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Virgin bitch

Posted by Anony at July 8, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I am a virgin who is 28. I've been in an unmarried straight relationship for 10 years to a sweet man who loves me. I CANNOT bring myself to have intercourse with him. The thought disgusts me! I am not attracted to him at all! I fantasize about having sex with all kinds of men, just not him. I desperately want to have sex! Sometimes I fantasize about rape just so I can lose my virginity. I'm fat but I have a "pretty face." Like that's gotten me anywhere. I kissed another guy while in my current relationship (aka I cheated because I'm a heartless bitch), but then backed out when I saw where it was going because I have no self-esteem or confidence in my body and sexual abilities. I can't find another story like mine on the internet which makes me feel like an even bigger freak. I wish I could blame my virgin status on religion, pain, disabilities, etc. but it's nothing like that. I'm simply not attracted to my partner but am unwilling to break it off for fear of being alone. FML!!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 20,Jul,12 13:18

Do your partner a favor and leave him. At least he will be able to satisfy himself sexually in a different relationship. You are being selfish in not providing for his needs while at the same time hogging (no pun intended) all the spotlight for yourself by saying you are attracted to other men but you are afraid of being alone. You are destroying yourself and that man you are so-called married to. Make the healthy choice, leave him and it will be better for you and him. Who knows, he might even be boning somebody else, since his home is ripped of all the furniture. You can pay a guy to have sex with you or lose some weight and have guys go gaga over you. You will get a lot of abuse for this story but in my opinion, children should not be subjected to harsh taunts. My suggestion to you is to grow up and become mature.

By anonymous at 10,May,13 10:27

yeah you are one of those biggest freaks out there - stubborn and idiotic over not having sex because the partner you have chosen to stay with is somehow not attractive.
You may as well choose an animal you like, then travel to a place where you can be RAPED by it legally, by seducing it with a fertilizing dance of shaking your hopelessly FATTTTTTT ASS u fuking loser!
Enjoy that 30 seconds, that is all you are going to get, and dont look back, cause you will see your first blood and the beast face just to remember how much of a freakkkyyyy loser you are until death do you and your vagina apart. Go, find that animal and a place where you can seduce it.

By anonymous at 19,May,13 06:17

eww stinky fatty! you smell like ham!
By anonymous at 29,May,13 09:18

not to be mean at all but are you shure you not gay

By anonymous at 31,May,13 16:57

I totally agree with first comment.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,13 02:23

Your not alone, im the same as you...
By anonymous at 07,Jul,13 02:25

(same poster, accidentally pressed the button)

What I was going to say was that the only difference between us is that you were brave enough to tell your story, I would say go to counsiling and leave your husband.

Im sorry.

By anonymous at 09,Sep,13 21:05

You are a bit selfish. Leave the guy and let him get some form of satisfaction. You wont allow him any sex and yet you think of someone else raping you. To think he wasted all that time he was gonna have a chance boning your fat rear. Don't worry, lots of guys like to ride fat chicks. Just not many guys allow themselves to be used as a cushion. He deserves better.

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By negro jim at 27,Mar,14 16:24

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By anonymous at 28,Oct,16 05:10

I love raping fatties

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