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Posted by Hate at July 12, 2012

I hate the fact that I am a lazy, unmotivated piece of shit of a person. But weirdly I like myself the way I am. My laziness is rooted deep within me and I have no ambition to succeed in any way. I don't mind if I never get married. I don't mind if I lose my job and end up poor. I don't mind if I never amount to anything in life. I would love to live alone working part time at a minimal mind usage work and just coast.

I don't want to achieve success but I want to at least coast at mediocre without too much effort. The thing is, it seems there is no middle ground. It's either I starve to death or I succeed. However, I simply don't have the energy or the desire to dedicate my life to achieve the monetary and relationship success that modern culture has imposed upon us.

I would love to die. Get out of this miserable existence. What is so great about life? We are born to be slaves, to fight poverty, exchanging our time, vitality, and energy for money (and not plentiful money, just enough to pass along).

I don't know if life is worth it.

I want to thank all the trolls that are going to comment. I so love death wishes, and insults, it truly makes my day. Please indulge me with your hate. I thank you.


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