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life sucks- this is really long but the truth.

Posted by anonymous at June 19, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Philosophical

A-weep weep weep. A-weep weep weep. A-weep weep weep. Snushh.

Canst thou see? Canst thou see that I am the noble butt of every jocular statement. Or joke, to simplify. Perhaps nobody wants to insult me. But maybe they insult me by ignorance. Maybe I make myself ignorant. But canst thou see? Canst thou see this deadly grip I am placed in. Aye, the way I live is no way to live. Merely existing is not life. An atom exists, a brick exists but do they live? I am sentient sure but why must I suffer so? Oh canst thou see?

This is foul and pestilent and as hideous as myself. Why must my uncontrollable appearance be my life. You donít understand do you? It is horrid and vile and any other filthy word that would please you to use. I am as my life is; one of those filthy words. So why? Why canst thou see? This is no way for me to be. I disapprove of the filthy filthiness as much as the next person and yet since despite disapproving of my filthy filthiness other people still find me filthy filthy! I suffer twice O friend. But you are no friend of mine- I have no friends. Nobody cares but for the filthies of me. I am the one which you are lucky not to be. Bravo O friend you. Bravo O fiend you. Thou canst see. Thou wonít see.

Lucky for thou. Lucky for thou to place my problem, my issues, in the box of the HEE HAW HEE- that is not me. And a lovely box that is, O fiend you, however thou wonít see. Will thou? No.
Thought not.

And I am tired, O fiend you. This weariness of world grows thicker on my heart every day. Binding it, like a vine. And I am no looker. And I am no writer. So shush to you. My mind is still fogged, my heart is still deadened. Or my brain- the part that releases serotonin or melatonin or any of those...
Wretched chemicals. All this is, carbon and oxygen and hydrogen and whatever silly creatures make up me. And made me wrong. If only, O fiend you, they made me normal with reactions that reacted the way a good ittle-wittle reaction should react. Clearly no.

Oh you hate me, O fiend you? Why be surprised, I called you a fiend. I am not friendly or nice but neither have you been, O fiendish world and fiendish you. And friendly or nice is not pity. Wretched filthy words of pity. Pity pity, what a pity. Poor little ooka-woodum you are you. What a shame, what a pity. Say a kind word then leave forever. God knows your problems need attending to. All fair- all fair. But cast a thought to me. A real thought, not this piteous garbage thrown to me like a penny to a pauper. O please O fiend.

A-weep weep weep. A-weep weep weep. Snushh.

And I see but one option. O fiend. O fiend. Why must this option be used O fiend?
You know the answer to that rhetorical question, O fiendish you and O fiendish world.

A-weep weep weep.

My condolences O fiendish world and O fiendish fiends AND fiendish foes. All of you misunderstanding and unknowing fools. My apologies to my fiendish self. My atoms donít want to bond or react no more. They would like a different configuration. Apologies to my fiendish atoms.

So I leave for the nothings ..


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By broken at 02,Jul,12 20:54

And verily did Broken soon grow bored of reading this bollocks.

An Lo' did he agree with The Noble Personage of Lord Mercy, and return'th to the home page to read'th another tale of woe.
By at 03,Jul,12 07:42

Thou hast spoken
true, with no woe...GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 10:27

haha are you trying to make friends now broken? Im pretty sure mercy will accomodate you by buttfucking your loose asshole with his 1cm erection
By broken at 03,Jul,12 19:03

Mercy and Truth are the 2 funniest posters on here, I've always said that.

You're just a faggot annon so please eat the peanuts out of my shit.
By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 10:12

haha ur such a cop out broken, aw you having a cry cause no one likes you so u start sucking up to make friends. hahaha what a fucking loser, God knows what a fuck up u r in real life
By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 11:04

lame. broken actually makes sense this time. he's not trying to make friends he's just doing his thing. cunt.
By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 15:34

I have come back to this site after a break of a month and lo and behold it seems like broken has been cured!
By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 20:07 Fold Up

Broken you suck the shit from your mothers ass. You were born from your mothers ass on a toilet in an outhouse and they forgot to flush you.
By anonymous at 22,Nov,12 09:00

Pretty Woman FUCK YOU. You suck Brokens penis. You cocksucking cum swallowing assfucking whore. FUCK YOU CUNT!

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 23:23

The anonymous scumbag above who is insulting mercy and broken has a 1 millimetre size brain and NO heart at all. If I'm not mistaken this sounds like that puke who calls herself "Pretty woman." You should call yourself degenerate woman; you oversized CUNT. Your a shit stain that wont go away no matter how many times its flushed. You fucking tapeworm. Pretty Woman Sucks dick and shes a dick herself. For the lack of a condom this asshole was born in the world. Her cunt is so enormous that the Titanic could fit inside of it. Take your kiddies makeup kit and shove it up your ass you ENORMOUS FUCKING CUNT.
By The Gallery at 05,Jul,12 00:33

By pretty woman at 05,Jul,12 23:07 Fold Up

fuck you loser. go kill yourself nobody likes you. hahaha you're miserable and pathetic and so ugly that you can't get someone to fuck. go fuck yourself with your ant weiner you cock-loving anus-munching piece of old shit. FUCK YOU AND YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE! PRICK!
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You are a fucking asshole.
By anonymous at 30,Aug,12 22:52 Fold Up

Pretty woman or rather degenerate woman you suck on Mercys penis. You fucking slut. Your as big a fuck up as Mercy. You assholes deserve eachother. Fuck the two of you.
By anonymous at 26,Sep,12 16:42

Correction. Mercy is a good guy. Pretty Woman you suck on Brokens penis in his sewer home.
By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 20:09 Fold Up

Pretty woman you suck Brokens penis and he sucks the shit from your ass. You two assholes deserve eachother. You two degenerates reside in THE LOWEST DEPTHS OF A SEWER. FUCK THE TWO OF YOU.
By anonymous at 22,Nov,12 01:26 Fold Up

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Pretty Woman sucks Brokens penis.
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 15:57 Fold Up

Pretty woman you suck Brokens penis and he sucks the shit from your ass. Fuck the two of you.
By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 18:37

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By anonymous at 16,Jul,13 06:15 Fold Up

You deserve to die... people like you are are da reason why this world is going to hell... People like you are da types of people who lke to create their own killers by treating pther people like shit cuz your fuccin selfish parasites who lack empathy for others and think that they ares superior to other people just cuz you have this and you hav hat... im gonna tell u da truth....YOU ARE A UNDESIRABLE! By da time Fema gets you and rapes da fucck out of your ugly ass your going to kno dat u wasnt better then anybody! When someones is gonna throw sum acid on your fuccin face and ur going to look lik an ugly bitch for da rest of your life then ur gonna cry bich and wish that people empathy for you your gonna to hell you fuccin nasty ass ugly ass whorsh tranny bitch go kill urself u fuccin cunt

By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 06:03

This shit doesn't make any sense. And on top of that, you made it a long bottomless pit nonsense story. I read half of it and got a headache because I was trying to make some sense from it. Please do yourself a favor, if you gonna do some kind of Shakespeare story at least learn how to spell.
By anonymous at 17,Jul,12 22:28

you didn't have to read it you motherfucker!
By anonymous at 17,Jul,12 23:15

Aww fuck yourself, that shit was worthless and you know it.

By determination at 17,Jul,12 22:26

Thou must give people a chance. There art many fiends in this world, but there art also those that truly care but if you lock thyself up to everything, thou shalt never be able to see the truth that is in front of thy eyes. A brick exists but a brick hath no feelings, no awareness. No matter what kind of a life thou have, thou hath the power to transform it into whatever thou truly want. Thou are only as hideous and vile as thou want to be because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not a mere mirror which casts dubious reflections. Thou may believe that everyone hates thou, but there is someone out there that would lay down their life just to see thee smile.

Thou hath no power when it comes to thy atoms because they don't ask for thy permission when they wish to bond and react. They shall bond when their oxygen finds hydrogen and they shall create water and after that it is up to you whether you wish to survive and drink that water or you wish to let it drain away just as you let your mind drain away into the darkest recesses from which their is no way back. Find the light before you're too far to reach for it and remember that even when thou think that thou art too far to reach it, there will be someone in the very doorway of life holding out a rope to thou. But if thou refuse to catch that rope, then thou wilt have missed thy last chance to explore a world full of wonderful things. It is all up to thou.
By anonymous at 20,Aug,12 08:39

By anonymous at 11,Jan,13 12:13 Fold Up

Thy affections rest happily with thou, good sir.

Rest happily with thou.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,12 23:20

What the fuck is this? Do you yourself have any idea what the fuck you're talking about. You making Shakespeare look like a fucking dumb ass. Yeah your life sucks, with a little special education story.

By anonymous at 18,Jul,12 22:05

You need not to think about writing shit else because this story what you calls Shakespeare is total garbage. If you're going to express your feeling by drama, at least use proper grammar. You worthless piece of crap, and stop your fucking whining.
By anonymous at 24,Jul,12 04:55

I see a peacock sitting on a car eating your ass
By anonymous at 11,Jan,13 12:14

I may ask what such vile swine such is this?

By anonymous at 29,Jul,12 22:59

This is some dumb ass shit!!!!!
By anonymous at 11,Jan,13 12:11

Perhaps you are some "dumb-ass shit" you pestilent low life thug. Thee shall have hoped for thou to leave for the nothings lonely lonely... but thee need not.

tis not necessary for a fool of your makings.

By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 18:49

Lol troll?

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:31

Mercy you fucking faggot from a London outhouse. You and that piece of puke Sir Paul or rather Sir Fuckwit are the lowest forms of life. Your both lower than a tapeworm. FUCK THE TWO OF YOU.
By anonymous at 26,Sep,12 16:44

Mercy is a good guy. Were friends now. Im sorry for being rude to you mite. Were cool.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:32

And my final comment to all you degenerates who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 16,Sep,12 00:41

Look at all this evil above this blog. These nasty trolls have angered me so much that I have stooped to their low level with the insults and cursing. Because of you nasty trolls I hate people more than ever. You trolls should not be on this website. God made a huge mistake in giving free will. The world is a cesspool of evil because of it. There is no hope for humanity.

By anonymous at 18,Sep,12 21:31

Timmy is a cruel nasty piece of shit punk kid whose parents and school both failed in teaching him any morals. This nasty ignorant boy has no clue what mental illness depression O.C.D. and learning disability are. This dirtbag only knows how to insult harass and laugh at others. Truly he is a paid advertisement for birth control. This despicable piece of shit shows the danger of a God who has given us or rather who has MISGIVEN us free will. The world is a cesspool of evil because of free will and nasty cruel assholes such as Timmy are the end results of free will.When Timmy was conceived(unfortunately) the asshole cells won the race. Youre an asshole in every sense of the word Timmy. I hate you you puke. You maggot. You tapeworm. You juvenile piece of maggot infested shit. Go away nasty punk. Ask yourself why you turned out to be an asshole. From Russia With Love ought to get your Ip address. Its because of you degenerate dirtbags why Im in trouble. You harassed and harassed me. Youre a horrible kid Timmy. Youre evil.
By anonymous at 26,Sep,12 16:44

Its alright Timmy. We can be friends.

By anonymous at 18,Sep,12 21:49

Dear From Russia With Love and dear administrator do you see how these nasty trolls continue to harass and insult me? Is it any wonder why Im full of hate? Im treated like garbage by most people and Ive been treated like garbage on this website. Why do you allow this harassment? Im hurt by all this harassment. Im a sad depressed person and writing for this website has made it worse. Theres nowhere for me to turn to and no one to help me.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,13 12:09

Oh. I returneth to the website. You swine. You cally cally swine. What hath thou and thou and thou written of me!?

Perhaps I wish and ponderously wonder wonder wonder wherefore I might have gone if I had successfully left for the nothings.

Oh HOHOHO. But what am I, the fiendish little me, met with..?

Posts of immaturity.
Post of MOCKING.

Mocking my bittersweet suffering!

Thou canst see...

Thou shall remain the way thou is for eternity methinks.

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