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what is the point?

Posted by anonymous at March 21, 2013
Tags: Mar2013

my name is kc.I am 13 yrs old .my mom yells at me all the time and my brother abuses me.I was born with bipolar disorder and have attempted suicide 7 times.the only thing tht keeps me goin is my current bf.everyone hates me for some reason.I was almost raped but escaped. The person who tried to rape me was my so called bff.can u hlp me?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Jan,14 07:06

I just read a quote by Bob Marley. He said, basically " Everyone hurts you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for." This quote helped me, I hope it helps you.

By anonymous at 21,Jan,14 22:38

KC, hang in there. Put up with the crap until you are old enough to move out. Do well in school. If you have not in the past, start now. It is NEVER too late. Get a job where they pay for college and go. I was a nurses aid taking old ladies to the toilet. Did what I had to do, but the hospital paid for college. You are in control of your destiny. If you give up it is on you. If you hang in there and try try try, you will be rewarded.

By c at 24,Jul,14 14:48

If you can leave everyone that makes you feel miserable. It is not healthy.your young but there is People out there that can help u.leaving a bad stuation lessens for more problems to come. Be strong and whatever u decide, please be safe.

By anonymous at 07,Feb,15 21:15

Wow and some times I hate my life. Sorry not helping am I. I'll shut up now

By Moxium Jackal at 27,Mar,15 06:54

Buck up.... dudes are just rapist a holes
but thats in their genetics
girls are usually sluts and seduce men
who are rapist by default
life is just one big pos...
but theres alot more out there

By Moxium Jackal at 27,Mar,15 06:59

PS you think life is bad at 13...
iam 23, once you get a job
your life turns to shit instantly
it may be bad as a kid
but it only gets worse
Tell your friends... life is pointless
one life lesson
Life Sucks, then you die.
cause at least in death there is freedom and peace.

By anonymous at 29,Apr,16 12:58

I'm Aaron, call me Phantom. I was also born with terrible parents, but I have a cold, undead heart. I won't mind to kill someone, for a small price. I hope you find revenge on that "BFF". But I can help to >:)

By Chaas at 15,May,17 02:20

Hey, that's a clever way of thniking about it.

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