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Posted by anonymous at June 22, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

I work as a surgery resident. I work 24 h / 7 days a week. All I wanted was to help people, really.. as naive as it sounds.

I wake up at 4 in the morning rushing to get to work, have to see 20 patients in one hour, then go to meetings, operate and see trauma emergencies until 9 in the evening. Don't even have time to eat not even pee for God's sake. Then check on those 20 patient's again. They're all upset, all the time. Now, get crap from the nurses. Go home, it's almost midnight. Too late to see your family. Read, study, get better everyday, pay bills check your email.

My family calls me selfish because I wanted to spend my only day off in a month reading and studying. I give every minute of my life to be a great surgeon so I can help people. I would hate to have a clown operate on me or my family. But really. I do whatever it takes to cheat death and save your life and then you make a mess because the hospital food is not warm enough?
People can be so ungrateful, I've become everything I despise. Busy, no time for family, never return calls, no friends I hate my life


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By mercy at 11,Sep,12 09:39

By anonymous at 11,Sep,12 12:31

You could change careers and give blow jobs to winos behind the local grocery store like the Grocery Bag Cock Sucker! Just get a paper bag. Cut out I holes and a mouth hole and go to town!
By anonymous at 07,Oct,12 04:52

To the above. Shut the fuck up cretin.

By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 06:09

It''s funny sometimes we try to please everyone and we get lost in the process. I have learned you cannot please everyone. I am not a doctor but I have worked very hard to get where I an today. I have a high position in a fortune 500 company. I didnt finish college so I have had to work extra hard to get where I am. I thought my dream was to have a high power job drive fancy cars and have nice things. Well after years of working to get where I am I HATE my job!!! I have to say a prayer every morning just to walk in. My husband is mentally abussive and doesnt work when he does he hides his money in different savings accounts and says he has nothing. I was hospitalized for a few days for stroke like symptoms. My point is no matter how hard you have it......there is always someone worse off than you. Hang in there you worked very hard to get where you are things can only get better.

By broken at 12,Sep,12 19:14

Not for the first time, I M going to be sympathetic.

That sucks... Hospitals, air ports,... These are the places in the world where people are complete cunts.

OP, are you married? If you're not and you're a woman I would lick you out for an hour a week to make you life just that tiny little bit better.....

By anonymous at 17,Sep,12 21:41

mercy you're such an asshole you fucking tapeworm! I hate you and i hope you go to hell!

By anonymous at 18,Sep,12 18:29

Hang in there lovely :) You sound like a great person, just stay true to you! That's awesome that you are a surgeon

By anonymous at 20,Sep,12 13:06

See this is the problem with geniuses but dude seriously you're a good person but dude you hav a family and kids of course they will want their dad around keep time to be with your family ignoring them will result in divorce and ur kids will not expect nothing from you making ur life a whole lot worse

By anonymous at 13,Oct,12 00:51

Im working in school so I can get a residency from the hospital. I seriously understand what youre going through you have to study and keep up with ALL of the new information and old information just so you can go to work and not kill people! You should just switch to outpatient or general practice

By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 22:47

I wish I was you...

By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 02:31

I'm glad I read your post. It makes me realize what a good choice I made in divorcing my ex-wife who decided to put family on the side to become a doctor. This is precisely the reason I divorced her.

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