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Corporate America should rot in hell

Posted by KaD at June 11, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Society  Unemployment

After being unemployed for three years, including one with absolutely NO income, I'm thankful to have a job at all; even if it is a temp position. What I don't appreciate is wasting my time on FIVE interviews after applying for a regular position with the company and then being told by someone else that they never hire the temps. If that's the case why didn't the F***heads just say that up front??? One of their 'corporate values' is integrity; where was the intergrity in how they dealt with me? And why is it I'm good enough to do their god **** grunt work but not good enough for a regular job? I'm so sick of the lies and bullshit from corporations. I'm supposed to have loyalty to them when they have NONE for me. NO more. Piss on corporate america. I hope they all rot in hell. Any company that says they can't find good employees wouldn't know a good employee if one came in and bit them on the ass.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 13:07

CORPORATIONS are the TRUE ANTI-CHRIST. Right now, evasive CORPORATIONS: IE- FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT (of course), AOL, ECT: the list never ends, but right now corporations not listed are being sold your information. It is being stored, analyzed, cryto-tized, pigeon holed into categories and lists Yup: Corporations want to know you- personally. Quite seductively, they want all your information- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hence forth- I hinder this warning: BEWARE. Be cautious in your every move, as people are watching, listening, waiting, making up opinions, hypothesizing, what they could sell you, what they could hold over your head, how they can CONTROL YOU. Ok, think Im full of shit? Watch Finding David. Streamlined it off Netflix. Find out what our Governments are doing to us? Our information is valuable. It can be used, by other people to win strategies, games, ploys, etc Remember they are making a file on you- these companies listed above and more Also, these companies have Middle Man companies that are mining your information- cell phone companies, security companies, your internet companies; yeah you know what Im talking about- Hey, guess what- those middle man companies yeah, they are now LEGAL to sell that information to the highest bidder! Of course theyre the middle man! Yeah, skim some off the top! Thats right. Thats how its done- make it off the little guy. Um hey ladies and gentlemen- guess what? We are those little guys. The PEE-ONS. THE PLENTATUDE, THE MASS.
By anonymous at 25,Sep,12 04:34

Humanity is the only weapon against corporations, imperialism and horrifying genocide.

Use the money they feed us against them!

The POWER is in our wallets.....

The POWER is in our hearts and minds!

We, as a unified PEOPLE, are capable of countering ignorance with

Everything is at our finger tips.....

They worship wealth....we all know better!

boycott corporate products, if we can't beat them with force!

We will prevail with manipulation of the comforts they feed us!

We build their products, the neighborhoods!

We the ''little people'' staff every position that enables the rich to exploit all of us.

They turn people against their own cultures, origins, religions, philosophies and better judgement.....only to allow you to live a
comfortable life.

They foster hate, ignorance, to enable you to put your family above anyone that HUMAN!

We all know better than that!

''Health care'' and police services are only around to gather info on all of us, to identify the weaklings, isolate the different, encourage suicide by encouraging indifference.

These people are ''jocks''!

Rejoincing in people's misery......

CANADA is no different! Look at the Native population!

Canadians enjoy divisions between languages!!

It enables their repressed prejudices to come out and play!

The majority can feel superior again, like the old days.....

Serving the "royals" enables their small egos to strive for a weird

Supreme over what?????

we're all the same as human beings....

no one is perfect, NO ONE!!!!

No uniform will make you supreme over your own humanity.


The more reason to cherish it, instead of wounding and killing your neighbour using the preservation of your family as an excuse......

Caucasians posess most of the world's wealth. Acquired by pludering, killing, reaping, stealing, terrorizing what they fancy.

Even amongst themselves, they will assassinate, ostracize or harrass people that are willing to change and confront the mistakes of the past....

They use christianity to manipulate public opinions, create monsters to mask the true face of their own wealthy intentions.

They won't back away from hurting their own family members to achieve their aim.

money - sex - power is what they are after...that's why they measure their virility in inches (or in centimeters, it looks better on paper anyway) to instill complexes that they carry themselves....

Easy it is for them to manipulate a sex obsessed population......

Easy for them to tell us that we are mentally sick, when all they talk about or imply is sex - sex - sex!!!!

Heartless manipulators of women self image to fulfill their own depraved sexualities.

Companionship and complicity in relationships are ridiculed, analysed and deconstructed to destroy the collective sense of well being and comfort.

They govern by dividing!!!!!





I personally heard officers talk this way :

"Don't talk about suicide, just do it!"

"If they wanna die, fuck'em!!!"

"Don't bother me with it, I've got my own problems. Ya know!"


Its even scary.....The way they treat one another.....

That's Probably why they're so polite, they have something horrible to hide.......THEIR TRUE NATURE!
By anonymous at 28,Sep,12 04:03

what is written might seem harsh or even gratuitous but personal experience enables profiling of police "officers" family lifestyles, mentalities and beliefs.

they profile race, creed, religions and languages so why not turn it onto them.

ignorance, greed, egocentrism, violence, prejudice, psychopathy, deranged sexuality, bloated egos, racial supremacy, are just a portion of what the atmosphere in the police is like.

they rejoice in people's vulnerabilities, pick on perceived weaknesses, exarcerbate people's personal tragedies until it becomes unbearable and the they intervene in a most aggressive, violent way.

dividing natives, french, english or any other cultures and thus fomenting hate is a speciality of canada's police forces.

harrassment is another technique they apply to people they deem undesirable. illegeal actions are justified when you feel being above the rest of humanity. laws are only there for the "lowly" population, right!

they feel so superior that they infect female "officers" with the same sense of supremacy.

canada is sick and it shows through police behavior, salaries, benefits, internal crimes, alcohol and substance abuse, sexual deviancies, rule of silence on physical and sexual abuse, neglect of their own children, divorce rates, broken families, spousal and family members suicide...........when are we, canadians of all levels, are going to wake up and look inside their families.

they judge all using our personal lives, so lets have a look into theirs.

they are vulgar in verbal communications but demand respect nonetheless.....what ignorance!

canada is shame, politely delivered.

shaking hands with china only proves that the present government is only looking to exploit its working force to death taxing it all the way to the grave. SHAMELESS FASCISTS ALL!!!

the police are only to eager to practice their violence within a government that exploits people to death, only to eager to engage into murder to protect what they've acquired on the back of the labor force they deem inferior but still pays their salaries through our taxes.

they love to apply psychological warfare in peacetime, but look how they behave during the war.
By anonymous at 28,Sep,12 04:03

france's police drove thousand of jewish refugies into concentration camps. central europe would kill infant without batting an eye and come back home to eat supper as if nothing.

they would align children heads on the ground so they could run them over with the wheels of the carts used to haul the little bodies to common grave. those are documented actions the local police did during the war.

canadian police are just aching to do the same to native children. thats why they have the reservations away from the general population, thousand of kilometers to the north so when the time is ripe, they will use any canadian cops, recruits and contractors to kill as many as they can. thats why the native population is so afraid, untrusting and hateful of anyone who's "white".

the past history proves them right!

they were kidnapped, raped, assimilated and ultimately killed, often interred in unmarked graves so their families would be broken, desperate and grieving for life.......and canadian authorities have the gall to blame them for their isolation and substance abuse......

our native brothers (brothers in humanity) are just waiting for the "white" policemen to attack them, canadian police shoves them already in prison for nothing.

they are but a minority in canada but they comprise a significant pourcentage of prison population, WHY???

because "white" english speaking cops are out to kill them one by one, thats why......

when canadian cops gets bored with picking "indians", they try their hands on the french "monkeys" living outside of quebec.

HATE inhabits every canadian police uniform, male or female, believe it.....because one day they will turn their automatic weapons on the unarmed population and go in a killing frenzy.......worse than any massacre american history has recorded.

canadian police is just as hateful as they want us to believe americans are. But america, as broken their system might be.....are always working at learning from their mistakes...canadians are only good for ignoring they can repeat them every 25 years or so.....and the vicious cycle continues....for ever!

i'm proud to be canadian. i'm proud to speak french.

i'm asahmed of my country's treatment of native people for if we keep ignoring their plight we will lose our brothers for ever.

if pride in my culture is part of what makes my character.

why should i judge someone's pride for their own.

the natives have been here for thousands and thousands of years!

my ancesters came down from a boat roughly 300 - 350 years ago.

i'm effectively an older "banana boat" people, or whatever....

i would like to learn cree or any other language and get to know my fellow man on his terms....maybe it would ensure more than survival but the beginning of prosperity of a legitimate culture.

a culture we owe, for humanity's sake, to preserve at all costs.

the police won't can we do??????

i'm at loss......i despair......i'm ashamed of my skintone.......

i fell alone and abandonned too.............canadian cops are loving this sense of despair in others.....thats what they provoke into people's lives.....people that doesn't speak english or speaks it with an accent......i swear....if they can't manipulate you........
they kill you emotionally, socially and ultimately, physically!


By at 21,Mar,13 22:13 Fold Up

i was with you about the first many sentences of what is nothing more than partly true propoganda in the struggle between the individual and the conglomerate. there is no doubt that these two are opposing elements that is until the individual elevates financially the the point of become it's own conglomerate. this struggle is funamentally about the haves and the have nots. and if you are rather poor like the masses we all can relate against the minority of those that have too much. and then you go on to talk of racial divides and that everyone is created equal because we are all human and divides between the sexes. this is where you lose me. not just because were are obviously of different sexes and different races but because you fail to fundamentally realize and truly understand the inherent stereotypical differences between given races and sexes. you see fundamentally while all human there are far too many variations of such which have much to do with how we all think act and feel about any given single thing. men and women think differently blacks and whites think differently about the very same things. this is sex and racial predispositions. until you grow to truly understand the dynamics at work here and attempt for a second to think in other peoples shoes from their perspective. you truly are speaking ignorance and have not a clue what you are talking about.

By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 13:44

Seriously, I have made the decision to never work for a company with one of those corporate value plaques on the wall. The last company I worked for had a huge banner mounted in the foyer that said "We will make every decision with the following in mind - "Are we doing the right thing?""
I guess the right thing to do was firing me for calling OSHA. Then lying to the DOL and saying I was fired for showing up drunk. Never happened - I don't even drink socially. I was denied on my appeal too and none of the three lawyers I had consultations with have any remedies for me. Going on 7 months with zero income except my piss poor tax refund. This sucks.
By anonymous at 25,Sep,12 04:46

canadian police forces of all levels are so bored that they're willing to provoke people to act in desperate ways to justify their violent impulses.

they seek out vulnerable and lonely people to reduce them to nothing more than a shadow of themselves.

look at how they treat the native population of canada.

canadian police "officers" are prejudiced and ignorant in life, profession also in spirituality.....for them religion is "hocus pocus" enables their egos to soar in a false sense of superiority over the population they swore to protect and serve.
By anonymous at 25,Sep,12 04:52

canada is so passive that they delegate mental health to police

they are unqualified for that

they are not even professionals, period

they are small, superficial, ignorant and dangerous

canada is nothing more than a british colony

and they are still involved in killing "indians"

canada is involved in genocide

they are cruel

they are indifferent

they are disgusting

speaking only one language, they can't even write properly

they are northern rednecks

poor canadians

patroled by ignorance and racism

bad imitation of the USA

a country they are so jealous of

ridiculous little colony

may your ignorance and spiritual depravity make you rot in hell

By Truth at 21,Jun,12 17:02

Well aren't you the little charmer! I was thinking about your job situation in case I might have some insight or helpful advice. Unfortunately I got caught up watching some kid biff on his skateboard out front, He was trying to flip his little board all over the place with his back foot and I guess he didn't see the 100 year old tree right in front of him and he plowed into it. He didn't move for about 10 seconds then he got up, threw up and shit his shorts. Then he laid back down. 10 minutes later he still wasn't up so I called the city garbage collection service to come clean him up. So, I only had like half an hour for you, but now it's down to 37 seconds so I'll just have to ask the magic 8 ball about you.

" Magic 8 ball, does KaD have a chance in hell to ever find permanent work and be respected by that employer?"

Magic 8 Ball: "Don't count on it"

"magic 8 ball, is KaD a whiny little bitch who smells bad and that's the real reason for the lack of gainful employment?"

Magic 8 Ball: " It is decidedly so" there ya go. You're welcome smelly!
By broken at 22,Jun,12 07:29

You need to write a book ... Funny bastard, you've got me in stiches

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 05:41

Well, it's rather hard to look good or smell good without money.

By anonymous at 03,Oct,12 18:05

Yes it sucks. But it's the human resources shell game. "There are no 'qualified' applicants. That's why we need to outsource to India/hire illegals/etc etc" TA DA!!!

By Juliane at 26,Jul,18 15:40

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