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Do I Still Have Time?

Posted by anonymous at June 30, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

All my life I have been of a somewhat good kid. I never did drugs, I've never had teen sex, and when my siblings needed my help I was there. Now that I'm eighteen and a new adult, I've gotten to know the real truth of what people thing of me. A lot of my family members don't think I'm gonna be anything in life. And they're right. I have no car, no job, no boyfriend, and can't think of anything to do. I've joined the army and asked my older sister to believe in me and she told me,"How can I believe in someone as unreliable as you?" It hurt me to hear that, but it's true. I've never did anything for myself. My whole life I've been like a babysitter for people and my dad has always sheltered me from real life like actually getting a job or needing to go to places to get stuff for myself. I've never been totally independent and I'm scared. I feel like if this army thing doesn't work then people wouldn't even question my existence giving me a reason to kill myself. I want to matter, but so much doubt floats around my everyday life. My older sister telling me everyday that I'm gonna live a VERY hard life. People thinking I won't make it in the army. My own mom denies me and my dad thinks I'm so stupid. I want to make it for my younger siblings. And show people that my life won't suck.


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By anonymous at 12,Dec,12 15:03

Be yourself and follow your moral compass, don't listen to others that will bring you down. Stop dwelling on the bad things in life and start looking forward to a new horizon.

By k.nash at 15,Dec,12 09:44

my girlfriend has the same problems.but they r slowly fading away. dont be scared just try stuff instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. u will see people will start to have more confidence on you. but never try to cross the limit. u r smart u know ur boundaries. just hang in there and someday u r gonna make urself proud along with all the others around u.

By Fairy at 16,Dec,12 09:03

Why allow others to put you down just because they can't do the things u wanted to do ? It's true life is suffering but that doesn't mean u should let it get u down. Chin up, at least u r not living in a war striken country with no job , no food and safety to worry about.. Don't let others bear u down cos whe they do u r going to stand up even stronger!

By anonymous at 18,Dec,12 19:05

imagine still being in the same position 10 years later. Go and do your army thing and do it for yourself and nobody else. While time is on your side

By anonymous at 17,Jan,13 01:22

You can do it!!!! Believe in yourself!!

By nimmo at 20,Jan,13 05:29

your life aint just have not learned to believe in yourself..,that goes a long way

By anonymous at 22,Jun,13 00:59

Don't be scared... i was too.. i joined the army because i needed something to wake up to that was mine. i was tired of being there for everyone else and no one was there for me when i truly needed it.. the army helps you find a ton of friends and people who will become closer to you than your family and who will believe in you.. stay strong because the army will teach you to be strong in the worst situations... good luck :)

By anonymous at 21,Oct,13 00:27

You need to find a man that you can depend on that will protect you and provide for you. Yes, life as a single woman will be extremely difficult, but with a good husband it will be exact opposite. You don't have to do much besides being a good housewife. It's much easier than the army or any other job for that matter. Just remember to show your appreciation and to thank him everyday.

By anonymous at 01,Oct,15 19:53

I hope you made it in the army and became stronge!
By anonymous at 04,Mar,17 18:39

you spelled strong wrong.

By anonymous at 04,Mar,17 18:40

Well, if you want to die you can just run into the middle of the battle ground.

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