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I'm a Wigger

Posted by Kris Ryzak aka IP aka IPeezy at July 2, 2012
Tags: July 2012

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kris Ryzak. I'm 35 and I'm a white wigga rapper from Alberta.

I wear basketball jerseys and Nike sneakers.

I make 45K a year. I never went to college.

The problem is, is that I've been rapping for 20 years and nothing has happened.

I tried. Jah knows that I tried.

I just can't accept that I'm a 35 year old wigga makin 45K a year, living in a basement suite.

I have other issues but I can't go into them here.


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By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 17:22

So, I was at Safeway buying a party tray of shrimp for me and some friends and I got stuck in the express aisle behind this fat black chick in a platinum blond wig wearing stiletto heels, leopard print spandex pants and a cobalt blue tube top. She was of course checking out 30 plus items in a 15 item or less line. She smelled like NiHi grape soda, Cheetos and CUNT. When it came turn for her to pay for her Jeri curl and shit she suddenly started moaning loudly, pumping her pelvis hard and then she fell to the floor. At first we thought she was having an epileptic seizure-well, she wasn't-before we could call 911 she had a massive orgasm. The smell hit us all in the face like a wet mop. Turns out this bitch was wearing a thong and her fat butt cheeks caused it to ride all the way up and rub furiously against her clit. The problem was that the first orgasm led to more rubbing and then super multiple screaming orgasms one after another. The whole store smelled like a tuna cannery exploded and patrons were fleeing in terror. Pretty soon the Negress is bouncing up and down on the floor and her blond wig flies off and skitters across the floor like some nasty little Pekingese dog and one of her big flabby tits pops out of the tube top and a can of pork and beans rolls out. With each orgasm she would queef like some flatulent elephant and the force would scoot her across the linoleum floor now slicked with pussy juice. She was halfway up aisle 9 when the paramedics showed up. They had to use the jaws of life to pry her fat legs apart and cut the thong. From now on I'm shopping at Albertsons.
By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 19:12

I read that and I fwapped myself
By anonymous at 02,Jan,13 05:25 Fold Up

I read this and fucking laughed my ass off! thanks for givin me a laugh lololololol

By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 20:23

Goddammit I need a FUCKING BLOWJOB!!!
By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 20:25


By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 20:25

I want some hairless Mexican PUSSY

By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 21:12

I need to be triplet penetrated
By anonymous at 27,Jan,13 18:48


By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 21:12

This story has been RAPED

By anonymous at 12,Dec,12 02:35

im on disabled my name martha putnal my home falling down black mood every where i have a blind child i take care of an now my husband who wrecked the only thing i had any good because my nice stold every thing and the cops want do a thing a noter june drove off with a car i bought been over a year cops done nother i get 25.oo dollar in food stamps that buys one meal the rest i hardly every eat doctor say i need to eat so now he put me on vitman i cant buy i in a wheel chair i get out just to go to the doctor xmas is coming it just a nother day no buy to buy my son anything i got family they dont care if i live or die doctor mess me up left a hole in my back been allmost 3 years and the ribs came a part stick me in my stomach they want fix it for the doctor to do the fix the neck where my neck is cutting my spine cord into you think your life bad try mine
its a pic of crap itell my doctor i hurt worse he said you go back to work and ill up your meds i can barely move my arms sign hope your get better fema will fix some on home but the people i no there fix home for is drug heads the church gave rent to a crack head they payed her rent she went and bought crack with here money and you no what the church said to me they herd about me they wouldnt even help me with my lights i lived in the dark for four week no no light so no my lights will be turn off tommrow if i cant come up with the money my sister toke up money to help my bother that had money my blind son needed surgrey on his goll bladder the doctor was waving his fee just the hospil fee we got to pay i cant come up wiith because my other son got sick move back here his girl freind want eveny wash dish my bed room fall in had to move my stuff to the live room where every one look thrue and take what they want my life is a live hell and im on face book ask freind on there to help no one will
By negro jim at 12,Dec,12 08:22

wazz up bitch? Yo hooker, I knows what woo make yo life better! Comes on down tah my place bitch, an I put yo sorry ecuse fo an ass to work makin me some money yo. i will hoe yous out tah some hard hittin niggas and yous can even smoke some rock ifs yous want. Alls I askes is that you goes down to da stoe and get me some purple soda din go to Churches and pick me up a 8 piece bitch. tink about it yo.

By anonymous at 15,Dec,12 03:03

I hate trolls. Go somewhere else and leave this for people who want to vent about the hardships their facing.
By anonymous at 15,Dec,12 10:49

I got a 'hardship' right her Fer ya, baby

By anonymous at 15,Dec,12 21:28

Go to peaceful pill handbook dot com and see about ordering a helium hood aka exit bag. seems to be a great way to do it, you just lose consciousness very fast and then drift away. off yourself peacefully, just assemble it, crinkle the bag up on top of your head so there is no air in it, open the tank and exhale then pull the hood down over your head and take a deep breath in, you will pass out almost instantly and never wake up.
may you find peace.....
By anonymous at 22,Jan,13 16:15

you are playing a dangerous game in offering this sort of advice.
By anonymous at 27,Jan,13 18:48 Fold Up

you again? find something else to say asshole.

By anonymous at 30,Jan,13 21:37

somebody is on IP's nuts way too hard!

he's doing really well, go buy the music here:


By anonymous at 30,Jan,13 21:38

Infinite P Rules!

By anonymous at 05,Feb,13 08:55

You don't need to be a rich famous rapper. If you really love to rap get a home studio. If you have a computer it will only cost a few hundred dollars. Record your own mixtures and put them online. If your good, people will feel you. But most importantly, get the idea of becoming a famous rapper out of your head, it's not going to happen

By anonymous at 05,Feb,13 08:56

Sorry, I meant to say mix tapes, not mixtures

By anonymous at 12,Feb,13 10:40

Infinite P is really dope, go get his albums on i-tunes. One is called Westword thee album & the other one is called Moonlight!!!!

By Shannon at 12,Feb,13 10:40

I want to fuck Infinite P. He's so hot.

By Marlene at 12,Feb,13 10:41

Infinite P is a dope MC from Canada

By The Real Infinite P at 25,Feb,13 10:20

Thanks Again To Whoever Is Jocking Me So Hard That They Make Fake Post About Who I Am & What I'm All About. Sorry, I Got Music To Make, No Time To Diss You Back. #Pathetic

Follow Me @infinitep

By Janet Monroe at 30,Jul,13 10:29

I.Peezy trees and a summer breeze up the degrees spit heat cause I love to please!!!! you're the best!!!!!!!!

Janet M.

By Terrence at 25,Aug,13 15:37


kris ryzak really is a wigger from calgary.

he plays wigger rap shows and wears rap clothes.

i saw him so he really does exist.
By fashion police at 16,Dec,15 08:12

what are "rap clothes" ?

By Da Ultimate at 10,Oct,13 16:03

Quit lying Terrence, IP is fresh as f*ck.

By LMWAO at 11,Oct,13 20:47

Somebody is on IP's nuts way too hard. LMWAO

By anonymous at 08,Mar,15 05:26

IP makes over $1, 000, 000 a year. FYI

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