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I Need Advice..

Posted by anonymous at June 6, 2012
Tags: Crime  2012 June

Im Into Thug life, And So Im arrested and Kicked out of the house alot. My mom And I Fight Constently, I Live with my grandma with her six other kids, before it was eight kids but to ranaway. Exactly A year ago I lived in The streets of a city called portland Then Moved, to this town That Is contry A'f. No one here I can relate Because i come from a Poor family having nothing but a pair of pants and three shirts while being "Ghetto" and Not being a hick So I dont exactly fit in. I m forced to work 8-12 hours a day not being paid. Im always Trying to get money for clothes and For Food Because I have to take care of my self. My dad Left my Mom Because he was Tired of her family trying to control everything(they are control Freaks). On top of all this. I dated This amazing girl sence i was 8 im currently 16 and she moved to Newyork, So Life isnt so amazing, Im always Thinking of suicide but My little sister, And Bro Wouldnt last long on there Own... I did drugs for six months this year but i realized that it was just making everything Worst. I was Caught with drugs At school because There Were dogs At the school and they sniffed me out... Im Waiting for my court date But More then likly im going to jail.. I hate my Life and Is Always Looking for help and reaching out.. I dont know where else to turn... If I didnt have my sister and Brother to look out forr I would Of Took the cowardly way out of life along time ago.. Im completly on my own and Have no one to turn to sence All My homies Are back in the hood, so this is My life and Problems so there u go.. Please Comment and give advice I would be more then grateful, you will be forever in my doubt!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 15:05

>Im Into Thug life

This needs to change man. The world is not run by thugs. It's run by educated and wealthy people. It's run by bankers, politicians, and lawyers. Not by some dude who puts on a huge gold chain and wears his pants down by his ankles.

You want a better life? Stop trying to be a thug. Go get some normal fucking clothes, a pair of jeans, a fucking regular work shirt, and a pair of boots. Continue working, except figure out a way to get paid for it! Maybe you'll have an easier time getting paid when you don't look like a total jackass!

Once that's done, see if you can take some courses at a community college and learn how to write proper English!

Before you know it you'll be buying your own home and you can do whatever the fuck you want on your own property and live a life of happiness.

BTW you'll find us "normal" non-thug people also party and have fun. We are just not criminal dumb asses.

JUST FYI, the real criminals wear suits and ties. The guys who you find in a typical county jail are clowns, not criminals.

By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 20:51

hang on, don't give up. you're in this world for a reason! nobody makes a lock without a key, thats why theres always a solution to a problem. things will get better! don't give up and beleive in what you want, be yourself.

yo, i know exactly how you feel.. im just hopping for the better everyday.. i almost got caught with drugs in school too.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 02:00

Either your a nigger, or a nigger wannabe.If you're the former, please burn yourself alive, no one likes niggers.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 04:07

Well are you just a racist piece of shit, I believe no one likes red necks crackers like you.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 12:35

At least redneck crackers are not homeless drug addicted thugs
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 21:21

Right. Red neck crackers never ever abuse drugs like meth or OxyContin. Get a clue.

By Anna at 11,Jun,12 12:35

Ignore all these other a-hole posts... your only 16. The crap your dealing with you really shouldnt be, you shoudlnt have prolly had to take on many adult ass problems that you most likley have. BUT I do want you to know it's usually goling to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better, lfei really is only for teh string, but teh good news is youc an become strong, even while thinking abotu suicide all teh time. Trust me I thought about suicide the last 10 year straight of my life and Im still kicking. Is my lfei all better now, far from it, but every day I find the one or coupel solid reasons and glimpeses of hope whether it's as small as a really amazing song or the thought of reaching success eventually. I will tell you stay away from booze or drugs though because then you will eventually end up with a huge distarcting mass of assumed "mental disorders" that wouldnt even be there and can be avoided just by staying sober and drinking lots fo water and being positive as humanly possible. As many jerks that are out there in the world, there are people who have big hearts you just have to find them and let them change your life only if they are a help and not a hinder. AS long as you have a pulse there is a chance to turn it all around. You need to teach this to your brother and sister as well.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 12:37

sorry for the typos btw typing on a broken labtop

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 15:07

To i need advice. I hate people who give advice when you don't want it, but u asked. Decide if you really want to be there for your brother and sister. Look up thug in dictionary, don't think that will help siblings. Decide what they need. Probably the kind of person you wish you had to help you. Look at people who are.lime that. Don't overanalyze, just glimpse at what they do and do that. Let the judge know why you want to stay out of jail. If it's true start deciding how you can help even if you go to jail. Decide if you mean it, if you don't, decide you can mean it. Tell the judge. Lot's of people find God to get out of jail. You don't have to. You do have to decide to be ther for you bro [Brother and Sister]. Best way to convince the judge is to actually decide to be there for your brother and sister. Mean it and it will be easy to tell him in a way he'll believe. Actually do it and you'll change three lives along with the whole ripple effect. Thanks in advance, hopefully your good will ripple my way. Maybe the judge will cut you a break--if not, your brother and sister will still need your help. Good luck and i wish you as a kid could have had you as a grownup to help. You don't sound like a thug to me.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 22:00

Damn man It will be a while before your life turns back around. Don't give up...It will be be better one day


By Schizzo at 19,Jun,12 23:35

hey man, just read ur story, as a first time offender you got nothing to worry about (that is if u are a first time offender), and they'll take into account ur age and other circumstances, you're young my friend, life doesn't have to be dictated by what others think about you, live life on ur terms, if not for yourself than for your bro and sis, I'm the youngest brother of 3 and i tell u this, if my older bros ever left me here in this world without their guidance, I'd never make it, that being said, do your best, smarten up with the thug stuff, and set an example for your bro and sis, I imagine they look up to you as i do my older bros and sis, this world is full of alot of bullcrap, but there will also be the good times, and aren't the good times worth living for, hope i just didn't make an ass outta myself lol, have a good one young fella, hope this helps

By Missy at 23,Jun,12 14:37

First of go to rehab and get clean. The drug offense get six month on probation. That makes mandatory for rehab. or you got to a place where you stay for six months to get clean but you tel your probationnoficer where you are going in you leave town and state. If you don't then you need when they say youneed to report or you go the slammer and you are for six months or wha tis left on your probation. fllow the rules. They also find a job that pays. if there is a plant that makes cars go there they pay well. my sister work for Honda making trnsmissions for cars and she 15 an hour. Car plants and trnasmissions plant pay well.

By Jim Holder at 01,Jul,12 16:56

Man keep your head up. Your young and if this is your first offense you will probably get into a diversion program and once you complete the diversion program your charge will be dismissed and then you can expunge it which erases your criminal offense like it never happened. Take this as a life lesson and dont make the same mistakes again. Learn from your mistakes. This thug life xhit aint going to get you anywhere son. I too was into this thug life until I got poped with a lot of drugs in my car. I am 24 years old and I chose to do something dumb as hell but I have learned from it. Go to school and make something out of yourself. You can do it. Get your bachelors degree and prove so many people wrong. Make a difference in the world where you can be proud of. Only you can do this. I know you have a bad past, but you got to let that go and work hard for not just for yourself, but for your bro and sis as well. Look at a lot of professional athletes. A lot of them came from corrupt child hoods and lived in the ghettos around thugs who were slingin drugs everyday. They decided as kids that they didnt want to live like that forever. They made a goal up and decided to go full speed towards that goal and didnt quit until they got there. Now they are millionairs that are doing great things in the communities and helping kids like yourself and letting you know that there is hope and that there are people out there that care about you. First you got to drop this whole entire thug life crap man. I am telling you this for a reason and wouldnt be writing you all of this if I didnt care and I just hope I can save you from a life of crime and depression from being a thug. Ive been there and you wont get anywhere in life with that mentality. Go to college. Stay away from drugs. Graduate from college. Get a good job and lead by example for your brother and sister and quit feeling sorry for yourself. No one is going to do this for you. You got to do this for yourself and you can do it. Do you really want to bust your ass for crappy pay for the rest of your life or sling drugs and take the risk of being killed or going to prison for a long time?! If you get a criminal record as an adult it's going to be very difficult to live an easy life. I hope you listen to this and I hope you take my advice. It will change your life and give your brother and sister a better life in the future. Dont give up.
By anonymous at 06,Jul,12 02:51

I Found Your Comment Most inspiring man.. thanks I really did Need This, and For my bro & sis There asses is all I got.. They need the Best Future And Have the life I didnt have growing up.. This Helped me reilize That Thuggin' and Drugs Isnt the way..And For the Court shit. Just read my comment below. Thanks Homie If u need anything just hmu.. or ask

By anonymous at 06,Jul,12 02:44

Thank You For the Advice For The Ones That Arnt Fuckking Pricks.. It means Alot to me. Iv fucked up so much and its because im making childish Mistakes.. I got into drugs because of the stress and Preussure of Being on my own taking care Of My Liddle Bro & sis.. And For the Sentencing I told the judge I want and Need to take care Of my Sib's.. I was Charged For First offence and rehab. Along With some Fines and Community service for Being on school grounds. Oh and Fuck that Racist Motherfucker..

By anonymous at 26,Aug,12 05:50

i literally have so idea what this post is trying to say and i have a pretty decent understanding of the english language

By anonymous at 07,Mar,13 04:09

right...i lived the life for over fifteen years, five convitions and two bids later im here to tell you, it gets better. get away from the crowd you run with. find a heathy outlet for your pain. for me it was the wilderness. i was raised in an environment where everyone was out to hurt me, that was my norm. now when i need to feel that rush, i strap on my blade and head out to where everything wants me dead, just like how i grew up. but its well within man and gods laws, you follow? staying away from the life is a daily struggle bro, but better to work for a garbage wage than spend the rest of your life in a box, or catch a bullet to the back of tour head. thats the ONLY two options you have with the street, make no mistake. youll make it, as long as your straight up tired of not makeing it. do your time, stay the course and get the hell out, or die.

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By China at 25,May,16 01:10

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