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end of my school career

Posted by hopeless at July 20, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 July  Juvenile problems  School

I'm an 18 year-student from germany and i used to go to the "gymnasium" that's the best high school category in germany. I'm not the hardworking one but my marks were ok till the 11th grade. then i really screwed it up and had to repeat the 11th grade. my marks got in the second round really good but in the second semester of the 11th grade i took everything easy and didn't learn for some subjects on purpose because i knew that i would still reach the 12th grade even if i would fail on them. so i failed on chemistry and pysics but with a good mark on a main subject you can still pass the 11th grade and i had this really good mark in german (the marks go from 1 to 6 and i had a 2 in german). so there wasn't a problem till we wrote a last class test in german about analysing of texts although we didn't ever practise for that in this year. i got a 4 in it! so i was between 2 and 3 in german and my teacher had to give me a 2 that i could reach the next grade. but she gave me a 3 although i had spoken to her a few times.

so now i know that i can't reach the 12th grade and i want to speak to the headmistress to ask her for passing me through this school year because if you have to repeat a second time in a gymnasium you get kicked out. i don't know what to do I'm freaking scared and regret everything! my parents don't know what's going on because i don't want to upset them.
btw, my mum's not here since may! she got "bored" so she's with my aunt now and she told me on the phone she will be back on september. I'm dying when i see how much my dad cares about me and does everything to make me confortable (cooking, house work..). next week will be the last week at school if i won't be able to change the headmistress' mind.. if i won't be able to do this i don't want to live anymore!
I'm so angry because those ones who were worse than me got a better mark although they stood like me between two marks. that's so not fair! the pathetic thing is I'm not even able to kill myself and never tried it because I'm a little scared loser! LIFE SUCKS!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Jul,10 18:17


we will all die one day

go listen to some shitty music

peace mate

By anonymous at 04,Aug,10 04:31

Sounds like a F**Ked society where gym class or some other class is used to lable you what the hell I thought we did away with that type of eugenics a long time ago

By Thomas at 11,Aug,10 21:29

Here is what you ask if you can march with your class right come back and take the BST if your age is not over 19. Or get the IEP it looks like the diploma. It just has IEP sensiled into it. Te school i went had but I would be 20 so i got my IEP and the Spceical Acheviment Award. I have the the stuff to prove it. My father saw me get my stuff before he died. I did have option to go back becuase of my age I faile a couple of grades but got pased on through two of them and then I did the work. If you public school Private i don't know their policy on that so check into that and and take it easy.

By stunning seo guys at 30,Jan,14 21:22

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