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Posted by anonymous at July 28, 2010
Tags: Anger  2010 July

... I just hate everything - the fucking endless WARS!!! they cant account for our TAX MONEY - BILLIONS - Kill all those fuckers, All this money could pay for health care - these FUCKING Republicans - Kill them ALL

NO FUCKING JOBS, all these fucking immigrants come here to commit crimes, the Fucking Chinese - fuck them too, NO GOOD dog eating mother fuckers - our troops are in Korea and Japan - they use their money to compete with us and KICK our ass too - why the fuck are we not getting paid for the services

Why the fuck are trading with FUCKING CHINA - cant trust those fuckers

NOT JUST the Mexicans - why aren't rounding up the Indians and ASIANS
They are here illegal too - we should KILL all those illegal fucks

Why do they have to have the street name in Chinese here??? OAKLAND AND TEXAS ..There are NO street names in English over there, FUCK THEM ALL - ALL those Fucking ugly women - this country is gone to SHIT!! all these fucking politician don't trust any of them.

ALL these fucking companies that send the the jobs to South America, India, China - then they come here to get FREE MEDICAL CARE!!!

I am fucking MAD - The congress should take a 20% pay cut- all those fuckers make too much for doing SHIT!! WE need to get rid of all those ass holes - the next time the refuse to sign employment? THEY SHOULD NOT GET PAID EITHER, THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT - WE WILL BE COMING TO WASHINGTON SOON


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,Aug,10 21:30

Fuck chinks beaners wetbacks sandniggers jews
white power!
By anonymous at 20,Mar,11 00:48

you're fucking stupid ignorant fuck.
By anonymous at 20,Mar,11 08:57


By anonymous at 05,Aug,10 17:51

u should be the president of this country ding dong is that the fbi at your door and homeland security ?
By anonymous at 05,Aug,10 21:10

u got a chimp as a president LOL
better luck next time rednecks!
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 15:21 Fold Up

"u should be the president of this country ding dong is that the fbi at your door and homeland security ?" lol gd one

By anonymous at 05,Aug,10 18:20

Stupid + Has strong political opinions = Terrifying.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 15:22


By anonymous at 05,Aug,10 23:32

Hey your a dumb shit without china you dumb fucks would be poor as fuck. Hey who borrowed billions of money from china you did. Whithout china you guys are nothing but weak dumb fuckers. Go fuck yourself you fucking racist.
By anonymous at 19,Aug,10 07:16

no fuck you ass bag he or she did not take billions from china and if you really think china is holding us up you need a fucking reality check they are a communism that will fail and when it does i hope you blow your fucking brains out for being a retard have a nice day fuck you
By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:31 Fold Up

Hey stupid. Think about this if you have a brain. If china never existed we never would have bought their cheap shit in the first place and we would still be producing, building, buying our own stuff. (We would have figured out how to make gun powder without them) How much made in china shit is in your house walmart shopper? Soon china will be shipping over houses that you assemble yourself. You will buy one.
I lived in a country for 2 and a half years that does not have a free trade agreement with china. Import of goods is restricted. (They tryed to force me to pay an import tax on my video camera) The people in that country want quality, not cheap junk. Local industry is incouraged and their is a campaign and unwritten code to buy things made in their own country or quality stuff. That code is dead here in the US, we have been sold out. In that country, it is true that the chinese have fucked up the rice market and try to control it, but that country has a buffer and is fighting back. They have a world famous rice institute that fights agaisnt the chinese infiltration that the US allows in this country.
The US is dead because you believe all that crap in the news media and go along with it. Well, I have seen first hand for myself. I have been in many countries and experienced many things. Your experience is the boob tube and walmart. Even Lao tzu, who you have no clue is, hated his dumb shit country men. If you want to learn something, go dump yourself in a rice patty for awhile. Hell, the chinese may do that to you anyway in the near future.

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 02:47

cool down cause it aint the repubs or the demons its the new world order ,and yes barry sotoreo is a POS aka barak obama
By anonymous at 19,Aug,10 07:17

thank you sir you are an intelligent patriot just for knowing the truth i hope you have a really good life

By nicholas at 08,Aug,10 21:31

Asians aren't ugly dude.

And if it makes you feel better, I am a WHITE male with a summer job that involves doing nothing but watch movies, play video games, go through Facebook, and play around with puzzles all day, and I get paid 560 per week. I have my own desk, internet (cable lol), and I can show up and hour late if i feel like it and not get in trouble and still get paid for the time I missed. The other person who works there is Indian, she takes the job seriously, she is probably a legal citizen, she shows up on time unlike everyone else, etc.

And I'm guessing that you are a fan of Glen Beck since you will be coming to Washington soon to hear Becks retarded God speech...

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 01:22

What the hell is wrong with you? Not everyone in China and Mexico, and other countries are bad! I'm Chinese, and a very good person. I am in America legally, for your information.

P.S, Go to hell, you fucking pussy.
Have a nice day

By anonymous at 21,Aug,10 08:32

You hate everything and everybody? You should get a job at a customer service call center in New Delhi, India. When a Dell Computer customer calls for help with his PC, you could do a fake Indian accent and give useless advice. It would be a lot of fun for a person like you.
Customer: I have a problem with my Dell PC.
You: Is you machine plugged in? Maybe you are just too stupid to be able to operate a PC!

By anonymous at 24,Aug,10 04:47

hey body u r so funny and sweat i wish u were here in east L.A or in Compton ur ass will be mine babe ,,,

By anonymous at 13,Sep,10 02:20

I write this calmly and with the utmost sincerity and well wishes for you, GO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST.

You need help ASAP, you may be borderline bi-polar with schizophrenia. Its not your fault and its nothing to be ashamed about. Your brain isnt making the appropriate amount of chemicals etc.

best of luck to you and hope you go and get help before the paranoia sets in and its too late. :/

By anonymous at 29,Sep,10 00:42

He didnt mention f****** Dominicans whom have ruined NYC, those drug dealing dirty animals came to NYC acting like savages they commit so much fraud.They are thieves-pure uneducated garbage... the womans smellin pure cod fih rotten prostitutes whom only seek INS status with americans horny bastards looking for sex, next thing u know these men are stuck paying those hapless idiots tacky bitches child support while getting welfare & food stamps & wic plus housing.On top of it all,Those HUARS fuck the neighbors & the super too. JEEZ? talking about sluts!!! USA has turned into a letrine-wit all these immigrant.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,10 03:17

Thank God for this site or else there would be more planes flying into buildings. Let it rip here instead of a suicide bomber in some subway.
This is my first time on this site, but there are few places with real pissed off passion about life. I would love to have real people post a few comments on my site.

By anonymous at 09,Nov,10 15:20

badoogly dingly flib flob. Makes just as much sense.

By anonymous at 12,Jan,11 02:37

i blame them stinkin niggers....

By anonymous at 04,Feb,11 03:35

Jeez what a bunch of efd up way to look at the world are you on drugs? Scratch that you are on them and believing
some crack pipe theories you found on the net...I feel sorry for you go get some help man. Peace

By anonymous at 01,Mar,11 17:21


By anonymous at 07,Jun,11 05:35

Yeah Fuck niggers,Kikes,Chinks,Wetbacks,Sandniggers.!

White Power ! 14 Words and 88 Heil Hitler!

By anonymous at 12,Dec,11 20:47

Well, fuckity fuck on a fuck sondwich to you too sir!

By anonymous at 22,Dec,11 11:55

maa chudalo

By anonymous at 04,Sep,12 05:38

War generates money. As does human death. So do elections and most "charity organizations." This game is fixed.. Seek truth. support small businesses and be kind to those around you. Corporations suck. Try to be creative by any means or support those around you who are.. Take the high road.. Thats the biggest "fuck you" you can put out there.

By Jordan Fly 23 at 08,Sep,14 04:13

but it's hardly the full story. as Nadal got the critical break for a 2-0 lead in the fourth set,As if to emphasise the shift, ``We stole two points. It just wasn't good enough. If you want to know how a field of human endeavour is faring as a whole you have to look outwards. let's try using it on something other than the French Revolution. but it was the misspelling of "America"

By ') onmouseout="hideddrivetip()"> at 11,Feb,15 07:18

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