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Life sucks

Posted by anonymous at July 31, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Juvenile problems

My Life Sucks Because...
-No true friends
-no money
-parents always fighting
-little brother being annoying
-people think i'm weird
-im short
-did i mention single ugh NOBODY I REAPEAT NOBODY Likes me!!!!
this may not seem all that bad but trust me its bad to the point of thinking about commiting suicide


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New Comment

By at 07,Aug,10 06:17

Hi... I'd like to say that I have similar problems, but I wanna give you some advice...
I'm sure you have friends. Friends can't be true or untrue. Maybe they just don't understand how really bad you feel. I tried many times to ask my friends to help me. And practically all the time they disappointed me because they just didn't understand. But maybe we should cope with such problems ourselves. Because they really can't help with all the problems you named except money.
What about money? There's always a way to earn money. You just have to try very hard to find it. So, good luck!
Family is a very big problem... yeah... But at least you have your parents together. Try to do something for them. You can suggest to sit with your brother, so they can spend some time together or something like that. Believe me, it's very good when your parents are together and not divorced.
Think about your little brother. I think you were just like him at the same age. So just be patient. Try to play with him or teach something in this life. That's what big brothers and sisters usually do.
And please! Don't think about other people's opinion. It is your life, not theirs. You can do whatever you think you need to do. You can only follow advice of your close people, because they really love you even if you don't see it.
I don't know how old are you and I also don't know how to find someone who will love you, but I can give you advice not to concentrate on love life. You have too many other problems to deal with. Don't look for life, it will find you anyway.
Good luck! I'm sure that everything will be ok soon.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 21:39

I like you. You are funny and kind of cute. Short is good too. I bet you would be a great friend. I made a post above yours. I let guys put their fingers in my woo-hoo. Would you like to touch my woo-hoo too?
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 14:45

By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 20:22

No seriously! I like having things in my woo-hoo. I'll bet your weener would fit nicely. Wanna wet my woo-hoo?
By anonymous at 13,Mar,11 07:30

wow you're a douche bag I hope you stop breathing

By check it out at 22,Mar,14 11:01

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