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The dark side of life

Posted by slowly unbecoming at June 14, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Philosophical

What am I? Who am I? WHY am I?

I have no idea. Why am I the way I am? There's so much to say, I don't know where to even begin. I never was good at socialising with other people, never. I can be very fluent and I can be funny, but there's something that always creeps up from inside me and stops me in my tracks - and then I can't talk anymore. That something is disgust - not with others, but myself. I hate myself, I am absolutely disgusted with myself. Ever since I was little I have been good at many things. I learnt how to read when I was 3, write when I was 4 and speak English when I was 6 (it isn't my 1st language). I beat the local chess champion of our community who at the time was 32 and I was only 8. My mom's always thought that I am some sort of genius or something, because I always pick up everything so quickly. This, in itself could be great and I would have a reason to take pride in it, BUT...there's another, much darker side to me. I committed my 1st theft when I was friggin 4 years old. I stole my grandmo's welfare, which was paid in full every 4th of the following month and I knew exactly where it was being kept. Soon after that, I stole from my mother, it kind of became like an addiction. The candy and other sweets I could buy for the money was only a part of it, everytime I snatched some money there was like an electric jolt running through me, I remember the sensation clear as day, I got beat every time I stole money, but it didn't matter to me. Soon after it was school time, all the thefts kind of stagnated for a while. But only for a little while. I figured out how to find out what the PIN number of my mom's and dad's credit card was and it was deja vu all over again, this time, bigger amounts.

The material damage I've caused, however, is just the beginning and it's insignificant next to my biggest sin, which seems to me like an everlasting mark on my forehead. I am a liar, through and through. It's like a second nature for me to lie about something. Again, there are meaningless lies I've told, like we all have, but there are the lies that are eating what little is left of my soul. I don't have friends, there's 1 girl I know and to whom I talk to from time to time. I don't know if she is a friend, be it am I a friend for her or just some guy she knows back from high school days. I think it's the latter, I don't even have to think, I know so. How can I ever call her something that even remotely is linked to the meaning "friend"? She doesn't know me at all, all she knows about me is just another LIE. Lies here, lies there, lies evey f... where. She thinks I have other friends, because I have led her to believe so as with eveything about myself. I maybe have told the truth once for every 10 lies in my life and even then it's not 100% correct, there is always room for exaggerations just to make myself seem better in any given way. It's PATHETIC!!!! I'm always acting as if I believe in my own B***S***. I have acted as if I'm talking to somebody on the phone near her, or back in school days during some events just to make it look like I have a life and as if it was actually worth something, but the reality is that I'm just talking to my alter ego, who in return is laughing his A off in my mind about what a loser I am. Whenever I pretend success, there's failure. Whenever I pretend to tell the truth, there are LIES. My whole life is a joke, it's a lie, everything.

Now I'm 21 and I am completely messed up. I have debts, I have a job which I can't be bothered to attend to. Making up different lies to tell to my mom and to my boss about why I can't work at any given day. There is just 1 thing that has changed about me. I'm no longer a thief. Given it has taken me (4-20) 16-17 years to accomplish, how long more will it take for me to slowly start looking like a human being??

I'm not big on the concepts of nihilism, but when I think about my life, again and again I find myself in front of 3 doors. 1st, to continue living the way I do, make my whole me just another fantasy. 2nd, through some miracle, make a confession, to everybody, especially to that 1 girl, which in turn means I will have start anew, from page 1, somewhere far from where I am now, because my own mother wouldn't want to know me if she ever found out, let alone that girl. And the 3rd option is the simplest of them all, end this miserable existence and commit suicide.

So what do I do? As I said I don't believe in nihilism. Were I to commit suicide it would have to be due to the fact that I have no purpose. I would like to believe that it was true, it would all seem so logical to me then, that I was just a mis calculation by God. (I do not believe in God as in the Bible or any other religion, I do believe in a higher power that has created this existence, I only refer to that power as God) But I don't think I'm without a purpose. And if my life's purpose was to end, then it will, sooner or later, but in the meantime there has to be something else. I don't think I'm given these great skills of lying and creating illusions to seek employment in a telemarketing company. So what is it then, so far I've been doing nothing but chasing my own tail to no end. I don't feel that I'm quite ready to die yet, but if I feel that way, then there has to be a reason for it. How come I don't know what it is, yet I know there is something.

What am I then?


New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 17:06

Here's to truth. The Truth is, you are lowlife piece of shit troll who should not be on this website. Grow up. The Devil must have taken a shit, and out you plopped. As for hate, your puny mind couldn't imagine the hate I have for scum such as you. EVIL SCUM is what you are. Use birth control. One of you in the world is horrible enough. I don't care anything about you, but you have no right to harass and insult people on this website. This website is for hurting and troubled people, NOT for cruel degenerates who write hateful, nasty, idiotic comments. What your doing is cruel and evil. Get off the website and keep off.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 18:56

actually, I think truth is pretty funny. Obviously no one takes him/her seriously, but I've about peed my panties on some of the more inspired rants.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 21:01

If you think that degenerate is funny is funny then you are a sad case who can't tell the difference between what is funny and what is cruel and offensive.Its NOT funny at all. You are encouraging cruelty and stupidity to exist. These are evil people who enjoy and gloat over the suffering and misfortunes of others. That's SICK. THATS CRUEL. THATS HORRIBLE THATS IMMORAL AND THATS PURE EVIL. And these evil people have the audacity to write hateful insults to already hurting people. Does it get any lower than this? This is Devilish and Satanic. There really is no hope for humanity and your another example why. This is another example of the Devil ruling this screwed up world.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 21:19

By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 21:22 Fold Up

Best part of this thread is that truth messed up your day so bad LOL!
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 23:25

He didn't mess up my day you stupid spas because I don't care an iota what cruel stupid people such as "truth" say and I don't care about you. You are EVIL SCUM just as he is. Why don't you go kiss his degenerates deserve eachother. Maybe you should start Assholes Anonymous. I don't care what you dirtbags do. Just get off the website and keep off. You don't belong on this website. Your just rude insolent immature nasty rude cruel and stupid trolls who have nothing else to do with your worthless lives except to write hateful cruel and insulting comments to already hurting people. Its disgraceful. You can laugh all you want and you can write your nasty stupid comments all you want. I don't give a fuck. You degenerate scumbags are another example that there's no hope for humanity.
By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 00:49

and there yo go, frothing at the mouth. Beautiful! and predictable! You absolutely DO give a fuck. This has ruined your day! Nice!
By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 02:16

I repeat myself to annoy YOU asshole. And I'm going to keep repeating myself. I want to ruin your day. So keep up with the stupid comments shitbrain. Frothing at the mouth. My. What vocabulary. An asshole who knows how to type. Learn how to flush yourself down the toilet you maggot infested piece of shit.and fuck you.
By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 00:54 Fold Up

yeah, you do care. It blew your day outta the water! That's funny!
By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 01:54

Up your ass
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 18:54

Up YOUR fat ass, you dick!!!!!
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 21:09

Shove your dick up your ass you fucktard. And FUCK YOU. Piece of shit troll. YOU FUCKING DEGENERATE ASSHOLE.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 23:44 Fold Up

By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 18:46

Truth is funny. Mercy sucks duck. Cursed is a fucking dirty whore
By Cursed at 27,Jun,12 20:05

A. You're twelve
B. You're sitting in front of your computer popping a huge, fat, pustule on your ass as you obsess on LS.
C. Or, you're a turd that just can't be flushed?
By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 18:46 Fold Up

Both Truth and Mercy are lowlife degenerates who belong in THE LOWEST DEPTHS OF A SEWER. Truth and Mercy assfuck eachother. Human toilet describes these two.

By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 01:51

By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 08:31


By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 03:46

'People listen up and trolls listen up. This is gone out of hand all this hating cursing and insulting. I'm just looking for love friendship and support but these nasty trolls are forcing me to hate and I don't want to hate. All this back and forth hating cursing and insults are unhealthy and its just what the Devil strives for. We have to forgive eachother and love eachother; despite our differences. Otherwise we're just doing the Devil's bidding. I'm willing to forgive these nasty people including truth for their curses and insults. I would hope they forgive me for my insults and curses. I came to make friends on this website. I didn't come to make enemies.This website should be for support and not as a warzone which it has become. If you can't love eachother then at least peacefully exist with eachother.I can't change human nature and I can't make people kind and loving. Its up to God to do this but he's so adamant with us having free will that he has chosen to allow us to remain in our fallenness sinfulness cruelty and depravity. This God has no reasoning and continues to allow evil and suffering. Its embarrassing. Free will does not justify thousands of years of human evil and suffering. People need to learn how to be kind. This God isn't going to help us change or improve. So I hope you all learned something. We need a kinder world than this.
By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 12:49

Fuck your mom in the ass.


The Devil
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 08:32

fuck you degenerate troll. go fuck your mother's mouth you cock-sucking, ass-munching faggit.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 01:39

Enough! Enough! Repent for your evil ways and thoughts toward God, who is your creator and He created you with love and perfection. Now the serpent, devil, Satan came and deceived you, having y'all hate someone who you really never got the chance to know for ourselves. Satan and his demons has lied to all God's creation because he hates God and you because you are made in the image of God. Now take time to learn God before you curse He, He loves you so much! He loves you so much that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus) and He is waiting for you before it's to late. Now let's not make a mistake of understanding what happens to you if you committ suicide, you will regret this for eternity. You will burn with everlasting fire. So with that in mind what you are going threw on this earth is temporary but you can make your bed and lie down into eternal damnation. "Darkside" this confession can lead you to the "SonSide" and Jesus will help you through all of what you are going threw. Not to say that everyday will smell like roses because the prince of this world "Satan" is on a rampage and really really hates mankind and want to turn use against the only one that can save, love, and help us! Do not give up give God a try for yourself because a spirit has been talking to you everyday and making you believe a lie, even on this website. Fall to your knees and confess to Jesus because He loves you no matter what you have done and forgive everyone including yourself so that your sins will be forgiving. Come guys embrace and accept LOVE "Jesus" because He truly love you! Now you know the truth make your choice.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 02:34

By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 05:24

I'd like to kill you. Go fuck YOUR MOM; you fucktard. You just keep the fuck away and if you touch or hurt my family I will fucking bury you 60 feet under. FUCK OFF DIRTBAG.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 04:50 Fold Up

Execuse me sir. I don't hate God and I don't mean to offend you. I'm a Christian as you are and I'm as anti-Devil as you are. Sure I'm a sinner but I strive to be a morally good person. At least I try. I don't pretend to be morally perfect but my goal is to be as morally good as I can. Its hard to do that when1) there is inherent sin and evil in me and 2) when there is so much evil and degeneracy around me as you can plainly see with these degenerate trolls on this website.Not only does human evil abound but there is also alot of natural evil or should we say the Devilish side of nature with such horrors such as cancer; malaria;Ebola hookworms hurricanes tsunamis mass starvation. Is it a sin for you sir; if I complain to God about these horrible things and horrible people in the world? This is righteous anger and indignation. You can see for yourself the depths of evil cruelty degeneracy depravity vileness and stupidity on this website alone. If God was really all the wonderful things that they say he is then how could the world possibly be this bottomless cesspool of evil and sack of crap. How could the world be like an endless horror movie; sir. This website alone is a horror with its trolls and there;s a very sick degenerate guy harrassing me who calls himself Devil and who writes vile stupid things. And these degenerate trolls have unleashed the hate and anger and evil in me. I tried to be friendly and polite but its impossible with these evil degenerate scumbags. My personal opinion is that God has some kind of deficiency. Is that what's bothering you? I'm sorry but I have an intellect and I have reasoning power and this is the inescapable conclusion. God bungled with this experiment with free will; Satan; and Adam and eve.Just look at the miserable condition of the world in general and look at this miserable disgusting website. Its a travesty to put it lightly. If God is stronger and smarter than the Devil you call Satan then how could this war between God and Satan still be raging today; eons later? Are God and Satan still trading punches with eachother; eons later? Something is not right with this picture. Something is wrong something is amiss with this God. Thousands to millions of years of evil sin suffering death disasters and extinctions. What does that say about God who either allows this crap or who is unable to help or unable to heal? There's some kind of deficiency or limitation in God and he has chosen to keep silent and secret about it. Evil wins when God allows it. The Devil wins when God allows it. God has allowed the Devil to rule this world. Why does it seem like at least to me that God is losing and the Devil is winning this endless war? Just look at these degenerate trolls on this website; if you can stomach it. Look at this insane degenerate who calls himself Devil. It feels like being on the set of The Exorcist movies and The Rite. Its like reading the book"Hostage to the Devil" by author Malachi Martin. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these trolls are demonically obsessed. The idiot degenerate who calls himself the Devil on this website maybe demonically obsessed. And the next step to demonic obsession is demonic possession. Sir; I appreciate your concern about my soul. I have fears of hell. This earthly life is a hell. I believe I'm already in hell. My life is endless loneliness as I can't get a girlfriend and there's not an iota of a chance of getting one. I ask; in this quagmire of evil that's all around us; where is God? How long is God going to allow this? This crap may continue forever. Human beings are evil without any Devil. Just look at the evil on this website. There is no hope for humanity. Anyway thanks for writing. Your one of the few good people in this mostly evil website. As you can see the trolls have taken over.
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 20:30

No they haven't- the trolls, that is, they have not taken over. They are just kids, really. Abused kids. I mean do I need to state the (cough) obvious and say that they are definitely messed up! 100%! Amen. But, the fact of the matter is that they are the ones that need the most help. Seriously? Your that much of a loser that you have to bully people on a depression website? I mean that is demented. But in reality they like everyone of us in this world- crave attention. And if you get it by being an asshole- well: "TAH DAH!" there you have it-
And I lament with you in that fact, that their poor souls maybe just aren't worth saving...alas...
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 21:46

Heres to cursed. You are the asshole. If you would bother reading more carefully and if you were more intelligent; I am the one who is being bullied and harraased by these degenerate dirtbags. I tried to be friendly and polite but that's impossible to do with such evil scum. I'm just defending myself. And in case you didn't notice Miss Not Very Bright and Not very nice I am actually defending others who are being bullied by these vile degenerate dirtbags. Execuse me. DON'T confuse me of being a bully and an asshole. Your either not reading carefully or your not reading everything or your just not smart enough. Or maybe you too have become one of these trolls. Maybe you have changed; for the worse.And these are not just kids. These are horribly evil people and you cannot reason with them. I thought you were one of the few good people on this cursed website. Well I guess I was wrong. You want to insult me go ahead. I don't give a fat ass what you do. I came on this website for friendship and moral support but instead I found cruelty depravity degeneracy and stupidity and your nasty comment is just the latest. Try reading the entire website more carefully. These trolls have RUINED this entire website; you MORON. And they have unleashed the hate in me. I'm not the bad guy here. Do you need glasses? I see so much evil and cruelty all around me that I'm a misanthrope; misogynist and pessimist. Just look at this disgusting website. This truly proves there is no hope for this fucking human race. I hate people and every day and every year that goes by the hatred continues and increases. And it proves the Devil rules this fucked up world including this degenerate troll infested website. Smarten up before you write.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 03:42

Let me continue miss cursed. I know what depression is a lot more than you do and I'be been suffering on a daily basis from it since age 15. That's 28 plus years going on 29 years. Why do you think I came on here for? To bully people? Is that what you think my goal is? That's just disgusting for you to say that. Your dead wrong in what you wrote and you have very much misunderstood me. I came to this website to share my own personal experiences with depression and loneliness and to have moral support and to listen to others experience and provide them with moral support but look what happened along the way. I discovered nasty horrible scumbags and they have been targeting me throughout this philosophy category and throughout the loneliness category. One of these calls himself Devil and Satan and Deadmomfuck and they are posting offensives rot. It is only to these horrible evil people whom I insult and curse at. Don't I have the right to defend myself? And I'm not just defending myself but I have gone out of my way to defend other people; hurting people on this website from these trolls. And I'm the bully to you? I'm the asshole to you; huh? I stood up to defend total strangers who I don't know in the name of justice and what thanks do I get? I get more trolls attacking me. I put myself in the line of fire and you call me bully loser and asshole. Your either very confused or your very stupid and misguided. Just read the entire website and you will see that I am the main target of these evil people or trolls. I have a right to defend myself. I made another huge mistake in my life by writing for this website.Thanks for being so understanding and yes I'm being sarcastic. These degenerate dirtbags have ruined this website and they have ruined it for me. They thrive and gloat at the suffering and misfortunes of others. If this isn't the work of the Devil; then what is? For years Ive taken abuse and shit from people. So when you see me make a nasty comment on this website ask yourself why. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Wake up. The trolls are all over and they have targeted me as their main target. The cancer is spreading.
By Cursed at 25,Jun,12 11:47

Dear friend-
They (the trolls) can only irritate you if you let them. Let it go- and be the bigger person... This is merely a website/blog- nothing more. Don't let their (the trolls) hate consume you.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 23:03

Miss Cursed you are smart and understanding after all and a good person. If you look on another thread you will see that I actually tried to make up with these trolls and called for a truce. What was the response? Some person who calls himself Devil Satan and Deadmomfuck writing horrificly offensives filth and making physical threats to my mother. Read it. What do I do? Pray for him? As you can see on this website my religious faith is a weak one. I'm guilty of being rude and nasty like these trolls but this is pure defense. I'm just defending myself. I want to reach out in love and friendship but people don't give me the chance. Anyway maybe they are troubled kids as you say who need help and not the evil scum which I point out. I don't know. I don't know which one of us is right. I'm willing to forgive them. I will no longer insult and curse them. All. I can do is to tell them I feel sorry for them and believe it or not; despite the hateful insults I wrote to them I love them. My love is greater than my hate. I'm one of the most loving and affectionate people. The opposites of love and hate and good and evil exists in me. Yes the side of me that hates and the side that loves are struggling with eachother and my good and evil sides struggle with eachother and I try to have love as stronger than the hate and I try to have the good as stronger than the evil. Its not easy to do. I would also like to mention something else that's disturbing me on this website besides the trolls. Before I get cut off; let me sign off and continue to read below.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 01:49

As I was saying some fundamentalist preacher on this very thread we are on now is telling me I'm going to hell. I believe that when I wrote that God is a failure is deficient and makes mistakes this to him is a greivous sin. I see it as righteous anger and indignation at a cruel evil world.I'm not trying to be offensive. Its because I'm a morally sensitive person who is angered and outraged at evil and suffering the reason I complain. Why doesn't this preacher understand that? If God doesn't want me or anyone else to complain to him then he either should not have given us reasoning ability and intellect or he should start being responsible and take better care of his creatures. This God continues to allow evil and suffering or is unable to prevent it. So we are to just shut up and accept our fates. This is not fair. And as evil and as sinful as people are I don't accept that the majority of them deserve to be forever roasted like charcoals in an eternal chamber called hell. And I don't deserve hell as sinful and as evil as I am. There are more merciful and humane more intelligent and constructive and more rational and sane ways to punish human sin than this. The Christian concept of hell is monstrous inhuman cruelty horrific beyond imagining. This preacher means well but he has increased my fear and mental torment. Sooner or later I may end up in a mental hospital. What a scary frightening God we are worshipping. If these fundamentalists are right then we should all be living in fear and we should all be losing sleep because an eternal torture chamber awaits most of us after death. Ouch ouch someone help me retain my sanity. Its like being in a horror movie. Severe depression intense loneliness mental torment and horrific nightmares are my life. Thanks for listening. I love you. I don't know what to do. I live in fear.
By pretty woman at 26,Jun,12 08:34 Fold Up

By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 15:58

Pretty woman why don't you suck on this other degenerates dick. And really no one gives a piss about you. Your just a lowllife degenerate troll who isn't worth toilet paper. Your awfully brave behind your computer. What if I was right there next to you? Would you continue with your idiotic comments? My one fingernail is worth more than your whole stupid body. In fact miss cunt; a pile of shit is worth more than you. You have NO WORTH AT ALL. Not even as fertilizer. And its YOU FUCKING DEGENERATE TROLLS WHO SHOULD DIE. You should take your own advice. Utter waste of humanity and waste of a human life is what you are. God forgot to give you a heart. Your just a worthless heartless nasty bored little kid who has nothing to do with their worthless life except to write nasty stupid retarded comments. And your an EVIL degenerate scumbags. I don't know what pleasure you sick motherfuckers get from watching others suffer. I don't know what your problem is and I DON'T CARE. So take your little kiddie makeup kit and shove it up your ass. and FUCK YOU!!!!
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 10:52 Fold Up

yawn. go write a stupid book about your idiocy moron. nobody really gives two shits about you. or better yet do yourself in. you're not that important and will never be, loser dumbfuck. you're an old man, a stinky, greasy, old insignificant man. hahahaha
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 16:14

You must be the same asshole who calls themself pretty woman. For you my writing is idiocy but maybe you are just too stupid to understand it. I'm NOT here to please you motherfucker. I don't give a micro-shit what you think of me. You're not worth a flake of skin and your not worth a speck of dandruff from my scalp. YOUR NOT WORTH ANYTHING. Your the biggest nothing since the zero was invented. And take your own stupid advice and do YOURSELF IN. Fewer assholes in the world. Your just a nasty bored little kid. Go suck on a baby bottle because you obviously haven't grown up yet. You fucking trolls are an advertisement for birth control. FUCK OFF kid.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 23:28

I would like to talk with Miss Cursed. Do you see how evil these people are? You know I'm trying to be nice but that's IMPOSSIBLE for me to do with such a horrible degenerate as Pretty Woman. This scumbag has been targeting me in the Life Sucks/Loneliness category and now on this very philosophy thread. Just read the two despicable comments above. Is Pretty Woman and the anonymous dirtbag below her the same person or are they two different degenerates? I don't give a drop of piss about either of them. I don't care anything about them. These are horribly evil people and the worst kind of trolls. I cannot be kind to them. Maybe some of these trolls are troubled kids that need help and I can forgive them but this scumbag called Pretty Woman is PURE UNREDEEMABLE EVIL. There's not an iota of goodness in this person. This person is worse than just worthless. This is a human CANCER. You cannot reason with such rot as Pretty Woman. This cruel degenerate thrives on the suffering and misfortune of others? Does it get any lower than this?And such scum as Pretty Woman is an example why I hate people in general and why I hate girls and women in general. Just look at the evil and cruelty of these trolls. Its sickening and nauseating. Why do you think I curse; insult; and hate so much? Its because I'm surrounded AND I'm being targeted by evil degenerate trolls such as Pretty Woman. And to the fundamentalist preacher; if your reading this; this is the sad; tragic disgusting; and disgraceful end result of God giving us free will. Just look at what this free will has done. The world is a horror movie and the Devil is directing it. Yes free will is good to have so were not robots; but come on; it doesn't justify all this evil and cruelty and horror in the world. Not in my book. Just look at the evil in this disgusting website with these trolls. Look at the anger; hate; and evil they have brought out in me. All because of free will. Free will my ass. Take back this free will. I don't want it. It has ruined the world. To trash and ruin the entire creation for free will is insanity. And allowing thousands to millions of years of evil sin suffering and death is insanity. And allowing such evil rot as Pretty Woman to walk free and to write horrible things on the Internet is insanity. Yes I know God's ways are unknowable so all manner of evil has to be allowed and all manner of suffering has to be allowed. And this God has chosen to keep silent and secret and refuses to communicate to us why the world is the horrible place it is. We are still in looneyville. This God is too remote aloof disconnected. I hate people. Everyday and every year that goes by the hatred continues and increases. There are only a few people I like. I like a few of the people on this website who have supported me such as miss Cursed and Maria. If the world wasn't fucked up by free will and evil ; I could then love everybody. Peace.
By Cursed at 27,Jun,12 01:20

Honey- I'll tell you all about god. Here is my email: Jenny is my name- Ladybug is my St. bernard. Pretty normal, promise I wont sell your email address to the corporations-
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 18:57

Cursed you are a total cunt. Ur so desperate for friends you give out ur email. Hope u die
By Cursed at 27,Jun,12 20:10

You just wish you could be my friend.
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 22:28

Dear miss cursed I would love to be your friend. And don't listen to the cruel person above. This is still the depressed lonely guy speaking who is disappointed with God. This negligent God won't even or can't even help me get a girlfriend. And I'm sure its because of Adam and eves sin I have to be punished like this. This is the stupidity and insanity taught by our religion. And also cruel and unjust. Yea what a loving merciful God this is(sarcasm) who cursed and punished the entire creation for Adam and eves sin. The world was set up to be screwed in this manner. Its disgusting. Anyway I suggest that you not give out your real name and your real address. Its far too dangerous. If there was a way we could meet in person that would be wonderful. I just want to hug and hold you. Love and affection is what I want and need but most girls and women are unfriendly; make that extremely unfriendly. You seem to be one of the very few good ones left. If would be wonderful for us to walk in parks and go to restaurants such as Friendlys. Fruit smoothies are one of my favorites. And we can watch movies together and talk about philosophy or whatever interests you. No marriage. Just dating and friendship. If we can't get physically close as friends then lets be friends on the Internet for as long as we can. I give you lots of hugs. Take good care of yourself. I love you. I wish more women were like you.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 08:24

Hey cursed I think u got yourself a stalker and possibly a serial killer. Soon you will be murdered and having herpes will be the least of your problems haha
By Cursed at 28,Jun,12 08:58

My AK 47 evens the playing field. Just try to step foot in my house- uninvited.
By Cursed at 28,Jun,12 09:01

@ lonely guy-
A. I've given you my email: please contact me there-
B. If you don't contact me through email, I am just going to assume this is D'artagnon, and if that's the case, I see right through you-
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 17:49 Fold Up

Dear Cursed This is the Lonely Guy. I have written to your email talking about God and religion. No I am not d artagnon; whoever that is. And I'm not a stalker and I'm not a serial killer. Hell no. And please don't threaten me with AK-47. That was not nice. Yes there are evil scum out there that you need to watch out for but I'm NOT one of them. What a sad world we live in when a poor harmless lonely guy is treated like a criminal. This is what alienation can do. Im just looking for love affection dating and friendship and I'm labeled a stalker and serial killer. Its pitiful. And all this fear; mistrust; and alienation are the price we have to pay for our God given free will and for Adam and eves sin. This God of the Bible is unbelievably incompetent as well as cruel and unjust. Dear Jenny; you don't even have to meet me in person if you don't want. I don't force anyone. You don't even have to respond to my comments on this website if you don't want. Its up to you. My lot in life is to be forever lonely because of Adam and Eves sin and because we have cruel negligent uncaring incompetent irresponsible irrational mentally blind morally blind immoral amoral nonmoral God who refuses to take care of his creatures. I hope your reading this preacher. Your God is remote aloof and disconnected. Its an embarrassment.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 17:20 Fold Up

What an ignorant statement. I'm NOT a stalker and I'm NOT a serial killer. I'm one of the most gentle guys around. I would be worried about people such as you who harass others on this website. You guys have harassed the hell out of me. You are the scary and dangerous ones. Its you trolls that scare me. I'm just a harmless lonely guy who just wants to be loved and isn't getting any. Miss Cursed is one of those very rare friendly kind hearted women. Most girls and women suck. Miss Cursed is one of the very few good ones.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 18:03 Fold Up

No your wrong. I'm just a gentle lonely guy looking for love from a woman and not getting any. I'm not a stalker and I'm not a serial killer. Read on below. This is getting very tiring for me.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 18:10

Once again its Mr. Lonely and my comments above aren't going in the right order. And once again I'm not a stalked and I'm not a serial killer and it was not nice of Miss Cursed to threaten me with an AK-47. I'm not a criminal. I'm just a lonely harmless guy looking for love. And I'm tired of typing.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 23:33

Dear Jenny my whole lot in life is to be lonely.
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 20:01

By anonymous at 31,Aug,12 22:54

And I dont care what anyone thinks of me. And to all you asshole trolls who have harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSOLES.

By anonymous at 03,Sep,12 15:02

and to all you pieces of puke who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By crorkz matz at 05,Aug,14 18:20

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