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Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
Tags: Jul2012

Well here it is I'm looking at my life and just wondering why.. The time I've spent on this planet has been well it's been yea I can't find the right words to describe it. I turn 19 in 17 days and I'm not sure I'll be around that long. I work like a dog for a worthless check my car is falling apart. My hopes of getting a girlfriend diminish every day. And the clocks running down till eviction day. I'm still in highschool (where I'm openly hated by the majority of teachers and students alike). It's summer now and it just keeps getting hotter. I work at a grocery store that's 45 minutes away from where I live now. I'm just tired that sums up my life I'm tired of working a lousy 10 to 20 hours a week when I was promised at least 30. I'm tired of being looked down on by the people around me. I'm tired of getting screwed over at every turn. I'm immensely tired of the poor state of the society around me. A 23 year old who lives at my friends house is a litteral pedophile who is constantly trying to sleep with 14 and 15 year old girls on a regular basis and he gets praised for that shit. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to see the world around me.
So here's a little bit of my history. Since age 14 I've been had a bad run of events. For my 14 birthday I spent the day working and the night alone. My 15th was real fun I went to the corner store to buy some food and I got jumped. 16 I got evicted. Just before 17 my dad tried to commit suicide 2 days later I was forced to pack up 2 backpacks worth of clothes and the rest of my belonging to move away from my my family my friends everything I knew and everything I loved... Over night I spent my 17th alone and watching the blood flow. Shortly after school started I met a girl. She gave me a reason to keep breathing. Me and her were good together. Everything was right when she was around there was no pain no sadness only happiness. A couple weeks after we started dating I met her mom and she loved me from day 1 infact she still does. About 6 months after we started dating I found out she was sleeping around. She was doing this while telling bullshit line after bullshit line about how she wanted to be the "only one" in my life while she's out with other guys. So long story short I'm the bad guy for leaving her for cheating on me. Then I spent my 18th alone sober and ready to grab my knife and kill anyone who talked shit. Now I'm almost 19 and ready to say fuck it all to the world. It long overdue that some justice gets served and I'll gladly serve it free of charge and indicriminately.
Lifes a bitch.
Fuck the drama.
Here's to another year alone...


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By I am with you at 08,Jun,14 12:44

so far my life is the same exept I just turned 14 on june 7th 2014 and got treated like shit by my family people I have met on videogames have been nicer to me and I tried to over dose myself on my moms pills today but my fuckin dad stopped me

By c at 24,Jul,14 20:55

u haven't posted this since 2 years ago. hope all is well don't give up. i know you want to say fuck the world and deminish everything and everyone that gets in your way. don't trust anyone. keep to urself who cares you don't have anyone. at least you have yourself. noone can stand in your way. and with that girl another one will come your way, just start being a bitch to them girls like that. don't think negative.

By c at 24,Jul,14 21:06

By anonymous at 16,Sep,15 22:23

The truth of the matter is we all feel ducked up or over.... Some of us all the time sometimes justifiably. We r not born knowing evil or hardship. We r born innocent. We learned the way things really are through personal experience and suffer as a result. So the question is let it rule our lives or cut loose and say I don't give a damn anymore. Do as u please whatever makes"u"happy not what the rest of the world accepts or says is appropriate. Live free jump in the water out of the blue right from a bar side or run ur car 100mph down a back street. Learn to live freely. It helps(just remember the potential consequences). Live to be decent true pure. Live to be free. The rest of the world soon will have no meaning or influence

By anonymous at 21,Nov,15 22:33

Go buy a dildo and shove clear up your ass. Better let go find a stick of TNT be sure you light it. You will have the orgasm yet.

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