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Where is God?

Posted by search guy at June 9, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Philosophical

I have come to the realization that if there is a God he must be one uncaring being. How can he justified some people having so much money that they will never spend in a life time, while others must slave away just to make ends meet? where is the justice of some people living in mansions while other people live in ghettos? where is God? I have challanged him to at least answer me once but he has not. In high school I was called a Jesus freak but in my 20's it became real to me that there some people God just loves to bless while there are other God would not bless them if his life depended on it. The whole bible is filled with stories about how God loved a person( Jacob, David) while he hated other people (Saul, Essau). For those of us that were not chosen, we must bear the burden, the pain and the sorrow. Don't bother praying because He will not hear you.


New Comment

By at 14,Jun,12 14:00

Good day atheist, mite I say that the devil must love your queer, brown trout, jamrag ass! Your two midget fathers must have diddled your bung hole one to many times as a teen. Of course there is a God, he just hates you. Why dont you go to a public house and cut your wrists. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 19:28

your a fucking asshole
By Cursed at 14,Jun,12 19:33

Mercy happens to be one of my favorite assholes-
By anonymous at 18,Jun,12 05:44 Fold Up

And this is what is wrong with christianity.
By anonymous at 20,Jun,12 13:37

Cursed and Mercy sucking drinking donkey cum all day, reminicing over being ass abused by their loving fathers, and beaten by their loving mothers.
By Strange Kid to Mercy at 03,Apr,13 20:26 Fold Up

I am so fucking glad I found you once again, my beloved Mercy! I have been on a relentless search for your comments to get you to notice me! You once insulted me and I dished it right back at you in a form of a nice and wonderful story with your own words used against you but hey, I still want to be your FRIEND! XD
I don't really carw about Truth though.... Since he is obviously inferior to your superior power of insults! ^-^
I am currently not thinking straight but nevertheless, I want to feel you up, cut you open as your blood spills. I yearn so desperately to hear you scream out and beg me to stop.
I would love to stick a spiked baseball bat up your ass, as your skin rips and tears up badly, your nice red blood flowing from your wounds!

By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 19:49

No one ever said life is fair. Have some integrity and embrace it to the best of your ability. Your self satisfaction that comes from achievement will be far worth more than any money or material thing on this earth, you shallow twat sucking cuntlapping twobit rim job feltching sperm drinking wino humping son of a slime sucking cocksucker
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 17:35

I really wish the profanity and rude insults would stop on this website. Its embarrassing, and I'm embarrassed to call myself a human being with all the cruelty, depravity, degeneracy, and stupidity which abounds in the world, and I wish those nasty trolls would go away. I sometimes stoop down to their low level and hurl insults and curses of my own, but I'm just being as bad as they are, and in truth, I end up degrading myself because I'm behaving like they are. I should point out that some of these people are so evil that they bring out the evil in me, bring out the hate and anger in me. Before I get cut off, let me sign off and continue on to the next blot. Keep reading below.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 18:11

As I was saying, these websites have turned into a joke by cruel trolls who enjoy and gloat over the suffering and misfortunes of others, and who have the audacity to write hateful, hurtful, offensive, rude, insolent, unkind,cruel, nasty comments, insults, and curses. This is cruel and evil, and has turned this website into a stupid joke and a stupid travesty of insults and curses. Its disgraceful and embarrassing. We should love, care, and support eachother, but I don't see much of that here. There's a lot more cruelty and hate, and there's so much evil and cruelty that I've become a person full of hate. I don't want to hate, but evil, cruel people don't give me any other choice but to hate them. Hate brings more hate, evil brings more evil, and God made a huge error in conducting this experiment with free will, Satan, and Adam and Eve. Human nature is ruined and screwed up, nature is ruined and screwed up, and the world is a sad sack, crap sack hellhole, ruled by the Devil. Its like a bloody horror movie. While I'm a Christian, I believe God is deficient in some manner, and as a result, as a sad result, the Devil flourishes and evil and suffering flourishes in the world. An absentee landlord would describe this God. The book, "Legion", and the movie Exorcist3-Legion, explores the disturbing issues of evil and suffering in the world. I can't even get a girlfriend, and suffer from endless loneliness. I end up hating girls and women, and hating people. Once again, its the problem of evil, and God continues to allow it or is unable to prevent it, or is unable to help, or unable to heal. Its pitiful. I said it before and I'll say it again, the Devil rules this deeply sick, deeply screwed up world, as all history sadly illustrates. There's a lot to fear, and a lot to worry about. This world is a miserable sack of crap. I really don't see any hope for humanity.

By anonymous at 15,Jun,12 08:52

cursed and mercy are cock sucking assholes.
By Cursed at 15,Jun,12 09:16

Earth shattering! So did it take you hours to come up with this comment? Or did your little pea brain miraculously work it's way into a frenzy post this- my advice: kick the crack pipe bud, cause it ain't helping...
By at 15,Jun,12 09:28

Good day Cursed, this wanker I believe must suck his own fathers cock........All two inches of it. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 20,Jun,12 13:40

Good day Mercy, you are a fucking faggot, and probably should cut your wrists in public and receive your 15 min of fame, otherwise no one will ever remember you. Cursed, stop being an overweight ugly bitch, lose some weight, get some makeup, then you can restart your career as a cum drinking whore.
By anonymous at 15,Jul,12 04:56

Stick it to the religios man! There ones who are idiots they cling to this Outdated abrahamic religion and forgot one of its core tenants FORGIVNESS! Organized religion is based on hate not on love.

By Hater at 16,Jun,12 00:28

Is not a bad letter at all. Wathever this motherfucker is, he sold life in the most cleanest mirror, the truth is, if God is real, he don't care a lot about the fucking human race, and there is no reason for it, who think's then is loved, is just narcisist.

By Candy at 16,Jun,12 05:23

The OP just posted a load of hate. Life isn't fair, this whole website is dedicated to try and give help to those who've experienced life's unfairness at its worst.
Being poor, is actually caused by a long history of racism, slavery, and imperialistic acts. Staying poor, the lack of socioeconomic movement, is because the poverty line isn't just a line, it's a barrier. I recommend you to read "Cracks In the Pavement: Social Change and Resilience in Poor Neighborhoods" by Sanchez-Jankowski. You'll find your answers there.
HUMAN faults, is the cause of poverty.
No sense in blaming God. The capital sins in people just jumbled together and manifested into something horrible called society. The sins of our ancestors pass down to the children after all. And God doesn't control people, everyone is free to sin. What God offers, is motivation to do right, love, escapism, not to make life any less difficult. The clergy, can no doubt be shady also but that's also human fault.
OP, I don't know if your life sucks or not, but I wish for your best. Try your best, live without regrets, conquer your past, gain wisdom -it doesn't have to be through such orthodox methods like school- and try to change this society that so unfair since you AND I hate it so much. Don't complain, make a change! Haha, just lighten up a bit. :)

By anonymous at 16,Jun,12 05:47

Hey guess what? Your probably living a better life than jesus did! Yeah I said it, and its true. Jesus was a poor construction worker, and was tortured and killed on the cross at the young age of thirty. O and before that his family disowned him! Hows that fair? Jesus had no sin at all, he was perfect, and yet men hated him so much that they killed him. Satan rules the world, there is no fairness.

Essau was sinful, Saul was a king for awhile until he died on the battlefield. Not very good examples. Get closer to God would be my suggestion, put him number one priority in your life.

This world is broken big time my friend, this world is as close to hell a christian will get. Id rather have a bumpy road to heaven then a rich smooth road to hell. Whats more important to God, your soul, or that you get rich? You need to see the whole picture here, death is real, and this life is short, my dad whos always tells me, "life has gone so quick, like a flash". Before you all know it, your going to be dead, sorry to be blunt and be a killjoy, but sometimes we need to be reminded. When your on your death bed you wont be thinking about money, you'll be thinking about whats next.

By A-Frayed Society at 10,Aug,12 00:20

Response to above posting and all postings.
I agree with most of what you wrote but truth is satan doesn't rule anything. He is ALLOWED a time to tempt and torment the human race BUT truth of it is he cannot force you to do anything, he does not read minds and he cant decipher the future. The only one who controls your choices is you no one else. NOT GOD and ESPECIALLY NOT SATAN. We were given free will. Satan was given power to instigate sin but he is merely the idea men are the defining action. everything starts with our thoughts before it becomes action. We think something and then act upon it. It makes me sad not that so many people are evil but the fact that they are so lost, confused, and entirely without self control. EVERY PERSON on this site has one thing in common. YOU CAME HERE LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. Your life is hard yes, it could get harder sure, others have it worse possibly, that's not what you want to hear. YOUR all hurting YOUR all lost in some way. I cant say individually i know how you feel but vice versa you couldn't say the same to me. But Ive been in that place your at I understand the feeling not necessarily the same situation but that deep ache in your soul. I am truly sorry for the people on this site that are SINCERELY HURTING. This life is not all there is but that doesn't make it unimportant. We are living merely a prologue to eternity. Christ dying for us was a gift, a gift you can say you never asked for (But neither was sin a curse asked for) a gift that is entirely your choice to receive. This world is very hateful and judgemental and I am sorry for you who are judged mistreated and tormented. NO HUMAN has the right to judge any other for no person other than Christ was, is, or ever will be perfect. THE struggle is entirely love. We all were once condemned by the law but through Christ we are saved by GRACE.
By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 23:33

Dear a-frayed society. Thank you for your comment. Ive written numerous blogs about God religion the Devil evil and suffering about my personal loneliness and failure to get a girlfriend and Ive had ugly feuds with some of the other people on this website. Ive written enough blogs throughout this website to fill up a small book and alot of it is Im sorry to say repetition and arguing and insulting and cursing at some of these cruel nasty people on this website. Its refreshing to have someone comment who is both polite and who is also interested about God and religion. You state that Satan doesnt control anything but the Bible says that he is the god of this world and the Bible talks about principalities and powers. This maybe a reference to evil angelic beings under Satans rulership. I agree that we have free will but I dont believe anyone including myself has total 100 percent free will. Nature and nurture our biology our upbringing our environment and our life experiences also dictate and derermine our thoughts and our behaviour whether good or bad. And most Christians believe that Adam and Eves sin was transmitted to all their future unborn descendants. I find this unjust. And I find it cruel and unjust for God to curse and punish the entire creation with disease violence killing death mass starvation physical ugliness loneliness hurricanes tsunamis birth defects etc. And punishing animals for human sin is cruel unjust and irrational. And look at the horrible price a suffering humanity and a suffering animal kingdom is paying for free will. Cruelty to animals crimes wars genocides worldwide pollution and extinctions horriflc accidents and injuries of all kinds (just look at the carnage on roads and highways by motor vehicles and the victims are both people and animals) slavery racism alienation loneliness family breakdown overpopulation selfishness greed moneycenteredness materialism. The world is a horror movie and a Sodom and Gomorrha. If Satan the Devil and demons are not ruling this world then how does one explain all this evil and suffering? Let me continue on another blog before the computer cuts me off.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 00:10

I continue. All this evil and suffering in the world has weakened my religious faith. If God is sovereign then why is He allowing all this evil sin suffering death and extinctions? Who created or who caused the evil in human beings and who created or who caused the evil in nature? Malaria ebola cancer centipedes brown recluse spiders hurricanes tsunamis hookworms tapeworms birth defects tooth decay ticks fleas lice etc are examples of natural evil or physical evil. They can also be called blind evil or amoral evil. In contrast true evil is called moral evil which is applied to human sin and to supernatural beings such as the Devil and his minions. But my question is who or what created or caused natural evil and who or what created or caused human evil? What is Gods relationship to evil and suffering? And what is the Devils or Satans relationship to evil and suffering? Who or what is to blame? Does evil in nature and the evil in human beings just appears and exists in a vacuum? In other words does evil just appear out of nowhere? And how did this Satan character who was once good and who was once Gods friend become so evil? If Satan was originally good and then at some point turned evil then how could that happen? How long ago was Satans fall? Thousands of years ago? Millions of years ago? Billions of years ago. Some say Satan rebelled at the time of Adam and Eve while others say at the beginning of the creation or even before the creation. If you read and watch books and movies such as Rosemarys Baby; The Exorcist; Legion; Beyond the Door; The Devils Rain; Exorcist3-Legion; The Rite; The Devil Inside; Hostage to the Devil and People of the Lie and several books by author Jeffery Burton Russell about the Devil then these books and movies are suggesting that the Devil and his minions are influencing peoples lives and sometimes succeed in possessing a persons mind and body and are compelling people to worship them in perverted rituals. But the mystery here is the origin and cause of evil and suffering. Atheists will say that all evil and suffering are the results of blind impersonal forces of nature and human beings. Nature creates itself and nature compels humans to do evil(evolution and the survival instinct.) Humans are just a super intelligent semi barbaric ape or primate for atheists and there is no God to blame no Devil to blame and no demons to blame for evil and suffering. The atheists are wrong. I personally believe there is some kind of God and there is some kind of Devil. Theres probably countless numbers of lesser supernatural beings besides God and the Devil. Some of these beings are good others are evil and others are ambivalent or are a mix of good and evil which is having a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Let me continue to another blog before I get cut off.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 01:05

i continue. I personally feel that this God is deficient because evil and suffering abounds in the world. Does free will justify all the evils cruelties miseries and horrors throughout thousands to millions of years of history and prehistory? As a moral person I dont believe it does. Were told Gods ways are unknowable and I agree. But does that justify turning the world into a horror movie for thousands to millions of years? This is a serious question and a serious issure. Both people and nature are cruel and screwed up. On a physical level on a mental level on a philosophic level and on a moral level the creation is grievously marred defective broken. Monistic beliefs such as Judaism and Calvinism believe that God is sovereign over evertrhing including evil and suffering. Dualistic religions such as that of Mani; gnosticism; and Zoroastrianism believe that God is not sovereign and not in control of whats going on in the world and evil and suffering is blamed on matter the Demiurge(a morally inferior God who created a flawed evil world) and the Devil and his minions wherher one wishes to call them demons fallen angels watchers evil spirits unclean spirits or Ahrimans. The Satan in Job inflicts physical suffering killing Jobs livestock children servants and inflicting Job with a loathsome disease whereas in other parts of the Bible Satan is better known as liar tempter and deceiver. Demonic possession seems to have been fairly common during Jesus Christs lifetime. The Old Testament says that God creates or causes disaster calamity catastrophe misery woe or evil. The King James version says God creates or causes evil. The Hebrew word for evil is ra. Evil can mean many things like something has an evil or unpleasant smell or taste or something that is harmful like poison or disease or an accident. It could also mean human evil or sin or moral evil. So what does the Bible mean when it says God creates or causes evil? The Bible isnt clear as is so often the case. My personal opinion is that evil in this context refers to punishment or suffering as in a tsunami. It does not mean sin. Its still disturbing to me. And the New Testament has the teaching of eternal punishment in hell for the majority of humanity with fire worms excrement suffocation demons and Satan. See authors Mary Baxter and Bill Wiese who claim to have seen visions of hell and have written about it. Their descriptions are horrific worse than any horror movie. Human beings are evil and sinful but NOT all of us deserve an eternal torture chamber. A loving merciful God would not do this. There are more merciful humane and intelligent ways to punish human sin than this. And using fire and suffocation as methods of punishing is unimaginably cruel. Its monstrous. Its beyond cruel. Its beyond sick. Dont do this God. Its horrible enough countless people suffer in their earthly lives. Dont continue torturing them throughout eternity in the next life. Were we created just to suffer? And for every person who goes to hell is a win for Satan and its a loss for Christ. If alot more people are going to hell than its a win for the Devil and Christs mission to save us was largely a failure. Think about that fundamentalists and Calvinists. Ive been lonely my whole life. Girls and women ignore me. Most of them are UNFRIENDLY. Im also depressed and mentally tormented. I live in fear of hell. Im not even sure that this God has any reasoning ability. I dont know if He is rational. I dont know if He is sane. I fear that He isnt. I have nigbtmares for almost 22 years nearly everytime I sleep and Ive heard voices and conversed with them while sleeping. Some of these voices were Satanic in nature and frightened me. Ive had my shirt pulled and my blanket pulled off me while awake. Poltergeists? Fairies? Demons? Or ghosts of the dead? The nightmares are horrific and Ive watched myself die on several occasions. If Satan or the Devil isnt ruling this world then something else is causing the evil because this world is a bottomless cesspool of evil. Theres more evil than I can imagine in the world. I live in fear.
By anonymous at 18,Aug,12 16:57

I continue. Free will is not such a good thing. Its not such a great gift. Human nature is ruined and tberes worldwide depravity cruelty and misery because of free will. The world is a horror movie and a hellhole because of free will. I cant accept this and I cant accept a God who allows eons of evil and suffering(thousands to millions of years of history and prehistory. Plus there is no such thing as having total 100 percent free will. At leasf not in humans. Nature nurture our upbringing our biology our environment and our life experiences also dictate and determine our behavior whether bad or good. And what does the cruelty in nature such as centipedes ticks fleas lice hookworms and tsunamis have to do with free will? Free will of whom? Of God? Of the Devil? Of a demon or demons? Human beings did not create or cause these evils of nature. Someone else did or something else did. And this someone else or this something else is vastly more ancient than human beings. Enough with free will. The creation is ruined and trashed because of it. God has to start healing this cursed broken creation. Its not going to heal by itself.Why does depravity and horrific evil have to be a predequisite of free will? This God continues to allow humans to remain mired in sinfulness depravity cruelty and stupidity. Its an endless treadmill of sin suffering and death. Its an endless treadmill of misery failure and hopelessness. Enough with free will God. If God is really loving merciful mighty wise and all good then its HIGH TIME He starts acting like it and its HIGH TIME He starts to show it and prove it. This God couldnt heal this screwed up world in a billion years. Im sure not going to live long enough to see it. Im 44 and Ive been lonely depressed and mentally tormented for the last 29 years. Ive asked and complained to this God to help me get a girlfriend. Its like Im talking to myself or its like Im talking to the walls. Im not even sure this God has any reasoning ability. Im not even sure He is rational and Im not even sure He is sane. If its o.k. for this God to allow eons of evil and suffering then this God is like an eldritch abomination. This God's mentality morality and way of thinking is very different from that of any rational sane and morally decent person. I want a God whose goodness and morality is similar to mine NOT vastly different from mine. And I want a rational sane and reasoning God which the God of the Bible is not. Allowing eons of evil and suffering is NOT rational NOT sane and is NOT reasoning. The crap that this God allows is cruel and immoral. Its not the kind of God that I would like to have.

By anonymous at 16,Jun,12 21:10

look into the truth request bible studies with jehovah's witness and you will indeed find true happiness, and you will indeed understand why he tolerates such things- i will sure keep you in my prayers dear, keep the faith.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 00:35

Stop lying. I grew up as one and all your group does it shun people who are "worldly" and act as if they can judge everyone. Turned out the most sincere friends I had, were the ones the congregation wanted me to hate. Not to mention all the hypocrites, my dad's family included.

When I was in the hospital vomiting for a whole month because my stomach stopped working, my dad's parents (they don't deserve to be called grandparents) wanted to give me some crap about "in paradise you will be healed" and proceeded to handle a Watchtower for there weekly publication distribution and left. No loving conversation, they just see me as a number of publications given away. Some family hahaha. Last time I checked you were supposed to love your family not pretend they don't exist. And they really think they are going to paradise.

Turned out many witnesses ive come into contact with have as many secrets that they accuse others as.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 19:52

Its the only religion so pure yet you continue to deny it...its the only true religion, not everyones perfect i know myself people who are jw yet live immoral lifestles nobodys perfect im talking religion NOT IMPERFECT human beings. I wish you the best an encourage you to learn about the truth because what an eye opener it will be take care...

By anonymous at 18,Jun,12 05:49

Finally somebody on this site who isn't a biblebanger

By anonymous at 18,Jun,12 16:47

search guy it's obvious that you are furious with life injustices. Of course if there was a God like the one they told us, he would be appalled by all the horrors that are happening. I don't have an answer for you, the only thing I kno is that there is a driving force with in us and somehow connects us. We chose how to use it though but we are mostly on our own. I choose to be good and have principles for my sake only, others don't. Things might go wrong even if you do everything right, sometimes you are jus borned wilth all the disadvantages, a least while we life we will never find out why. Try to do the best you can with what you have and love the people that are worth loving. It will pay up. Don't fill yourself with negativity, I assure you it will only bring bad things to your life. There are a lot of things worth living for and a lot of people that are good, in spite of everything good people exist.

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 18:43

Your article asks the deepest and most disturbing of mysteries, evil and suffering in the world, and why God allows it. My own opinion, if you would just scroll up to the two blogs a little upward from this blog, I mention that God is deficient in some manner, in my opinion. As a result, as a sad result, evil and suffering flourishes in the world, and the Devil flourishes. The Devil is actually ruling this screwed up world, as I point out time and again, and God allows it or God is not in control of what's going on in the world. People can laugh at my opinion or insult it. I don't care. And I don't mean to offend any religious folks. I'm a Christian myself, but my belief and conception in God is more intelligent, more sane, and more realistic than traditional theism. Deficient theism is what I believe in, or a deficient God. I could be wrong, but I'm 99.999 percent sure I'm right. I'm 100 percent sure I'm right. Perhaps God's problem is that God's power is intermittent, and comes and goes, and needs to be recharged, like a battery. Maybe there are so many needy victims in the world and evil and suffering is so out of control, that God cannot help everyone at the same time. There are just too many needy, suffering, and troubled people at any given day and at any given time, that God can only help a limited number of them, while the rest of them have to suffer. And remember, the Devil and his minions continue to tamper and screw with the creation and with human beings. God cannot handle it. Its up to God to show and prove that he can handle it. Until then, the proof for me is that evil and suffering are insurmountable problems, and that the the Devil is in charge. I hope you all learned something. We can all assist God by not being so evil, hateful, and cruel, and we can all assist eachother.

By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 00:41

The issues of evil and suffering in the world has occupied my mind for the last 18 years. Natural evil such as cancer malaria centipedes brown recluse spiders hookworms ticks fleas lice aneurysm stroke toothache mental retardation physical ugliness and the loneliness that goes with it heart disease Ebola river blindness hurricanes tsunamis etc all make life a hell. Moral evil or human evil is worse and includes crimes wars genocides selfishness greed traffic accidents and manmade pollution and cruelty to animals. The end results are thousands of years of human suffering and death and thousands to millions of years of animal suffering and death. Where is God in all this?why allow all this crap? If theDevil is to blame the question still remains why is God allowing the Devil all this freedom to spoil and ruin the creation? The Devil rules this world not a loving God. Notice that even in many movies about the Devil and about Satanism that in the end the Devil wins whether its Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist or Beyond the Door or The Devil's Rain. In the movie Beyond the Door a San Francisco woman becomes demonically possessed as a result of dabbling in a satanic ritual with her former lover who is a Satanist by the name of Dimitry. Dimitry is suspended in time for the last 10 years. The Devil is toying with him and he drives off a cliff and into San Francisco Bay to his death and damnation. The possessed woman and her family are on a ferry at the films end seemingly healed of demonic possession when all of a sudden the little boys eyes start to glow and now the son is demonically possessed the horror starting anew. This movie illustrates to me 1) the Devil and his minions are real and 2) there is danger in dabbling with satanic rituals and with the occult and 3) the world is mired in all manner of evil and perhaps the most frightening category of evil is supernatural evil which is mostly invisible to us.There is a sense of helplessness hopelessness vulnerability in this movie. The novel Legion and the movie Exorcist3-Legion deals with the issues of evil and suffering more deeply. The issues of evil and suffering are the most horrible and disturbing of mysteries. My life is a nightmare when I'm awake and when I sleep.with severe depression intense loneliness mental torment. All around me there's cruelty depravity degeneracy stupidity sickness alienation. The world is a shithole. Sooner or later I may need to go to a mental hospital. My future is bleak.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 19:02

Let me continue. I hate girls and women and I hate people. Fuck women and fuck humanity. Human beings are a lost cause. The Devil rules this fucked up world. I need to get AWAY from people.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 21:13

I continue. This world is a hell. For 18 years Ive been pondering this problem of evil and suffering. Its been occupying my mind day and night.Horrific nightmares are my life when I sleep. Being chased; being shot at; drowning; being squashed; being incinerated; being ionely; calling out to God and not getting any help. Ive also experienced hearing voices(clairaudience) when I sleep and have conversed with these voices. Some of these voices were Satanic in nature and motivation and it scared me shitless. Ive also had my blanket taken off me and my shirt pulled by an invisible entity and on several occasions I feel myself being physically attacked and manhandled by something invisible. Poltergeists? Demons? Perhaps demons are targeting me feeding off the hate that exists in me. Perhaps these evil entities feed off negativity such as hatred anger depression and misery. Their other goals is to destroy faith in God and to cause fear and misery to people. Driving people to crime driving people to insanity driving people to suicide driving people to damnation and hell are there goals. Fucking scum on the supernatural level describes these evil entities. And once in while these evil entities possess people. Satan the Devil is their ruler. Author Jeffrey Burton Russell and Malachi Martin have written books about the Devil and author Anthony Mercatante has produced "The Nature of Good and Evil". Read it. This fucked up world has excessive superfluous evil in it and thousands to millions of years of suffering and death. Its a fucking horror. Every day is a struggle for me to retain my sanity and my physical health.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 22:49

Serves you right - your guilt is of having been born. Fuck you cunt.
By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 23:41

Who the hell are you ASSHOLE? Id punch your fucking face dickwad. Your another example of the evil scum that I talk about motherfucker. And its YOU who should not have been born you fucking puke. You should have been aborted at birth motherfucker you fucking cunt you fucking dirtbag. Go cut your throat shithead. Devilish satanic scum is what you are. Its assholes such as you that make the world the shithole that it is. I hate you motherfucker beyond what your puny mind can imagine. And FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 16:41

Stop harassing me little teenage punk and I will stop harassing you. Believe me I don't want anything to do with you. I would not touch you with a 50 foot pole. I don't want you anywhere near me. Don't comment again to me and don't write again to me. If you shut up then I will shut up. I don't want any trouble but YOU started this nasty stupid feud. Just go away and stay away.

By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 04:47

AGREED with everything he doesn't care Christians will try to give a foolish explanation to why he loves everyone but its all bull.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:39

and my final comment to all you maggots who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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