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my life sucks

Posted by jacob landers at July 31, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Juvenile problems

First of all i dont have any parent my father left before i was born i dont even know his last name and my mom left me to dhs when i was 7 i have no friends im so skinny that its ugly i cant gain any wheight im very ugly most people think of me as 2 things:a psyco or a mentaly retarded child. Im thirteen years old and i have honestly never had one reason to enjoy life and to all of you people outthere who think everyone should be happy just because thier alive, wake up you freaken bush hippies cause some people like me would much rather be dead.


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By anonymous at 09,Aug,10 16:08

Listen here Jacob,

You have my sympathy for growing up without a mom or a dad.
That must have been very hard for you, and I'm sure it still is. You sound like you hate yourself because you say your too skinny and too ugly..The truth is, Until you learn to like yourself, your fucked...I'm not going to tell you to just be happy for being alive..That would be stupid..Life is cruel and dark and unforgiving. I am going to say that when life gives you hell, give it hell back. As far as not having any friends, Be your own best friend..I don't have any friends anymore, so that's what I do. If people don't like you for who you are, then fuck'em. they're not worth your time. Sometimes I want it all to just end...Sometimes I want to die too..but, then I remember that I want to be there for the good times..9 out of 10 things in life does suck..I keep going for the 1 outta 10. Maybe by now your thinking i'm an idiot,or a dumbass or whatever..Maybe I am..I just hope you don't give up even though you might have every reason to..Believe it or not, There are things worth living for..Be strong and keep your chin up.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 14:27

wow dude. that was really good. i like this point of view and its so true. "Until you learn to like yourself, your fucked.." . i actually DID learn to appreciate who i am and w/ time things actually did change and now i'm a little better off than i was b4. it was like some kinda journey or something. any ways this is now 1 of my new favorite quotes "Until you learn to like yourself, your fucked..."

By anonymous at 10,Aug,10 15:32

hey just fuck em up everyone who thinks anaything bad about you. i;m fat a little bit but it's a problem and everyday i here that i should loose my weight. funny yeah. right now i have no wish to live on but what the hell should i do.still i think that i should live on. you're gonna be ok besides that life sucks sometimes.

By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 08:20

Don't base your whole life on your past.
One of these days you'll be 18 and be forced to make decisions- be around the kind of people who you know will make you worse off, of either be around better people, or don't be around anybody and work out your own faults.

sometimes the latter is more likely. Then, you can at least first identify and write out the ways you think to yourself and make yourself stop to toxic ones. It starts by doing something dorky like when you catch yourself thinking "Ugh, I just SUCK at EVERYTHING!" and realizing you think that, and following it with something like... "unicorns fart effing rainbows."
You can't possibly take everything so hard or seriously if you do stuff like that.

then it will be easier to really sit down and comb through how you DONT want to be, and make things less about unicorns and rainbows, and more about "I shouldn't be self centered. I should do my best-and I havent yet. I shouldnt hurt people, even though I can. I might have a certain life or surroundings, but I dont have to be *like* it. I dont *want* to be like my life. I dont *have* to be like my life. if I can choose to think about unicorns shizzing rainbows, then I can choose to act appropriately, as well. " It HAS to be something you PRACTICE as a way of life, on purpose. Other people might have a surrounding that is encouraging ect- but it sounds like you dont. So you have to make your insides, your thoughts that you CAN control, small things you CAN choose, become your encouragement. Peace is not having a nice, calm surroundings. Peace is being calm, surrounded by anything.

When you become that, you wont think you are so ugly anymore.

A lot of people say "well I dont know HOW to do that." I swear, start with something, anything, crapping butterflies and rainbows- AS SOON as you realize you are thinking something really negative. You simply CANT take everything so seriously if you do that. It can put distance between you and the crap you are thinking about. Once the distance comes, you can objectively think about what things you like and dislike about yourself- and first try to change how you think about them, and at the same time change or resist your actionable impulses. Practice discipline and respect first- understanding will come later.

and the understanding might be as simple as "I dont want to be that." who knows.

anyways. Hope you've enjoyed the novel. >.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 14:33

wow thnx 4 posting this. it does make sense. some ppl have a false sense of peace coz of wat the world shows them, but really does start with u and ur thoughts. thnx again

By anonymous at 17,Dec,10 20:47

i give one advise if yr life sucks juz fuck on it!!

By anonymous at 17,Dec,10 20:49

my mum alwayz keep on saying something to me so i juz dont lke tht she doesnt understands me my life sucks

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