness you need to be truly happy. It's in yourself, how you view yourself. For me, I do no have much money but I do have the things that do make me happy. The panic could be what I have, anxiety issues from thinking too much I believe. It's hard for me to slow down my thought process. I feel like I read everyone and assume what they are thinking of me within making eye contact. I wear a hat on bad days at the store, it really helps if I block that eye contact!

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 23:59

Your post = my life entirely. I feel for you. I'm not sure how to defeat this problem either, I guess we're in this together.

I mainly just hate the fact that I'm so fucking self-aware. I wish I could just not be a human sometimes. It's so needlessly painful.

By at 13,Jun,12 01:35

Man sometimes I feel like I am in my own world looking in. Or sometimes I feel like this thing we call life is all a game. It's all about how we play this game. Sometimes I stare into the sky at night and look at the stars and tell myself there has to be more out there than just this life. Sometimes I take a dollar bill and just stare at it and look at it so hard and wonder how so many of these pieces of paper can get me anything I want in this world or how it has the power to save a life or to destroy a life. Sometimes I look at my friends and their friends and wonder how they get so caught up in what society expects out of them. Sometimes I wonder how so many people can be brain washed by their government and dictate what is right and wrong through their government. Life, especially in this world or this planet we call Earth is fcuked up! I look around me and even though I see so many people around me a lot of times I feel like I'm alone because I am so aware of things and how dumb and corrupt society is. Try to not think so much. Like I said look at it like me. I am trying to look at life as if it's a game and we just got to make the right moves in order to win.
By anonymous at 19,Jul,12 19:37

Damn good job. Sounds kind of like my life except the part about not thinking about it if we don't you give into the power structure and eventually come to the conclusion of "oh well that's just the way it is". There is going to come a time when the masses will have to stand up or be forever silent.

By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 03:21

Cut your Dick Off then You will be OK.

By anonymous at 12,Feb,13 10:57

HELL YES! I feel exactly the same , I dont care what anyone thinks about what im about to say but iŽd exchange someoneŽs body for mine, SINCERELY MY LIFE SUCKS!

By Sable at 15,May,17 02:53

That's a quett-wickid answer to a difficult question

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