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Hate my life

Posted by anonymous at June 8, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 June

I am a muslim girl in love with a hindu boy. We both love each other so much and want to spend life together. But my mother is totally against it . My father passed away at a very young age and my mother brought me and my sister all alone. My sister recently got married. And my mother now wants me also to get married to a muslim guy whom she chooses. But I know i can never love any other man in this world except my boyfriend . My boyfriend's family is also against our relationship. I don know what to do. One side my love and another side my mom who has spent all her life only for the sake of her children. No one wants us to get married because of religion differences. I don know what to do Im going mad I keep thinking about this day and night and going mad. I feel like dying I have no hope in life.


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"Future War Starter". True statement and way too funny.

By Full of Shit at 15,Jun,12 07:25

You know what, I hate your life and I don't even know you. You sound like pathetic tampon that you're wearing. Find you someone who will accept you for you and not for some dumb ass religious background. That's was a waste, nothing you didn't have to get all frustrated about and surely isn't worth killing yourself over.

By anonymous at 15,Jun,12 19:28

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By anonymous at 16,Jun,12 20:32

Stop your fucking whining you bitch, you acting like you'll never find another man, FIND YOU SOMEONE ELSE, SIMPLE.

By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 07:38

It is really a tough situation. If you want something really bad in life, you (and your boyfriend) should be willing to pay the price. If the price is going against your family, then you should do it. Your families can become used to the situation after a while but of course there will always be a bitter side in them.

If you are not willing to pay the price, then breaking up is another option.

Either way, you must choose one path and pay the price of that path. It is better to have a decision rather than having misery trying to predict the future. Of course take your time to decide.

By anonymous at 19,Jun,12 23:28

Go get pregnant or something, since that's all what you kind of people does is have kids. Stop your fucking crying you little bitch, go find yourself somebody else. Did you ever stopped to think that he's the one didn't want you and it wasn't any religious background, he was probably using that as an excuse.

By anonymous at 20,Jun,12 13:45

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By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 22:51

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By Friend at 29,Apr,13 04:46

Hey my friend. Never break down. Love is the first thing that will make u happy. No any religious can do that. Try to stay with ur beloved one. I don't know that you read my comment or not. But I pray to lord that u'll get a happy married life with ur hindu boyfriend. As far as i know hindus are good as human being. So, don't worry. go ahead with ur love. Take care yourselves. Bye.

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