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Another Day Jst Like All The Rest

Posted by LM at July 12, 2012

If you thought your life sucks; you have no idea!! I’m only 23 but life couldn’t get any worse. For starters I lost my son 3 years ago, but it still feels like yesterday. He passed away right in front of me not even 2 feet away. A week later his father said “you’re not what I want anymore” bye. I’ve been picking up the pieces ever since. I work at a job I absolutely hate! Not only am I getting paid $6 less than 2 people in my exact position, but I can’t find another job or a part time job to save my life. All I really want to do is write music, but we all know how hard that industry is to break into. I’m constantly depressed, stressed, and I have anxiety attacks out the ass! Sad part is no one knows this about me; all they see is me pretending to be happy all damn day which is extremely exhausting. So when I get home I collapse into bed and do the same thing all over again the next day. Noting ever changes; nothing ever gets better…just another day like yesterday…life sucks


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