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Think Positive

Posted by maria at June 6, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Philosophical

Are you homeless? Are you starving to death? Are you broke as fuck? Are you dying of some incurable disease? Are you alone?

I'm sure your life is not as bad as you think. Re-evaluate and get your head on track. Take control.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 01:44

I agree. Here's some of the most common "problems" these people have: breaking up, no friends, getting divorced,abused as children(OK that's actually sort of bad), paying bills, doing drugs, being fat, being ugly etc.. you get the point, superficial problems that they can easily solve, or get over, by getting up from their computer and living life.

Bunch of cowards that complain about their "shitty" life while they have enough food to make 30% of them obese, brand named clothes, water, a roof over their head, an education which kids take for granted, freedom, a family, often even love, and an internet and a computer . You have bad life? there are kids in refugee camps, there are dying orphans, there are kids getting brutally shot in Syria, infanticide of girls in india and china, guantanamo bay, yemen, "witches" being burnt alive in Kenya, brainwashed muslims blowing themselves up and killing hundreds of others in the name of "Allah", you fucking name it!

But nooo these PUSSIES wanna kill themselves. Shit, starving kids in Africa at least have the courage to fight, and hope for a better day, while these pussys kill themselves cause "they got bullied" or "their gf/wife" left them.

Anyone with enough money to afford internet automatically has a better life than 3 billion other people.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 10:59

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 11:35 Fold Up

Thank you for this post.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 15:30

Loved this post. Makes you think.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 15:52 Fold Up

Dude whats the name of the website? If you don't like it go somewhere else. Like I haven't heard all that crap about the global community before who are you to say that the problems people talk about on this website are superficial. Being in debt is a superficial problem, being alone for a lot of your life is a superficial problem, being a drug addict is a superficial problem. Look its just like one of the ignorantly happy trendies to talk about the problems in other countries when the the US and Europe have their own problems, If you want these people to stop complaining about how their lives suck I doubt your helping any of the people suffering from these "superficial" problems by calling them "pussies".
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 18:51

OK, they may not be superficial, but they can be solved. Have debt? Sell your computer. Addicted to drugs? Save up, sell your computer and tv and go to rehab. Lonely? LOL, make friends, it's not rocket science.

Having a website made for people with shitty lives is almost paradoxical, if you have internet access, I can easily assume you have food/water/shelter access also. Therefore your life does NOT suck.
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 12:11

Please get some life experience. Seriously.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 17:52 Fold Up

I absolutely love how people talk about starving children in Africa as though these children actually think their lives are good. In reality if you were to interview some African people living in poverty, you'd probably find that a lot of people are miserable just like the posters on this site.

Also, another person's life being more miserable doesn't mean that one's life isn't miserable as well. If you have one turd and another person has two turds, that doesn't mean that you're nothing holding onto a turd morons!
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 17:55

I meant not*, cuntface.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 05:14

Yes to the last 3.
Get off your high horse Maria.
If you were at this level you would see that yes my life is shit. I imagine yours might be as well, more than you'd ever be willing to let on. Otherwise why would we both be writing on life sucks? Think about it.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 11:25

Calm down
By maria at 11,Jun,12 11:32

#1. I'm not on a horse.
#2. My post wasn't meant for people to get all fucking uptight. Lighten the fuck up, maybe if you actually started smelling the roses instead of bitching about your misfortunes, then something positive will happen to you.
#3. My life isn't perfect and I also battle with my own problems which is why I come on here: to get a better perspective and see how good it fucking feels so say something nice to someone, to see that things really aren't THAT bad. With your stank attitude. its no wonder you have a shitty life.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 16:04

#1.I believe the horse thing was a saying not a literal horse.
#2.Maria your kind of being a bitch.
#3.Things are really that bad for some, even if they are nice. Its a lot more psychologically gratifying to say mean things because people often times are just little shits, and the rest of humanity should feel like crap for making that person depressed.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 17:04

My intentions weren't to make you more depressed and my original post wasn't mean and I understand the horse wasn't literal ( I was being a smartass) I was simply trying to make a statement after noticing that some people (including myself) honestly feel they have it bad when there is TRUE suffering in this world such as being homeless, starving to death, etc. I was only trying to remind people that THEIR life (including mine) isn't really THAT bad and to appreciate how good they have it. As you can see the post wasn't directed to someone who is truly suffering like yourself. I hope you understand where I was coming from and I was only trying to say something positive NOT negative.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 07:42 Fold Up


You sound like a real bitch with no compassion. Are you one of those whom purge your bullshit online but too afraid to say to someone's face.

I hope you get brutally raped and beaten then we can talk you cunt,
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 11:46

You talk to your mother with that mouth? Loser.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 11:49 Fold Up

Or maybe you're too fucking stupid since you obviously have shit for brains to understand her post. Read it again, mongoloid. Too bad you're the swimmer that made it. I feel sorry for anyone in your life that has to deal with you.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 11:57 Fold Up

You're a CANCER. It's morons like you that bring hate into this world and blame everything thats going wrong with your life on everyone else. You respond by telling someone they're a bitch and then tell them to get raped and beaten??!!!? I hope whatever negative is in your life continues to kill you slowly inside. You don't deserve a life with that mentality. Fucking LOSER.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 11:58 Fold Up

WOW what a dickhole. Cry me a fucking river with your bullish problems. Don't EVER TELL A WOMAN SHE SHOULD GET RAPED.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 11:59

I meant bullshit
By maria at 12,Jun,12 12:09 Fold Up


By maria at 11,Jun,12 11:53 Fold Up

My post was to OPEN peoples eyes: If you're ANY of the things listed on my post then this OBVIOUSLY doesn't pertain to you. I was referring to those that bitch and whine on this website that DON'T have those problems. People complain about stupid shit when others have REAL problems aka: being homeless, completely broke, starving to death dying of a disease. Sorry, If you misunderstood and I hope I didn't offend you with my last post. Take care.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 15:55

You don't have the right to tell other people their problems aren't real.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 16:52

I didn't. I just said some people make their problems worse than they really are and THEY HAVE AN OPTION TO CHANGE IT. And I wasn't referring to those dealing with the circumstances I listed on the post. I used that as a comparison. My post wasn't meant to hurt or destroy anodynes lives. Sorry if it did.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 16:54

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 17:44 Fold Up

You lying cunt, maria! Your explicitly stated that these people's problems weren't "REAL" (you're a real uppity bitch aren't you?) and now you're going to backtrack and pretend that you didn't state that.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 18:31

I'm done. You're a lost cause.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 18:34 Fold Up

The only cunt I know is your mother because I fucked her last night then I killed her. Hahahahahahahahahaha.
By maria at 12,Jun,12 18:45 Fold Up

Yeah yeah yeah. You're so fucking edgy and cool with the name calling. Keep hiding behind a computer screen "Anonymous". Shows how much of a lame coward you are. Do you finally feel like a grown up saying those words?? Quit acting like an imbecile. Any smart person would have understood my post. Sorry you didn't. So why don't you just double up on your meds since you obviously fucking need it and look at yourself in the mirror and see the ugly person that you really are. YOU SUCK AT LIFE!

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 18:01

God I hate people who tell you that "life isn't as bad as you think" and to "think positive" whenever anyone expresses any sentiment of unhappiness.

Life sucks!
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 18:48

Yes, Let's all kill ourselves. On the count of 3.... Ready??..... 1........2........3

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 23:56

Im gonna find you all and kill you retards.

By anonymous at 13,Jun,12 10:13

Dude fuck your positives and you. By the way, why want you take the stick out your ass and get your head on straight once you left it off your shoulders, high house bitch.
By anonymous at 13,Jun,12 10:16

And I made a typo on your pretty little fucking post, I meant high horse........ BITCH. :-)
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 00:09

You're sad and pathetic
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 00:11 Fold Up

"booooooohooooo my life is so sad and pathetic that I want to make everyone's lives miserable. I hope I can find the strength to kill myself because I can't handle real life problems. Waaaaaaah waaaaaaaah. Mommy? Where's my bottle?"
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 02:11

Who was you talking about, me or yourself. Well I don't hate your life sucks you retarded shit head bastard. Just like a special retart, calling for mommy for a bottle, ha, your way of being funny about it. Go kill yourself and save the world an extra burden of taking came of a retarded special idiot like you.
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 07:28

I was imitating you, dickwad. Go call your mommy now!
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 00:12 Fold Up

Don't hate because your life is miserable.
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 00:17 Fold Up

High house? Mmmmk

By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 14:25

The points brought out, make you think, but they seem only as words to me. Just words and posted as just words.

Don't chase some sort of false ...stature if you don't really know the meaning behind of being homeless or starved to death.

By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 03:04

I agree, Maria is some attention-seeking ADD whore. She deserved to get cunilingussed by an abalone until her self-righteous pussy bleeds.

By anonymou8s at 07,Jul,12 17:50

This is for the anonymous 17 year old teenage dirtbag on the life Sucks/loneliness website who called me a useless washed up loser. Saying something like that to a depressed hurting person on a depression website. Does it get more despicable and lower than this? Fuck you cunt. Your an ignorant heartless worthless piece of shit and advertisement for birth control. Your a horrible evil person. You shouldn't even be called a person. You don't know anything about depression and mental illness you fucking ignoramus. Your pure evil scum lower than shit. Its assholes like you that make the world the hellhole that it is. Get off the website and keep off dirtbag. and FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 16:47

Just go away teenage dirtbag. Just shut up and I will shut up. Don't write to me again.

By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 21:25

Lets stop fighting. I just want peace.

By anonymous at 10,Jul,12 20:13

Miss teenager. Im sorry. Lets make up and be friends.

By anonymous at 15,Aug,12 19:47

This world is a shithole. There is no hope for me. The loneliness cuts through me day and night. I fear going to hell. The Bible says that most people are going to hell. Fire worms shit suffocation demons and Satan. Where is the God of love and mercy? This world is a cruel sick fucked up joke and a fucking horror movie. I should have been aborted.Thousands to millions of years of suffering death and evils. This is a FUCKING CRIME. I need a mental hospital.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:43

and my final comment to those of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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