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not sure what to do

Posted by chris at June 29, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

don't know why i'm doing this, but as i'm sitting here crying i guess i'll tell my story. i'm 37 living at home (my parents) with my wife and dog. i've only been with one woman, my wife, and we haven't had sex in over 2 years. she's never been really touchy feely, which is what i want just as much as the sex. we've been together for about 13 years and only the first year or so did we ever have sex and that was only a few times a year as we dated 3000 miles apart!

because i've pretty much given up dealing with the situation i have now irreversibly become a drug addict (to escape my feelings) that i have to live with for the rest of my life and have to be on a daily maintenance pill which costs me $100 a month or i will go into withdrawal. the sad part is that it's not enough medicine for me, so every single day i feel sick but i can't afford to take anymore medicine.

every time i feel something strongly i can't stop crying for hours. my wife won't let me get mad at her, she'll turn it around so that i feel guilty, so everything now comes out in tears.

i'm just so tired of crying and feeling like shit, and feeling unloved, but i'm too scared to do anything, and i don't want to hurt her, she's already been hurt so much in life. if i died tomorrow, oh glory day...


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By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 01:31

Smack her around and forcefully penetrate her. Maybe she likes it that way

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 14:10

Seriously if your wife makes you this unhappy, so unhappy that you turned to drugs to deal with the pain, perhaps you should think about leaving her or go to a marriage counselor.

By anonymous at 17,Nov,12 15:33

I need a big hard throbbing penis inside me

By Retarded for sure at 18,Nov,12 10:21

u dated 3000 miles apart. that alone proves ur a true retard.

By anonymous at 18,Nov,12 16:55

she is waiting for you to off yourself, so are your parents
By anonymous at 18,Nov,12 22:00

The suicide shit is getting really tired

By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 14:29

My 13 year old daughter is in heat. What should I do?
By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 20:18

Allow her to run free and let nature take it's course ( good luck finding out who the father is)
By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 17:35 Fold Up

Is your daughter a negro? This problem often happens with negresses.
By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 18:43

May I make a suggestion which may prevent the Negress from becoming pregnant and dropping a litter?

First designate a room, either windowless or with a window of smaller than human dimensions and/or out of the negress's reach. Make sure the room has a sturdy barricadable door with a slot that can accommodate a tray.

Around the room place items of comfort to the Negress such as a hot comb and/or a TV that shows nothing but BET and the Maury Povich show. Through the slot in the door present to the Negress familiar foods such as NiHi Grape Soda ( the Negress can use the bottle for purposes of masturbation during those moments of intense hormonal surges) Deep Fry of any sort ( I recommend Popeye's or New Orleans fast) hamhocks, collard greens, Smothered Steak, Oxtail (prepared as stew), Corn Bread etc.

Keep her locked up for approximately two weeks and you should be fine.
By Maybe Chinese Spare Ribs? at 29,Nov,12 18:10

No KFC or Church's fried chicken? How come?
By anonymous at 29,Nov,12 23:34

Oh. They'll do do. My bad.

By kucukyalirenault at 08,Dec,12 13:36

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By soup kitchen baller at 25,Dec,12 00:00

hell yeah u fuckin suck.

By anonymous at 08,Jan,13 16:26

You are the worst kind of scum on Earth, fellow commentators.

I think you should tell her about it, tell her that everything is bad now and that you want to change it for the better, and if she wants to help you do it, do it with her by your side. If she refuses to change, then look up for change on your own. But things are not right and you should do something. Leaving drugs should go first; just remember whichever path you take you won't be alone. Good luck :(.

By anonymous at 09,Jan,13 18:35

An overdose of sleeping pills is cheaper and much more permenant

By anonymous at 05,Mar,13 03:52

bro your wife does not have any touchy feelings abt u. that doesn't means that she does not love. U know what u should do. Surprise her. Put rose peddles on the bed...... Decorate the room with scented candles......... and ravish her with all the love and hate u have for her....... U will fell different i promise u that.....

By Deandra at 24,May,16 19:53

I agree it *IS* wrong that Sammy Hagar has more FB fans than David Lee Roth, Van Hae&#ln8217;s music was never the same again after Eddie and Alex kicked Dave out.Wai Lana is cute as a button and I think the reason why people like her so much even if she does sell a whole warehouse full of stuff is that she’s not obnoxious and full of herself.

By Yancy at 15,May,17 02:07

That's the smart thinikng we could all benefit from.

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