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Posted by whatthehell at June 12, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Loneliness

Fell in love in high school. Rejected and told "You'll meet someone and be happy." Over the next 14 years, I have three or four relationships that last no more than 6 months each. Finally I meet someone at 32, to whom I get married. 2 years in she rejects me, threatens violence and kicks me out. Divorce.

Now I'm 37, I haven't had sex in two years. I can't talk to my family and haven't seen them in 3 years. I have no friends. Money is very tight.

I'm not sure what to do now. I trusted 20 years ago that when people told me "you'll meet someone and be happy", they were telling the truth. But it's really a big lie. I've been nothing but miserable for as long as I can remember, except for the two years that I was married. Now I can't stop thinking about my failed marriage and I don't really want to do the next 20 years. I think I might throw in the towel.


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By at 21,Jun,12 10:03

Totally agreed. The saying : "You'll meet someone and be happy" is not true at all. I used to think that was true but now i realize that is something my parents are saying to me just to comfort me. I know now that I will be forever alone. And since 2003 haven't even been with a girl. No dates no relationships no nothing.
By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 11:11

I think when people say that they want to sound like they are being kind but really they are dismissing you because they don't want to be involved in your problems, this is coming from someone who has heard it many times before.

By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 12:21

My aunt got divorced when she was 36 and now she's happily married at 50. Don't give up.

By at 21,Jun,12 15:08

Good day reborn virgin, Mite I suggest becoming queer? It sounds like you might enjoy a little midget giving you some love rite in your brown trout cave. Good luck to you bloke. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 02,Nov,12 18:31

Why don't you take you're faggot european ass out of here.

By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 15:57

Don't give up friend- there is no greater pain then the pain of loneliness- but there is a God who loves you, who grieves when you grieve, who hurts when you hurt and who wants to offer you a future and a hope. He sees you, He hears you and He wants you to enter into a relationship with Him. Please know that you are not alone. Praying for you my friend.

By Truth at 21,Jun,12 16:10

I think you're right. Throw in the towel! It's pretty clear that you're a big ugger and the problem is your ex was a stoner for a couple years and then one day decided to sober up.At rehab they were going around in the circle talking about things in their life, and then she was talking about you and how sometimes it seemed kind of hazy, but you mostly smeleld like an old open can of campbells chicken soup. Then, she took a picture out of her purse to show everyone and they were all like " HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! IS THAT A WAR WOUND ON HIS HEAD???" and then she saw for the first time what you looked like, and then for the next 28 days they all referred to you are warty mcstinkpits, and she came home and broke it off with you, and for deceiving her about your looks while she was drunk all the time.

So, yeah...throw in the towel, Warty!
By Cursed at 21,Jun,12 16:20

You're back. How nice.
By at 21,Jun,12 16:36

Sweet baby Jesus!!!!!!!!!! truth? GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By Douche time at 23,Jun,12 09:49 Fold Up

U still need it.
By When? at 29,Jun,12 21:41 Fold Up

Summer Eve please.
By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 22:03 Fold Up

wow you are back!!!!!!!!!!!
By anonymous at 08,Jan,13 09:32 Fold Up

I look forward to your comments
Do you have a favorite hangout on this site?
By anonymous at 31,Aug,14 02:54 Fold Up

You are a ugly person "by truth". If you can't be supportive and kind stick your fingers in your eyes and OFF the keyboard!!!

By Wino joe at 21,Jun,12 20:21

Just think of your ex taking it up the ass and begging the fat cocked guy for more as he sphincter stretches her to orgasm.

By anonymous at 21,Jun,12 22:14

Give up hope, throw in the towel, there's no future for you.

By Wino joe at 22,Jun,12 01:22

Alright, might I suggest you go to your bathroom and look in the mirror. Attraction is the first and foremost to meeting someone. If you look like a drunken billy goat with rotten teeth, it makes it hard for a female to get to know you for who you are inside you fat assed reject from a liposuction table. Take a shower and do something about that sour shitcaked asshole of yours. Maybe if you did some sit ups that would help, girls don't appreciate someone who has to tote their beer gut around in a would help to get some dental work done, not everyone likes the guy who can floss with a rope. You have been alone for a reason, deep inside you know what that is, now do something about it

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 02:46

Look at the core problem as to why you wife left out..there just has to be something bigger...I recommend you reading John Gottman's book


By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 20:08

Forget girls and women. Most of them suck. Theyre cruel heartless vain unfriendly selfish moneycentered amoral assholes. God forgot to give them a heart so the Devil rules over them and the Devil rules this cursed broken fucked up world of ours. Evil scum describes most girls and women. Read my post Im condemned to endless loneliness and I write throughout much of this website. Unfortunately there are alot of cruel evil assholes on this website who are harassing me and other hurting people. These people are horribly evil. Why does God allow these nasty assholes to exist? Because of free will? That is insane immoral cruel and stupid to allow all the evils cruelties and horrors in the world because of free will. Free will has ruined and fucked up human nature and has ruined and fucked up this world. Enough with free will. Free will my ass. The world is a fucking nightmare and a fucking horror movie because of free will. And we dont have total free will. Nature and nurture also dictates and determines our behavioir and our personalities. And how much free will is there in natural cruelties and natural fuckups such as cancer ebola malaria tooth decay hookworms tapeworms centipedes physical ugliness mental deficiency and hurricanes and tsunamis? Whose free will is responsible for these cruelties and fuckups of nature? Satans? A demons free will? If so is it rational and sane for God to allow these evil entities to ruin His creation? Is it loving and moral for God to allow this? The answer is no. This God seems to be mentally and morally different from any rational sane and morally decent person. An eldritch abomination describes such a God. A Hitler like mentality and morality. A Stalin like mentality and morality. Its an irrational and immoral God. Or maybe amoral is the word. Amoral blind and cruel like nature itself. Fuck girls and women. I hate

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 20:18

I continue. The fucking computer cut me off. As I was saying I hate girls and women. Theyre evil scum. I hate people in general. Misogynistic misanthropic and pessimistic describes me. This world is a sick cruel fucked joke. Girls and women are a JOKE to me. They have no hearts no morals and no conscience. Thats one big reason why thousands of lonely guys exist all over the world.Your evil heartless amoral sluts ladies. Fuck all of you sluts. I dont care about any of you. I hate all of you. Fuck all of you.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 17:15

And my final comment to all of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 13,Feb,13 01:02

Who said that life is easy? Don't give up!!! Philipians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me."
I have survived two failed marriages, and I am in a relationship that is failing now, but yet I can't give up. My first husband became a drunk the last 3 years of our marriage. We were married for 10 years. He couldn't keep a job, and ended up being a stay at home Dad for our two children. Wow!!! He was drunk, cheating, and spending my hard earned $$$. He was suppose to be watching our children, yes they were left home alone at an early age. He became verbally and physically abusive to me and latter to the children. When I saw physical & emotional marks left on our children, I filed for divorce. No man, now matter what he looks like, not even how good he is in the bedroom is worth living like that!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn't have to live in a marriage that is verbally abusive or physically abusive even if it is the woman dishing out the garbage. So please forget her... yes, I understand that maybe their was some good times, and sweet moments of lovemaking, but don't focus on all that. You need to see her (your ex-wife) for what she is, and move on, forget her... Maybe that is what is holding you back from your future. Don't give in, don't give up, give everything to our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. If you are not saved, please pray about it. Find a good Christian Church where they believe in the King James Bible, and preach it. It is o.k. to read other versions of the Bible, but stay focused. Don't lose sight to what is good in this world. GOD LOVES YOU!!! YOU ARE SPECIAL TO HIM!!!!!! YOU ARE SPECIAL!!! Be happy in the small things in life, don't worry about the big things. JESUS CHRIST will take care of it for you. No, you won't probably win the lottery or anything (Lol), but He will meet your needs. GOD is good all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Please don't listen to all some of these other people on this web-site. Sounds like they aren't real compassionate people, and they aren't living in the real world... Oh yes, my second husband was leading an entire double life, and hid it very well at that. I would have never guessed. He is in jail over his decisions and choices, I am the one who turned him in for bad things he did to other people. I am currently engaged at the moment, but I see red flags starting to pop up all over the place. I have to stay focused... I really love him, but he is starting to act just like my over controlling ex-husbands. The verbal abuse is starting all over again, and physical abuse as well... time for me to go. I have already been down this road... and I don't wish to go there again. I know my way quite well... Anyway, I am not giving up!!! I know that GOD has the perfect person for me!!! I just have to wait on the LORD!!!!! : ) Please stay busy. Keep active... volunteer... At a library, hospital, dog & cat rescue places, and etc. Don't go bar hopping... you might get laid, but you will meet the wrong kind of woman. Sorry for my bluntness. Oh, yes, lots of Churches have single groups or groups for divorcees, bible study, and etc. Just stay busy, if you are so lonely. Please don't think about yourself, think about others less fortunate. Don't keep thinking on the past, let it go, you can't change anything right? It's done and over with... look toward your future!!! : ) Don't waste precious time being a prisoner from your past. Oh, another suggestion... get fit... I am not saying that you might be physically unfit, but swimming, cycling, hiking, walking, jogging, weitht lifting are all ways to stay fit and lean. They also are great stress busters... ha, ha, had when you first start out, you are so tired, you won't be thinking of all of your problems. I should know... been there... done that. Oh yes, it also curbs your sex drive, go figure!!! You won't be thinking about your lack up, or slack of sex. You will be focusing on the fact that "WOW!!! I look great!!!!!" Exercise also released endorphins, the natural, happy drug. I hope this all helps you, or somebody else too. Stay sweet... Stay blessed... I will be praying for you... GOD knows who you are... GOD Bless You Always!!! Love, A Sister In Christ

By anonymous at 08,Mar,14 12:24

It not about finding your soulmate/ or anything/ You need purpose help someone who is hurting like you/ Pray can work miracles/ Pray for your purpose and everything will fall into place
By anonymous at 31,Aug,14 02:59

Best advice Iv'e heard and seen all month. YEAH!

By Nikki at 24,May,16 19:16

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