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Why can't I act the same towards girls anymore

Posted by Ganja man at July 28, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Relationship

Hi I'm 19 and I used to be a sweet kid and a gentleman up untill my last girlfriend she cheated ok me while I was over seas which sent me into depresion cuz everyday I would ache And get so upset to see this girl and I knew she wasn't feelin same way so I turned to drugs and over dosed I believe tht god saved me but and then before I got back I flu d out she fucked my friend on my mother fuckin birthday and since then it's been a year already I cnt talk to girls how I used to I'm scared to get. Close to one I feel like it's gna end the same way and then I get nervous can enybody help me pleaseee


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By anonymous at 05,Aug,10 00:45

she's a whore, just talk to her like to one

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 00:30

she did it to hurt you. bitches and whores man...

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 00:30

treat them with disrespect.. and they will gobble your cock..

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 02:42

Gos is a lie!!!

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 02:43

I mean god is a lie!!

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 02:54

If they can't entice you sexually, they do it by telling you bullshit sad stories. They pretend to love you to better exploit whatever ressources you have to offer. When you're bled dry, they move on! I think God only loves women. There is no hope to find decent people out there. Life is hopeless and Canada is a sham.....Hypocrisy runs the country, the people are phonies, ignorant and prejudiced. Women in Canada take better care of their pets than their relationships. Money talks, bullshit walks.....
By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 03:40

thats the world , or the new world order...

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 17:51

I had a girlfriend a couple years back..We met in 2005 at a friends party..I don't know what it was, but I was so insanely attracted to her..the sex was great, the relationship was great..and it stayed that way for the first year..She had what doctors call "fibermyalja" a sort of chronic pain all over her she would take oxycontin to relieve the pain..anyway..she ended up overdosing and went into a drug-induced coma until she died 3 days later..since then, I haven't been able to find anyone, nor do I really want to..In your situation, I would stay single for a while. Take care of yourself and make your life better..once you get to the point where your happy and secure with yourself and your life, then start lookin' for a lady. My point Is, Women can really fuck you up..especially, if you already have out your problems, live life alone for a while and then go from there. I hope this helps! good luck.
By at 08,Aug,10 20:48

You moron, relationships are meaningless. You made yourself vulnerable by getting attached. Attachment is for the weak. My advice to you is to join her. End your meaningless life and join her in eternal darkness.
By anonymous at 09,Aug,10 14:46

You can take your advice and shove it up your fucking ass you piece of shit!! I wasn't talking to you was I? I sincerely hope you die very badly, and before you do, I hope a big group of niggers ass-fuck you until cum squirts out of every fucking hole in that ass you call a face you pathetic waste of fucking skin! go fuck your dad in the meantime, cocksucker!!
By anonymous at 07,Oct,12 00:06

sorry bout that guy above you...what a dick.stay strong

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 21:56

If hmmmm impalement can get over being a douche bag, you can get over this girl. A better one will come along to fuck your brains out and ruin your life once again. Good luck!
By anonymous at 09,Aug,10 14:54

I'm sorry but, I don't think I was the one asking for advice...If you notice at the top, Ganja Man is the one asking for it. Last I checked, this wasn't about me..but thanks for your smart-ass comment!

By anonymous at 09,Aug,10 20:19

Stop arguing ! I'm a girl and ye we are whores and bitches, but individually we can be nice. It just takes time to find someone who is an individual and who needs you as much as you need them. It will hurt a lot at times but when you walk down the street if a girl makes eye contact she's really saying I like you. Ask them out they might be the individual you need. Also your only 19, you have the world waiting on you ! I'm 16 and from scotland, and although were worlds apart I know your a good guy. If you have trouble talking to girls then practice with a good friend who's a girl. I hope you do well in life x
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 15:17

tell 'em sister. they need more females like us in the world.
By anonymous at 21,Aug,10 16:06

Thanks for the support. They really do need more girls like us. And I hope the writer of this story has read my advice above :) I would really like to make sure he's okay x
By anonymous at 22,Nov,10 00:15

I can't believe I'm reading this! Maybe there are some good "girls" still left in this world, WOW!

This entry gave me a bit of hope THANX :)

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