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I have nothing.

Posted by Ahmed at August 6, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Independent circumstances  Family

Hi my name is Ahmed and I just want everybody in here to know how much of a worthless and useless life I have. When I was eight or six years old I had no friends, my family hated me, I was wiped every and each night, I stunk, I was short, ugly, the laughing stock for both my family, their friends, and the school. When I was at Egypt I had nothing to lose because I owned nothing, I was poor and ugly and nobody liked me not even my family. My mom always gave money,gifts, and cloth to my brother and two sisters and made fun of me. I only had two pair of shirts and one pants and I was always embarrassed in school because kids made fun of my pants that I wore everyday. My mom didn't feed me or even wash my cloth and she always yelled when i drank water or even took showers complaining that I was wasting electricity. My family went out most of the nights to have dinner or visit their friends and I had to stay home and draw, she didn't let me turn on the t.v. because she though I was ignorant and stupid and I might break it. My brother and dad always made fun of the way I looked and called me names and they would pile me every night whipping me with belt or hitting me with shoe laughing at me. I had no friends at school and I had to stand alone during lunch outside without food because my mom didn't give me money, I was the only one standing outside and kids would pass by with their friend's pointing their fingers at me and laughing at me. In class kids would always laugh at the way I dress,smell, and look. All the teachers called me names like "donkey" and hit me in class while the other kids laugh at me.

In 2003 my family decided to move to america and become rich but it didn't turn out like that. My dad went to jail after three years for trying to rape a women and was sent back to Egypt. Me and my family were forced to stay in our two bedroom apartment and take the chances of being shot. My mom didn't feed me and always bought chips,ice cream, and candy for my siblings and made me look at them eat it as if I was a dog. My big brother always whipped me and made fun of the way I smell and look, my sisters and mom scratched me and said I was stupid, ignorant and ugly. I only have one pair of pants right now and no friends,no family,still the laughing stock,ugly,girls dare not to look at me,stinky, short, and still living in a 2 bedroom apartment. I failed the 9th grade because my mom sent me back to Egypt for 3 years and brought me back knowing nothing. I didn't mention everything in this story because its too graphic and disappointing, I tried killing myself before but I didn't have the guts to do it.


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By anonymous at 23,Aug,10 23:43

you are not worthless your mama and dad are you should runaway l wish l could help you come to america steal your brother and sister clothes hell take your mother to dont hurt yourself anymore l will pray that god helps you l wish l had the money to dont let them hit you you are a beauful person and went moms out turn tv on take a shower hell cut up there clothes so they have one pair pants hey if cold weather cut there pants so they have to were shorts get out
By anonymous at 24,Aug,10 18:44

@the last commenter:

Damn. Ever heard of comma's and periods?

By at 28,Aug,10 14:47

number climatic extreme

By at 28,Aug,10 14:48

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By anonymous at 01,Jan,11 13:02

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