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Lets see if theres enough space to write everything...

Posted by anonymous at June 24, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

I've always had issues.
When I was a child I was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia, ADD (which no longer exists) which had to be changed to ADHD even though I wasn't hyperactive. Later in life, bipolar, anxiety disorder were added to the list. In my current stage of life, I'm experiencing this horrible constant pain in my stomach. Me and my doctor havent been able to figure out what it is yet. It just hurts so bad I can never get enough relief. I've never been entirely sure whats wrong with me. Why I suck so bad at making and keeping friends. I used to think everyone hated me because I'm fat and slow. Its just humiliating when you're already the most hated kid on the playground, but then they want to transfer you to special ed too? Even at that age I knew I couldn't allow it or people would just make fun of me more. In grade school. Yes, it was already that fucking bad that early in my life. The few friends I did have used to tell me they felt like my stepdad liked my brother more than me. I didn't believe them at the time cuz I was the most horribly naive child and I believed everything my parents said, even if it didn't make sense to me, I would just accept it. They told me both of them loved me and my brother equally, so I knew it must be true and my friends were mistaken, More on that later.
Things ran that same old course til I was about 12 and my mom announced we'd be moving from Oregon to New Mexico. I thought it sounded like a great idea til it actually happened. I thought "Heres my chance to actually be popular" (keep in mind how young I was when all that matters is how popular you are at school). I never fathomed that New Mexico could be worse, but it was. For some reason my family moved A LOT. I really don't know why. I was the new kid like five times in just one year that I lived there. I was a virgin then, and suddenly all the things the kids were saying to me didn't make sense. I barely understood any sexual jokes made towards me, which of course was even more of a reason to make fun of me. Everyone always asks why I didn't stand up for myself. I say I did, but then I realized how pointless it is when its all against one. It doesn't matter what I say because no ones on my side. So then they ask why I didn't ever become violent. Oh god how I wanted to. But if there was one thing to me that was even scarier than the kids ridiculing me, it was my parents yelling at me. So like I always have, I was just forced to sit there and take it. The teachers would never do anything unless you told them, but why tell if everyones just gonna call you a snitch? Theres no way to win. So what do I decide is the only thing I can do? Kill myself, so I try and fail of course, landing myself in the mental hospital. Oh and guess what? Yep, the hospital was even worse than school. I couldn't even believe there could be a worse place, where kids could be even more mean and hateful.. And somehow... It was always me against everyone else. I read somewhere that people who have been molested have a higher chance of it happening again. Does that principle apply to being hated? Cuz really this is ridiculous!
From the ages of 13 to 16, I went through the same pattern over and over again. Decent, depressed, suicidal, hospital, released, repeat.
Meanwhile my stupid stepdad was making it more and more clear how he felt about me and how my brother is better. He still denies it to this day. What I find funny is how everyone agrees with my except my mom, and stepdad. And when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. Every friend who mat them, every boyfriend, every friend of a friend, every other family member, EVERYONE. So how fucking conveninet is that forme? No one could help me even if they wanted to, and all I could do was try to be patient and wait for my chance to move out. Needless to say it didn't happpen any time soon. Countless suicide attempts and fights between me and everyone later, he finally crosses my last line by saying.. You're gonna love this.. That I am lazy because I DIDN'T want to apply for unemployment, never mind that just days before I had gone to a temp agency that is 30 minutes away from me to hopefully find work. So I say he is equally as lazy because he fucking is, so he decides to kick me out. So here I am at my friends house...
Now I'm 22 and theres so much to type inbetween that time and now its completely overwheliming. I had meant to type everything but I just can't any more. Long story short, nothing ever gets better and I'm sick of it all.


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New Comment

By melanie at 12,Oct,12 09:47

My ex boyfriend francisco broke up with me and now I want to kill my self someone please help me I really need it
By anonymous at 13,Oct,12 16:22

Kill yourself. It is the only way you will find peace. Do it. Do it now.
By anonymous at 13,Oct,12 23:07

To the two "anonymous" posters directly above my comment:

Why on earth would you make such an asinine suggestion? Grow up, and realize that this is serious shit and not something to joke about. How would you feel if you pushed someone over the edge with your thoughtless comments? Suicide hurts so many that are left behind, it's a very complex pain that takes years to learn how to live with (assuming that one is able to, and doesn't succumb to depression and off themselves as a result). You never fully "heal" or "move on" after you lose someone in this way. If you are lucky you learn how to live and find some joy/peace, but you do live with a sad corner in your heart for the remainder of your days.
By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 06:56

yeh... true dat, especially not suicide... dont even fucking jokes about that shit.
By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 12:55

Hi, here's my email adress, please send me a message I want to get to know you.
By anonymous at 17,Oct,12 04:08

haha well i dont really know u so maybe later babe :)
By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 03:30 Fold Up

Are u crazy
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 00:33

i know right...?? leave the poor girl alone, she doesnt wanna fucking email u, go somewhere else, this isnt a dating website. jackass.
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 11:48

I didn't read this as an attempt to hook up. I thought the poster saw someone being compassionate and wanted to talk to someone they thought might listen and help.
By anonymous at 24,Oct,12 00:55

Ohhh ahahaaha in that case, im more than willing to email u!! :))) can i do it now??? ;))) sorry about that!!
By anonymous at 01,Dec,12 05:28 Fold Up

you are an awful person
By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 03:11 Fold Up

Find a new one one and new repression to to die
By anonymous at 28,Oct,12 18:20 Fold Up

Don't! There's help!

By anonymous at 14,Oct,12 22:38

Daddy you ripped our baby vulvas to shreds. You stole our innocence and dignity when you penetrated us during all those rape sessions. Then you got jizz all over our Dora the Explorer bed cover. You are a PIG daddy.
By anonymous at 17,Oct,12 04:09

wtf are u on about..?
By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 01:00

Daddy busted our baby vaginas
By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 02:58

um are u fucked up in the head..?? how is that even funny buddy???
By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 08:05

Yes. I am fucked up in the head. I was raped and molested as a child ( one of the offenders was a Jesuit priest-how predictable). Then I tend to lash out when things go wrong. And boy they went wrong last week. After being unemployed for a year ( I was laid off and then had a bad accident 2 weeks later that put me in the hospital/nursing home for 4.5 months, then several more months of painful physical therapy) I found what I thought was a great new job. First day of work I decide to stop by my fiance's place and surprise her. I caught her in bed with another man. Hope that never happens to you. It's devastating. The next day at work there is a reorg and my new manager takes me into a meeting and makes it clear that she neither wants nor needs me in her department. Sunday night I have to go to the hospital by ambulance. I'm released from the hospital and head straight to work with intake papers in hand and hospital wrist band. Let my manager know what happened, but hey, I'm at work. 2 hours later I'm terminated with the excuse that they think I can't keep up with the work which is a joke because they had not yet given me any work by which to make that judgement and all my references gave me excellent reviews. Management probably broke ADA laws at a minimum and I have a lawyer working on it but that could take years to wind through the courts. So ya. I'm pretty fucked up right now.
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 01:55

oh im so sorry to hear that!! i shouldnt have judged, its just that im very sensitive about this issue and i thought u were mocking and making fun of rape and i was really upset... i am extremely sorry and i apologise if i hurt ur feelings (which i probably did) u can talk to me if u need to :))) sorry again, im just a 15 year old girl, i know nothing about the world... its just... ugh there are heaps of trolls here :( sorry to hear everything thats happened to u, u deserve better STAY STRONG!
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 00:35

haha i can tell u feel really bad ^ if i was in ur position i wouldn't worry about it, he'll be fine...
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 14:41 Fold Up

Dudette it's totally OK. I understand your outrage and I'm glad there are people who care. I just hurt really bad. Can I really talk to you if I need to? You DID NOT hurt my feelings. I'm only ashamed that I wrote that but I get really angry about what happened and I had two really bad blows. Again I apologize for upsetting you.
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 02:21

are u kidding?! IM THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE SAYING SORRY!! ughh i feel so bad atm.... yeah course u can talk to me!!! haha i mean we dont really know each other in REAL LIFE, but it feels like u are the kinda person u would LOVE to hang with, and coz i dunno u in real like, u can tell me anything and i wouldnt judge u, EVERR!! :) u sound really nice and i cant believe there are people like u here, hope youre okay at the moment, sorry again buddy!! XD
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 20:19

Hey! Call Me Doug (Middle name) love to chat as long as you promise not to feel like you need to say sorry ;) What to say. You have a pretty good gist of my life. People are amazed I'm even still alive, managed to get a University Degree (BS Biochem University of CA at Berkeley). I'm a scientist. I scuba dive, avid fitness freak (helps keep the hurt and pain at bay) Raise Parrots, Build Koi Bonds, surf at a place called Pleasure Point and Manresa in Capitola and Aptos. Really good cook.

OK enough of that. I'm in horrible pain most of the time. I've been hurt badly by people who I thought was in love with in relationships with and would marry. I've had my heart broken so badly so many times I just think I'll never find anyone. Physically I'm considered handsome (My self esteem is so bad I don't see it). Last weekend when I came very close to committing suicide a number of my friends (Damn, I had fallen so far into a hole I didn't think anyone even cared anymore) The Wife of my best friend (well she's a great friend to ) told me I was my own worst enemy (meaning my depression and self doubt sabotage me) but that I was also one of the the most selfless, giving, intelligent and funny people she has ever known. That my death would leave a huge hole in the world that would hurt people in that I wouldn't be there to help. No doubt some troll will call BS on me right now but I don't care. Sadly my self esteem is so far in the toilet I just figured she was making that up. I mean there's so much damage just now, only now can I admit I was raped by a man at 26 (got him back later. All I can say is he won't hurt anyone else anymore. Years later I found out he brutaly murdered his Boy Friend-yes he was gay). I feel so weak, but people are amazed at how much shit I can take and keep on going strong.

Man, I just wish someone would understand
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 02:57

ahahah HEY DOUG!! well since u told me ur middle name, i'll tell u mine!! my name's Kelda, yeah yeah its like a pretty weird middle name but whatever, IT IS LEGIT MY NAME XD haha and woah, u surf at pleasure point?! that sounds so cool, i love people who surf, i wish i could but i like... cant even balance on a surf board!! OMG U SHOULD COME TO AUSTRALIA AND GO TO BONDI BEACH!! there are so many surfers here, i love going to the beach coz its summer in australia atm but im already too tanned :((( i gotta stay away from the sun or I WILL TURN BLACK.

its really good news that u go to the beach and stay fit coz ur health is really important!! well on a duller topic, why are u in pain most of the time?? :( i wish i could be there to comfort u... also, when u said u almost committed suicide last weekend u said urself that HEAPS OF UR FRIENDS came right?! and the wife of ur biff is so right!! u ARE ur own enemy, i can say from the bottom of my heart that u are FUCKING amazing kay? u have a university degree, you're smart, considerate, funny, down to earth and just plain awesome :DDD and about ur history with rape, i unfortunately cant really help because like i said earlier, im only 15 and thank god i havent had any experience to do with sexual abuse :/ u know, i really admire u, u are so strong, u take all the shit that comes ur way and u are now my role model... IF ANYONE EVER SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THIS DUDE I WILL BITCH SLAP U coz u are TWICE the man any troll on here is and there's just not many people like u in the world anymore!! WHICH IS ANOTHER REASON WHY U SHOULDNT EVEN THINK ABOUT SUICIDE, we need more people like u NOT LESS!! >:( ahahaha another funny thing issss, its embarrassing but when im at school, i literally CANNOT wait to come home just so i can read ur responses, u actually MAKE MY DAY dudeee!! XD and i dont even know u that well!! so imagine how many people u make happy in real life?!?

and to answer ur last sentence, i know i dont really have the right to say "i understand what you're going through"... but i really hope i did make u feel a little better coz i wanna return the favor for giving me someone to look up to ;))) U BLOODY ROCK DOUG XDDD
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 20:16

Ah Kelda. You totally made my day. You live in Oz?! I lived there when i was 18. Been to Bondi many times. I love your country and people. You guys say it like it is, you totally have your friend's backs and you have a great sense of humor.

Hey, and thanks for reminding me how many people would be effected by my abscence. I need to be 'bitch slapped' in that way from time to time. Feel free, hell, consider it a public service to remind me of all that.

I'm glad I make your day.

Now, why I'm in pain (mental not physical) all the time. Hard to explain unless you've been there. TRUST ME, I'm not saying you don't/can't understand but I've been hurt so much it's really hard to let down my guard. Because I don't let down my guard I don't get to know people and I experience a lot of lonliness. My self esteem is low such that I don't think anyone is interested in me (My BFF's wife informed me that a really nice, intelligent and attractive friend liked me and I'm too guarded/scared to have even caught that. Hmmm. This is good therapy. I could always go back, with confidence and try again. I mean, I'm not just trying to nail her. I'm totally let's date, get to know each other and be momogamous if we're in love.

Hey Kelda, gotta go for now. Thanks for all your support. I got your back like you got mine.

Rock on

By anonymous at 26,Oct,12 02:41

DOUGGG!! i needa ask u something!!

like legit sorry i didnt see ur message till today coz i was SO BUSY TRYING TO CONVINCE MY FRIEND NOT TO MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HER LIFE!!! D:< okay it all started when we were like going to the pharmacist coz she told me she was sick and wanted some panadol... but when we got there she went straight to the condom section and was like "holy shit im getting these ones, look theyre glow in the dark!!" at first i laughed it off and just walked to the cashier to buy her the panadol then she got out her wallet and went to the cash register with the GLOW IN THE DARK CONDOMS... wtf?! and i was like "hey!!! dude u lied to me, u sed u wanted fucking panadol?! wtf woman?!" and then we had a total DNM and shewas saying that she wanted to lose her virginity on our prom night behind the DJ (haha she is really specific) with her date (omg he is like apparently "so sweet and nice" but i dont think he's that good of a bloke...) then she was like, if i had to lose it, i wanna lose it to him, look what he texted me!! and it bloody sed "its a pleasure to be ur date ;)" WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

DOUG!! what do i do?!? how do i... convince her out of it...??!?! i think she'll regret it later in life but idkkkk she told me she wants to try out lots of men before she gets married :((( GAHHH i am so torn atm, is it just NONE OF MY BUSINESS...?? PLUS she is a minor coz shes fucking 15, that bitch needs to be slapped I AM SO SCARED FOR HER!!

what do u suggest i do now...?? help meeee broooo!! D:
By anonymous at 29,Oct,12 02:44

I can help. It's not "Doug" here but I think i understand what you are going through. Well I dont but I do.
By anonymous at 17,Nov,12 18:51 Fold Up


So sorry. I just found your response. Don't know the state of laws and medical/psychological affairs in Oz ( it was like 1985 when I lived there and I see everything including the slang has changed radically) perhaps your school has a counselor. Either way try to get a counselor therapist to speak with your friend. In so far as your friend's 'date' goes, is he an adult? If so ( with text messages as evidence) you can report him to police for pandering/solicitation of a minor.
By anonymous at 18,Nov,12 04:08

aghhh doug i miss u o_O i thought u left meeee.... ugh actually our prom night is THIS thursday.... hah.... idk ive tried talking to her but i guess she's determined to do it. ummm and yeh we have a councellor but i doubt she'll talk to her coz my friend's just like that, stubborn and full on #YOLO so i think shes gonna do it... and her date isnt an adult.. i think he sed once he was like 16/17 :((( well, i'll just prepare for the worst.

By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 03:29

I like this shit just get help please
By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 08:08

I see a psychologist and a psychiatrist for my PTSD and take a host of meds but the blow(s) I underwent last week were too devastating to handle
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 01:57

i have to do an assignment on PTSD for school, can u help me?? :) please??
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 03:17

Are u like some 15 year old girl who comes on these depressing websites FOR SCHOOLWORK? come on, PTSD is personal, i doubt he'd tell ya anything, sorry to break it to u.
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 14:50

If i can determine she's for real (I'm neither stupid nor naive. Just broken). I'll engage. But I can pretty much figure out BS when I run across it. But I appreciate your caveat. I will be diligent.
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 14:47 Fold Up

Of Course. Tell me what you need. I may be a little more complex than you expect. I have something called Eidetic memory (related to Photographic memory. you remember conversations, situations, conversations verbatim years after the fact, You can repicture scenes situations from the past to the extent that your mind's eye blocks out anything else and you can't see surroundings. It makes things more complex in that flash backs are that much more intense. I hate the 'freeze up' that goes along with the flashbacks. I hate the nightmares. I hate the panic attacks. I hate the insomnia. I hate it all.

How do we contact each other. I will tell you all I know/can.
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 02:25

oh gosh... sorry if i offended u!! gahhhh its for school and they said search up real life examples...?? i apologise if i upset u, AND HELL YEAH I AM LEGIT!! im not some bully that would totally troll about PTSD... i just have to ask u about the symptoms and the effects PTSD might have on society in general :))) thanks so much if u decide to participate, if not NO WORRIES!! :DDD thanks again!! now i gotta wait for ur response and MAKE IT INTO A TV ADVERTISEMENT... FUN. :D
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 20:37

Ask me all your questions. Call me Doug (my Middle name)

My PTSD isn't from military service it's from the following: Childhood physical and sexual abuse. My dad is/was an angry alcoholic (one of my first memories is of him beating and kicking my mother in the foyer while drunk. I was just three and standing there absolutely helpless. Later came my mom's divorce and remarriage to a rather weak man. They joined a violent cult (1970s San Francisco). My Step dad beat me daily for years before I was 10. Occasionaly my mom would join in. I believe I described the sexual abuse earlier. My dad's alcoholism evolved into drug use and dealing (he ran afowl of the Mafia). Look, I'll tell you more but I just can't go through this whole thing right now. It only gets worse.

Physical symptoms are: Flashbacks, Insomnia, Hypervigilence, nightmares, anxiety, absolute lack of trust in others, no faith, Higher than normal suicide rates (I've tried to kill myself twice. I'm such a failure I couldn't even get that right) In men, higher than normal occurances of Fibromyalgia, Drug and alcohol abuse.

I take medication for Deep Depression (Wellbutrin 300 mgs), anxiety (Klonopin 3 mg, Ativan 3 Mg) Nightmares (Tenex 2 mg). Insomnia/broken sleep (Trazadone 100 mg)

I'm sorry I can't answer everthing now but this is just too damn hard and I hate crying
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 02:32 Fold Up

OHHH SORRY!! one more thing!! do u think there are any benefits of PTSD i needa work on the TV advert so it doesnt look that depressing or sad, sooooo maybe if there's like treatment for it, i already kinda researched it but its really hard.. :( ty so much!! xx
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 23:57

Yes. There are potential benefits that have to do with altruism and empathy. Given PTSD you can more likely put yourself in other's place. In many PTSD sufferers they swear/make a solemn personal oath that they will never hurt another as they have been hurt or have hurt in the past. Hypervigilence makes you aware of potential danger to not only yourself but others. You are forced to ace your dark side and therby exorcise it and bring it into the open and expose it therby dissapating it.
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 00:01

Anything else please ask. BTW thanks for going to the trouble of bringing PTSD to the attention of others. I really appreciate it. PTSD so often goes unrecognized and the sufferers are never properly treated. he fact that you took your free time to do address an issue which still largely goes ignored speaks volumes about your character, empathy and concern. All PTSD sufferers thank you
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 03:08

omg omg omgggg are u really doug?!? holy shit its kelda here!! ;DDD BAHAHAHA what're the chances?!? well anyways thanks for answering!! u gave me more than enough info!! THANK U SO MUCH!! AHHH U HAVE HELPED ME SO MUCH OVER THE PAST FEW DAYS DUDEEE!!! the adverts only supposed to be 45 seconds so this is lots of info!! i wish i could send it over for u to see!! that would be aweeeesome!! alright also for ur insomnia, is there a way to NOT take medication for it (my teacher said yoga or calming exercises... is that right??) coz that was one of the requirements for this assignment or is it just a compulsory drug?? Youve really opened my eyes about PTSD, when u research it online u dont really get the full picture so thanks so much doug!! This is gonna be the BEST FUCKING TV ADVERT EVER, thanks to u! Xx
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 20:21

Hey!!! No drugs aren't compulsory/chronic. They're a temp fix. I work on the issues now with hard exercise, accupuncture, Chiropractory, meditation and therapy.

I'd love to see you're vid. Can you post it on YouTube?
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 20:34

Oh BTW, Kelda. I'm a Yank from a couple of the top surfing places in California. I like short boards myself
By anonymous at 23,Oct,12 20:37

Oh ya. I scuba and Kayak. I seriously thought about emigrating to Australia at one point. Whenever I get vacation I spend it in your neck of the woods: Cook Islands, Australia, Tuamotus, New Zealand. I'm debating between Papua New Guinea and Vietnam next vacation
By anonymous at 24,Oct,12 01:12

Omgg go to vietnammm!! You'll love it!! The food is AMAZING and like everything is apparently sooo cheap!! Hahaa my friend's vietnamese and he sed we'd go together so maybe i'll cya there :DDD cant believe you kayak!! I love kayaking!! Im legit addicted to it, i go everytime i can, which isnt that often coz no one wants to go with me... They cbf :((( talking to u has been amazinggg!! Srsly not only are u my role model youre like my big brother, oh yeah and for ur lady friend GO FOR IT!!! XD shes smart, nice, caring and probs funny (like u are!!) so what do u have to lose buddy?!? :D oh and a bonus is that SHE ALREADY LIKES U!! >:DD thats a plus!! So get ur confidence outta the gutter coz u deserve better!! YEAH I SAID IT!! I think thats all i wanted to say ;) have a g`day mate!! :DD (always wanted to say that)~~
By anonymous at 24,Oct,12 17:25

Hey you! Ya, pretty much made my mind up on Vietnam. A friend of mine leads eco/adventure tours there and I was looking to book on. And ya, man, the food rocks. we have a huge Vietnamese community in CA. Learned to love the food here, But gotta see the country. Everything I see/hear makes it look like one of the most beautiful places on Earth (Plus I have to admire them as an American. They kicked our collective asses. Few have done that.)

Thanks for the big brother compliment. You caught me. I'm really protective of friends (I don't smother though).

Ya. You're right about the lady I met. I should open up, take a chance and see what happens.

Kelda, talking to you has been really helpful. If I need a kick in the ass to move forward you have my permission to do so.

Oh, BTW, you never heard the term 'Yank' to describe an American? I guess it's dying out. It was meant as an insult but we never took it personally. In fact we adapted it into our songs and stories and proclaimed it proudly.

Hey Kelda, Thanks for making my day. You rule.


By anonymous at 24,Oct,12 01:13 Fold Up

Ahaha whats a yank?!? Sounds pretty kewllll XDDD
By anonymous at 24,Oct,12 17:40

Just remembered US history. The Brits started calling us Yanks based on a parody song about during and after our Revolutionary war the lyrics were 'I'm a Yankee doodle dandy born on the 4th of July'. Rather than get angry about it, we flipped it, reowned the word Yank and turned it into something else. That's really common in AMerican Cultures. Like Oz we are a diverse group of very different cultures. It's just that we learned to turn insults from a minority (most of us aren't racist/bigotted. We elected someone of African ancestory to presidency)into a widely adapted term of empowerment. Hard to explain, but I guess a lot about Yank culture doesn't make sense.

Luv ya babe,


By Hells Angels at 26,Oct,12 10:18

Shit, just go ahead and kill yourself. You're a mess, If I were in your shoes, I would of been six feet under by now. Life does you :)
By anonymous at 26,Oct,12 18:00

Firstly its 'SO DO YOU' and secondly why did u have to be so fucking rude?!? DO NOT JOKE ABOUT SUICIDE.
By anonymous at 27,Oct,12 18:50

Suicide is beautiful and painless. It does everyone a favor
By anonymous at 28,Oct,12 01:56

then why are YOU still here? and what kind of sick enjoyment do you get by saying something horrible like that?!
By anonymous at 30,Oct,12 14:55 Fold Up

it's neither beautiful nor painless and even worse for those that are left behind.

By Pharme387 at 29,Oct,12 16:37

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By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 09:57

Nah, actually this site kinda sucks-whoever admins it is in way over their head-it's over-run w/ppl who actually suggest suicide, even methods for it, instead of giving support to those in need. I don't want this to happen, but logically, whoever runs this site will likely end up with a death on their hands and a law suit sooner or later, if not already. They need to get a handle on this site or take it down.
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 22:22

Suicide suggestion: cyanide in cigarettes
By anonymous at 04,Nov,12 08:19

it sounds more like you are trying to kill other ppl...that's homicidal not suicidal. get help please

By Pharmd619 at 17,Nov,12 23:52

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