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Posted by Cursed at June 10, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Loneliness

nothing good has happened to me in 15 years.. i suffer in loneliness...i have no friends, people have tortured me put me through hell/suffering indescribable. I have no one to talk to and not a soul to hang out with. I exist alone im always alone...its really hard and worse people abuse me anywhere i a gorgeous woman but i get treated like a leper or osmething...everyone hates me.. men HATE mother destroyed my life, people make sure to oppress me every chance they get-- make sure they stop me from succeeding and they awlays win. I cant go anywhere or do anyhting fun i have no one to do it with. my absuers all have friends and decent lives while they continue to oppress me....if people had a chance to they'd be hurling things at me-- im oppressed and abused but im hotter than most celebrities out there...i cant change my life.. i cant meet a guy-- i cant make any friends..women hate me cuz im so hot and men hate me cuz im hot and they think they can't have me so they make fun of me-- everyone makes fun of me or abuses me. I live day to day life has been destryoed by MANY people who aer jealous and want to ruin me...i cant get ONE boyfriend in life...people living around me have harassed me mob bully a tortured soul...i should have a life like angelina jolie...but i cant even meet ONE guy in life.. all i meet are psychos and losers and freaks...who try to ues or abuse a only boyfriend never had sex with me and mentally tortured me for fun...and was a sadist...i continue to suffer day after day with no one and nothing ot do. i have no life and no human social friends...the only things that happen to me are bad things...either its nothingness or bad parents have desttroyed me and family members have too...their friends have 32 and have never had a sex life...i crave sex but i cant meet a guy who will be with me... just idiots wanting to use me...its like i cant change matter how hard i try...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 11:05

You put too much importance on having a boyfriend (this is coming from a guy) honestly most guys are pretty arrogant and aren't going to help you if you are in an emotionally damaged state, unfortunately that is a problem you will have to deal with on your own. Secondly you put to much importance of physical attractiveness, yes it is important especially for girls but it isn't everything. Being attractive will attract people, but having a kind, intelligent, stable personality will attract the right kind of people. When you say you cant change anything, from reading your post I think you are looking for change the wrong way. Not meant as an insult but is seems you are pretty desperate to meet a guy, that is a sure fire way to get involved with creeps so you need to stop focusing on that and get your life to a place where you can be comfortable and happy with yourself first before trying to be comfortable and happy with someone else. I am not saying if you do this everything will magically work out for you but it will help. Finally I would strongly recommend loosing the sense of entitlement where you think you "should have a life like angelina jolie" the world does not give out free lunches so waiting for one will only waste time that could have been used to earn what you want. I know you usually leave nice comments for people so I tried to give you advice to the best of my ability, I hope it helps.
By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 20:18

not emotionally damaged-- teh guys i meet ARE emotionally kind caring and nice....most guys out there are damaged goods with severe issues...and cant handle normal women but if uve been alone all your life it is HARD to be alone

By Cursed at 21,Jun,12 11:14

From one cursed person to another- forget about dudes. They will wreck havoc in your life and only bring you sorrow... It's not what's on the outside, but what's in that juicy center that's most important!
By Butch at 21,Jun,12 19:53

Right be a dyke like me.

By Truth at 21,Jun,12 17:37

I have one word for you


...try that one on. You need to be a cock gobbling mouth whore from the devil. That'll get you lots of guys. Have your tonsils out though, no one like banging into your throat gourds. I'd like to personally give you the "white dragon". You'd suck my bone, and then, right after I blew it down your throat I'd punch you so hard in the stomach that you'd shout the load out of both nostrils. So, you'd look a little like a white dragon, I think.

Maybe not, but it sounds neat anyway.

so...fellatio. Live it.

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 00:43

Why dont you see someone about your insane paranoia? Every guy in the whole world just want to hurt you? all of them? everyone? Really? Maybe your just a big crazy ass?

By lonelyguy at 22,Jun,12 01:49

Not all men are complete dicks. Just most of them. I don't see why beautiful girls like complete assholes, but I guess I'll never find out why.. Anyways, try to look for the nice guys or something...
By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 15:35

This comment was not made from the lonely guy who is floating all over this website talking about God and talking about religion and talking about loneliness. And for THIS lonely guy most girls and women suck and I hate them.Most girls and women are cold aloof UNFRIENDLY. Its disgusting.
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 03:44 Fold Up

Because attraction is not logic...They are based on emotions. Girls/Woman love that lifetime station. Why? Because its emotional and drama. Sorry but if your going to get laid at the bar try being a bit cocky and funny. Confidence is the key. Either way your nice or bad it sucks because eventually being the bad boy will hunt you later in life. Try not to take them seriously and tease them a bit. Don't have to be a complete asshole but it depends.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 22:12

you're an idiot. Why would anyone want to be around a self righteous bitch? They wouldn't, that is your issue.Get over yourself and I assure you; life will improve significantly. Btw, you're an ugly fat old man.
By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 01:32

Who or what is btw? And who are you calling an old fat ugly man? Watch what you say.

By anonymous at 30,Jun,12 11:27

go on okcupid

By anonymousgirl at 30,Jun,12 23:12

Hey, it's so strange that I just found your post tonight. I never usually search for things like this, however I am in the EXACT same situation as you. And we are even the same age. Funny right? Anyway, I know what you mean about men hating you. Don't let anyone believe you are nuts. They have no idea what it is like to be shunned and for no reason at all. I treat everyone nice too and have high self esteem and this sort of stuff has repeatedly happened to me. Friends all of a sudden turn on me when I have done nothing wrong. Believe me, if it was my fault I would take ownership and apologize but I will not apologize for things I haven't done. I know how awful you feel. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better but at least you can take comfort in knowing you aren't crazy and that there are other people out there like you.

By anonymous at 03,Aug,12 00:14

Wanna meet up?

By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 01:57

Let me get this straight. Your an attractive young woman and you cant get a boyfriend. Then you say that the only guys youve been friends with were psychos losers and sadists. There are decent guys out there. Im an ugly mentally ill 44 year old guy with a crappy job at a supermarket bagging groceries and cleaning trash. Ive never had a real girlfriend and never will unless its an ugly girl or woman or a gold digger to use me for money or a hooker or escort service. All lousy and unhealthy choices. So Im condemned to endless loneliness(read my post.) I would probably count as a loser or a psycho for you. As for you you are just too picky. For you there is hope. For me there is no hope at all. An ugly mentally ill guy such as myself has no hope of getting a girlfriend much less marriage. My ONLY opportunities to get girlfriends were years ago in grade school and I blew it because I was mentally fucked up and immature then. Little did I know then that these would be my only opportunities to get dates which I stupidly refused to take. I discovered that girls and women are more UNFRIENDLY and WORSE outside grade school than in it. In the last 25 years after leaving grade school in 1987 there has not been a single opportunity for me to get a date. Not in a zillion years will I get another opportunity in this fucked up Devilish Satanic world. Most girls and women are cold aloof UNFRIENDLY vain selfish unkind uncaring moneycentered materialistic. Ive written this a hundred times throughout this website. Be thankful that your not an ugly mentally ill guy like me. Ive been lonely depressed and mentally tormented for the last 29 fucking years. I hate girls and women and I hate people in general and Im angry at a cruel negligent incomptetent immoral amoral irrational God who allows me to suffer. Im misogynistic misanthropic and pessimistic because this world is a cruel sick fucked up joke a disaster tragedy travesty and horror. Satan the Devil rules this fucked up world of ours as all history sadly illustrates.
By anonymous at 05,Oct,12 07:17

i know its none of my business but im really touched by the way you put ur life into perspective... now i doubt all the women u meet have been that mean to u but try to cheer up a bit kay? dont think this is creepy coz youre old enough to be my dad but not all women are vultures and unfriendly. I have never in my life ignored anyone and i am always trying to befriend anyone who approaches me, i dont think ANYONE has the right to choose their friends and being picky seeing as that there are so many people here without a single one.
By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 20:13

To comment 07:17. You say all women arent unfriendly? In my personal experience as an ugly mentally ill guy most of them are. The pretty ones are especially unfriendly. 99.5 percent of pretty women are unfriendly and the remaining half a percent friendly ones are already taken or they live hundreds or thousands of miles away so Im unable to be friends with them. Or its against their job policy to date me. Always some fucking execuse to keep me lonely. Well FUCK IT. The fact remains that most women are unfriendly and most of them suck. Vapid scum describes them.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 03:15

i continue. Fuck you girls and women out there. Most of you suck. Your heartless cruel vain unfriendly selfish money centered amoral assholes. God forgot to give you a heart. The Devil rules over you sluts. I dont have a girlfriend and I dont care. You fucking sluts nauseate me. Theres so much evil in you sluts. Fuck all of you sluts.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 17:18

And my final comment to all of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 14,Sep,12 03:57

stay a virgin, that's your greatest asset. cause i am too. Come to Jesus, in HIS presence there is fullness of joy

By anonymous at 28,Sep,12 20:02

"im a gorgeous woman"..."but im hotter than most celebrities out there"..."cuz im hot"..."i should have a life like angelina jolie"...seriously, get over yourself. This post sickened me. If you want to try to have someone in your life, you need to figure out that you have some serious emotional issues that need taken care of & that no matter what you look like, not one person is going to want to have anything to do with you when you act like this.
By anonymous at 05,Oct,12 07:19

rude much? u dont really know what shes going through, dont make it any worse for her...

By Sabyna at 05,Oct,12 00:31

Ok, there is so much wrong with you people that I don't know where to start from!! Why is it so hard to believe that a beautiful woman can have such a bad life? How do you know she doesn't really look gorgeous? If she acknowledges her looks, it shows that not her self confidence is damaged but her trust in life and faith in people !
How do I know? Because I'm in exactly the same situation. Most men find me attractive, I have an hour glass, curvy body, and the overall allure of Kim Kardashian. Though, everytime I fall in love with a handsome, nice, successful guy, I get rejection. I attract just men who are not my type and whom I see only as possible friends. I constantly receive compliments, I have a kind nature, though I feel like life denies me the chance to have love and happiness!
And because I'm a nice person, people tend to bully me. It happened in school, work places, I always see bad people doing wrong stuff winning over the honest ones. So I see where Cursed is coming from. So if you have nothing good to say, just STF up and don;t say nothing at all.
To Cursed: there are no words to offer you consolation, as I don't even find for myself. don't let these nasty replies put you down. You are in my prayers, but I lost hope there's someone up there to hear us..
By anonymous at 05,Oct,12 07:21

i hear u gurl!! :) some of these people are really harsh.. im sure an attractive girl like u will find someone nice!! haha good luck to u too cursed!! :)

By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 19:19

Here where I live there are almost no more friendly AND pretty girls and women left. They were rare when I was in grade school 25 to 30 years ago in the 80s. Today they are ALMOST EXTINCT. Show me a girl or woman who is BOTH friendly and pretty at the same time and I'll show you a rare and endangered species. Such girls and women are always already taken by the time I find them or they are hundreds or thousands of miles away in another state or another continent. The last time I had an opportunity to be friends with a pretty and friendly girl was in April or May of 1987 in grade school during my last year in High School. I stupidly refused and ignored her. After leaving grade school in June 1987 there has not been a single decent opportunity to date for me. In 25 1/2 years I have been TOTALLY ignored since leaving grade school. Not in a zillion years will I get another opportunity because as I pointed out before I discovered that girls and women are more unfriendly and worse outside grade school than in it and today's generation is even more unfriendly than when I was in grade school during the 80s. I think its very unfair and unjust to have all opportunities for happiness end at age 18 in 1987 in High School when I still have 40 or 50 or 60 more years of life ahead of me. Im very angry at myself for being so fucking stupid as to refuse to take golden opportunities when I had them. But I was more mentally fucked up then and more immature. By the time Im in High School the depression mental illness and hatred for girls and women increased. Because of the nasty girls I refused and failed to connect with the good ones. More than 25 years later there arent any good ones left for me. Im most of all angry at God for ALLOWING me to refuse and to fail at taking golden opportunities when I had them. Why didnt God open up my mind amd my heart at that time? Why allow me to remain in hatred anger bitterness stupidity loneliness ignorance alienation misery failure and hopelessness? And why has He not given me any more opportunities since 1987? There is no fucking execuse to allow me to suffer from endless loneliness. This God is a LOUSY HORRIBLE caretaker an absentee parent and an absentee landlord. Cruelty and negligence describes Him. We may as well be praying to a tree trunk. Its like a sick cruel fucked up joke inflicted on me by the Devil so I can look back at my stupidity and get angry at myself for failing to take golden opportunities when I had them. Not in all eternity will there be another opportunity for me. This illustrates what a fucked up world this is. A loving caring merciful and rational God would not allow me to suffer in this manner. This is something I would expect from Satan or the Devil. Theres no way a loving merciful God can be in control of whats going on in this fucked up world of ours. Readcmy post Im Condemned to Endless Loneliness. Satan the Devil rules this fuck up of a world. A loving God does not. Hopeless.
By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 20:17

I continue. A side of me is very angry at women for refusing to be friends with me and allowing me to remain lonely. Another side of me doesnt care. Ultimately I dont give a shit if women ignore me. I dont care about women. Never ever.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,13 20:15

From a 40 year old single dad with custody of 2 kids, I can promise you that all guys are not horrible people. I don't know where you find the men that you date but try something different. Whatever you are doing to meet guys, do the exact opposite

By anonymous at 18,Mar,13 03:55

Simply put. I am in the same boat as the 40yr old Dad AND Cursed. Single father, 2 kids, attractive, reasonably successful and working hard to make sure my children have the life they deserve. My problem is that my sentence is laid out. Women DO NOT like a guy with children already. My choices are pretty limited at this point. I just put my energy in my children. I DO NOT need a woman to make me happy, it just gets a little lonely at times. Thanks for letting me vent. Good luck to you cursed, and maybe revisit what you think a "good man" is? Just a suggestion, no offense intended.

By anonymous at 08,Mar,14 12:32

I love you i am a man of God, your are my famiy/ pray for your purpose help other people that are lonley and you will find meaning in your/ sex will not give you meaning/ love will /god will/ People need you that you have not even meet yet/ hold on/

By anonymous at 22,Feb,15 13:45

I know all these posts were like years ago but if anyone is still around i am a single father of two girls also whom i love unconditionally but i also am so lonely both my best friends have died my other few have moved away and i am left alone taking care of my children but without them i dont know were i would be i thank god for them every night,but at times i am so lonely nothing to do no one to hang out with i have my own place i try to meet women but i just cnt find a girl that will give me the time of day and i dnt think i am an ugly person at all i am kind hearted to any and everyone i just wish i could catch a break i know it could b alot worse its just hard being alone...

By anonymous at 20,Nov,15 04:44

I didn't check the date on your sad story but you say you're a thirty two year old virgin? I think you're amazing! An attractive, or hell any woman that hasn't had sex at your age must have some self respect that is the most attractive quality a woman can have. If I could absorb all your sadness and pain I would but I'm overflowing with the same hurt as it is. You're going to make a man very proud and I hope he deserves you. You make me feel better about the world and I hope you get the happiness you should

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