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idk if my life sucks or im just a emotional teen -_-

Posted by fuck it at July 9, 2012
Tags: July 2012

So 7 years old my parents divorced which was good.Fights where annoing and he was a drunk and cheated on my mom. I think he even did drugs at least that's what my mom says maybe she's just saying that cuz she fucken Hates him. I watched my dad punch my mom across her face and had to listen outside the bathroom while she cried. So he left a new born a 7 year old and a 5 year old. And a very emotional wife I had to take care of my little brother and sister alot while mom worked. She became abusive would have wierd as mood swings. I grew up hateing my dad. so I'm older now 16 dad decided to comeback in to our life. They both hate eachother alot! My dad hates my mom because he has to pay child support according to him she's fucken evil for makeing him pay a 1,500 a month . For three kids!! He's a fucken retard. My mom well she tells me every day she himwishes that she would have never met him . That makes me feel so good ^.^ umm I guess I'm the worst son. even though all my friends smoke and I don't I Make ok grades. I really haven't done anything "bad" at least that she knows of. She hates men, I think cuz her father hurt her so lucky me I get all the hatred she has towards him. If I even say anything bad about her parents she gets me introuble but talking so much shit about my dad is ok .Apparently to her men where made to serve women. She threatens me that she's sending me to military school but she really has no reason too. She's just pissed that I don't agree with her for alot of shit. I honestly at this point wana go I'm tired of her bitching the only thing that makes me stay is that there's no girls there. My dads ok takes me to the gym and shit but can only hang out with me and my siblings for 3 hours because after that were stressing him out. My little bro is as tall as me and he's 14 and I'm 16 t-_- I still beat his ass but lucky me everybody always have to tell me that I look young for my age !! I already fucken know you cunts. Well I guess I'm moving now my moms hinting to me she wants me to stay with my dick of a dad so I might just so she can get a break. She proably will change her mind cuz you know she's fucken biopolar.she's proably just off her pills for that shit.
Well I might just be a brat or stuff don't judge my grammer I'm typeing of my phone . I'm trying to ignore my dads annoing as Bitch who only speaks spanish.


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