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Because I'm a freakin wuss

Posted by anonymous at July 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Relationship

What a site. A lot of messed up sh__ on here. So here is mine:

Got a good wife, got a good life. For several years. I rescued her from a bad life and put her through school. Everything was great. Then the wife gets addicted to pain pills. I find pills and needles all over the place. She keeps getting stuck without a job and the finances fall apart. And every night I have to come home to her being wasted on pills. She even totalled her car while she was messed up. And now we are deeeeep in debt.

So I get cynical and am angry a lot. I yell all the time and am always pissed because I have to babysit her. She starts telling me that she wants something different for her life. Yeah, no sh*t, I think. So do I. Well she starts cleaning up her act and going to a lot of girls night outtings (ya see where this is going yet?)

One day she says she needs to go be alone for the weekend to reflect on her life and how she is getting older. She comes back and tells me that God has told her to leave me because I was a bad influence. WTF???? She goes on and on about her spiritual revival and how she has been counseled by this pastor's wife.

Flash forward a few weeks and guess what? There is no pastor's wife... just a pastor. And she's been sleeping with him. I confront them both and they make up some BS about how it wasn't the way it looked. And they keep doing it. When I finally got proof, she's shrugged it off and he doesn't seem to give a damn. So for months I heard lectures about how I wasn't a good enough Christian for her and how I was too psychotically paranoid about her "special friend" - even after reading pornographic messages between them. She used to scream at me for invading her privacy and having a sick perverted mind. And the whole time they were doing it practically EVERY DAY. She also confesses to several other affairs before him.

What kind of loser am I that I put up with that sh*t? She's had FIVE affairs and still I come back for more.


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By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 21:44

So get a lot of evidence and then put it out to his church members so that he gets canned and has to move on. Also, coming back for more means you're just an idiot.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 22:14

Do everything in your power to make her life hell. The cunt deserves whatever she has coming to her.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 22:54

It just demonstrates how 70% of the world population should be extinguished. I'm surprised you spent the time to censor your curse words. You put her through school and got her out of a shitty life. And in return she has 5 affairs and claims that God told her to leave you. Now, I'm agnostic but I was raised a Christian and I know that the ten commandments include "Do not commit adultery." So she is a hypocrite, and if you fell for it then you are a fool.

This is one of the reasons why I hate people who turn to God. It's one thing to believe and thank, it's another thing to rely on...
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 14:55

you DO know that there are evil.....i'll call them spirits...who dress up as "God" and thus give Him a bad name. thats just wat the chick got into. it wasnt God. you REALLY dont know the changes He can make in someone's life, dude. u should know when its fake and when its not coz the day u decide its fake will b the day u'll b all alone with u, urself & ur thoughts. and THATS when life really sucks.

By anonymous at 29,Aug,10 20:23

Holy shit, dude. STOP already. Look for someone/something better.

Hope you find it.

By anonymous at 27,Sep,10 09:19

STOP and run from her!!!!!

By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 19:23


By matzcrorkz at 05,Aug,14 11:20

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