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Don't know why I go on...

Posted by anonymous at June 14, 2012
Tags: Health  2012 June

I am 57 years old, I have E.D., low T, bad eyes, losing my hearing, high blood pressure, I have no friends, no hobbies to speak of, I am developing pain in my testicles, my left hip hurts so bad, I cannot lie in bed too long. I have sleep apnea, and carpal tunnel in both wrists.
My wife is a cancer survivor, and I was her caregiver. This led to no sex whatsoever for more than 4 years, and the last year, we have attempted intercourse about 10 times, during which I was unable to climax at least 7 of the 10. Sex has never been important to her, and has hardly ever touched me. I feel like I have been cheated out of a love life. This leaves me drinking beer every night because I am hurt, alone, feeling very unloved and just dazed. I have been on anti-depressants, but they make me worse, or totally kill any sexual ability I have left, or I get to the point where I don't care about anything, so I spend money that I don't have. I see no joy in life at all....just pain.


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By Cursed at 22,Jun,12 15:46

Dear friend-
As far as your ED is concerned, have you ever tried using Viagra, Cialis, or any other enhancement drugs? They do work. Also, have you been to see the doctor lately? The pain in your testicles might be a result of an enlarged prostate- so you should definitely get that checked out- soon. The hip may be a more complicated issue- and surgery is usually the only option to remedy that situation. Again- have it checked out. Sleep apnea, is tricky, do you wear a O2 mask at night? The carpel tunnel, well, I have it too- and I purchased a pair of braces on-line. They are actually pretty comfortable and I wear them at night. They keep my hands from drooping which cuts the circulation off- which is why you wake up with numbness and pain in the morning. Try the braces- you'll notice a difference within a week. But for the most part- all your health problems are part of the aging process. I know some of them are more severe, but honey, we are getting older and our bodies are just not functioning like they used to. It is very depressing, but again, you are not alone. I am very impressed that you stayed with your wife and cared for her- You are a good-man Charlie Brown. Don't lose hope, better things are sure to come your way.
By Fish market at 22,Jun,12 20:03

I smell fish.
By Cursed at 23,Jun,12 00:03

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder where these trolls parents are? Don't they monitor their balding perves who still live at home? Seriously, you came out of a smelly vagina? So how is your mother's vagina and my vagina any different? Time to go to bed now- it's way past your bedtime...
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 19:21

And you want me to answer that question for you...really. Your pussy way different than any female at the most, my mom doesn't have herpes. There's your answer, please don't get offended, you asked the question now bah ha ha ha.
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 21:17

So you're saying I am a lowlier human being than yourself because I have an STD? Are you judging me? Telling me that I am lesser than a healthy person- who's say. "VIRGINAL"? Are you really one of those "bible thumpers?" Right wingers? By jesus christ- I think I found one: This here one is a hick-
By anonymous at 29,Jun,12 12:38

Don't feed the trolls, Cursed! They're just jealous of you.
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 20:20

Cursed how old are you? (serious question) and wheres your posting?

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 22:11

Well Damn, you're just fucked up all way around. You're an old bastard that needs a see and eye dog, hearing aids, and possibly a walk cane. There's a place for people like you and it's where you go when people wait to die and feed you nasty jello.

By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 00:59

First of all, much respect for being a dutiful caregiver to your wife. Second I would talk to your doctor about ED if you haven't already. I understand medicine is better these days regarding male problems. Stay strong, mate!

By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 08:46

Omg. Lol! You are no use if u can't get your dick up. I would rather b dead then no shoot my load or b able to orasm. Sounds like u might b gay. Try boning a man. Maybe that will get u hard. Try heroin if that doesn't work.

By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 03:43

Go to peaceful pill handbook dot com and see about ordering a helium hood aka exit bag. seems to be a great way to do it, you just lose consciousness very fast and then drift away. off yourself peacefully, just assemble it, crinkle the bag up on top of your head so there is no air in it, open the tank and exhale then pull the hood down over your head and take a deep breath in, you will pass out almost instantly and never wake up.
may you find peace
By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 20:41

Fuck you asshole for suggesting such a thing. BTW-it is NOT so peaceful for some who try this. You go through a reflexive state of panic during the process-so this guys wife, kids, neighbors-whoever it is-can traumatically find the poor twisted in the agony of his last moments-yeah--great and what a peaceful idea...not.

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