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fathers day in my home

Posted by dumbassdad at June 16, 2013
Tags: Jun2013

Mothers day 2013, get up early, make breakfast for 4 kids and Mom, clean up dishes, load up 4 kids and the wife in the SUV and take them to the Beach / Boardwalk for the day. Dinner for 6 aat a 4 Star ressstaurant and get home at 10 pm. Cost 500.00. Didn't even get laid that night. Fast forward to today, Fathers Day 2013. Woke up early, family slept in until 11 am. No one even made fucking coffee or wished me a Happy Fathers Day after they woke up. At noon I was asked what 8 wanted to do today and I replied I don't know. Hell, the day was half gone. Then I was accused of not wanting to do anything so the wife and younger daughters left at 1 pm for the afternoon leaving me alone at home. Teenage sons disappeared at 12 and haven't heard shit. Here I sit at 4 pm alone in my home with 2 generic cards from the wife and kids and a fucking cheap ass bbq apron from the dollar store left in the kitchen. Fathers Day my ass. I already feel like a fucking door mat and a paycheck, but the blatand disregard and lack of respect for me one fucking day out of the year in unconciounable. I won't be here next fucking Fathers Day I can god damn guarantee you. Plans and implementation for my exodus are in the works.


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New Comment

By negro jim at 24,Oct,13 13:26

Quit yo bitchen home skillet! You aint gots no problems yo! Man, I gots 8 baby mommas dat I gots ta pay child support fo! Man, I only makes like 100 a day sellin my skunk weed! My momma doned toll me dat I gots to move out of her basement, and da man just raised the price of my old English 800! My newest baby mamma jus tol me dat she gots da clap! My life really suck ass! so quit feelin sorry fo youself! at least you aint no GROCERY BAGGING COCK SUCKER!

By anonymous at 25,Oct,13 16:23

So, your life sucks because your family didn't pay enough attention to you on fathers day? Boo fucking hoo. Maybe if you werent such a shitty father, you would have a good fathers day.
By anonymouse at 31,Jan,14 18:57

-bump up a little bit-
By anonymous at 14,May,14 00:44 Fold Up

He's entitled to feel underappreciated, especially given everything he does for his family. Attitudes like yours spawn divorce and infidelity. We should feel safe discussing how our relationships make us feel--as a first step to making them better.

By anonymous at 17,Nov,13 03:25

This isn't so bad... instead of leaving your family, why don't you talk it out with them? they'll just think you were an even shittier father if you left.

By anonymous at 18,Dec,13 16:38

oh what can i say my partner told me that when he meet me he knew he would have nothing ive only given him all my life support 2 kids ive lost my job after 10 years at council that happend at christmas not only that he didnt come to my 50th birthday which my dauhter had done he didnt shut up moan moan he works hard i do know and i know he loves me but how do i forgive i may not be a bright spark but god that hurt so much and then not to come to my 50 i now no what all our freinds think all i want is too be happy have a happy home is that too much to ask it works both ways sometimes

By anonymous at 18,Dec,13 16:44

what i was meant to say was he said i knew when i meet you i would have nothing och nicky

By anonymous at 18,Dec,13 16:52

what the hell i could go on feeling sorry for my self something must be going on with me but whats the chances getting suspended 3 times in 3 years all at christmas time lost one job after 10 years only been in this one 3 months still waiting to hear my fait my partner doesnt know as i dont think i could cope with all the moaning i feel for my kids as they know 21 and 23 i dont think i want to work in care anymore i love my job but by god its not the good you do but what the hell have you done now it sucks

By anonymouse at 31,Jan,14 18:58

You should communicate your feelings instead of just keeping them all tucked up inside. If you don't communicate, how will they know how you feel? We humans aren't telepathic. We can't read minds and inherently know what is wrong without someone telling us what is wrong. So talk it out. If they still do not agree with you, think about the kids. Think about the pros and cons of leaving them. Don't make the decision when you are all fired up.

By adolph at 27,Mar,14 16:20

the french love hairy vaginas. and wear no deoderant. What do the french always say? Oh yes, "WE SURRENDER"

By anonymous at 14,May,14 00:47

It's been a long while since you posted, and I'm not a dad, but I can understand how demoralizing it must feel spending most of your adult life looking after others, celebrating them, and then being forgotten or abandoned on the single day of the year dedicated ostensibly to celebrating your many sacrifices. Not everyone who read what you wrote is heartless and instigatory. Best to you, man.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,14 00:24

People who have children and then expect a pat in the back for doing are scumbags. Having children is one of the most evil things anybody can do in his or her life. You don't deserve a reward, you deserve to go straight to hell.

By c at 24,Jul,14 14:55

Feeling unappreciated in anything is a bad feeling. No matter what the circumstances are. Father,mounter brother,sister,priest, president. People have the need to feel appreciated any day all day.human nature .i feel Ur pain and frustration in every aspect. Leave them and see how they would feel and see how far they would get without you or your money. Make them feel how you feel.

By Cry me a river.................. at 23,Nov,14 21:02

I feel great now, after reading your pathetic story. So happy I am not you..........

By anonymous at 27,Aug,15 18:57

Yeah that sucks.....I've been there done that. Work twelve hours a day while pregnant, come home to drunk bf who doesn't work sits on ass all day smoking like a chimney drinking like a fish eats everything in sight just to ask me to rub HIS feet. When I'm not at work I do just about everything for our son, his father ignores him and I when I'm home. I do all the housework, errands etc. Then he gets pissed when I'm ready for bed saying I don't wanna spend time with him so I go sit by him on couch just for him to play games on his fucking phone that I also pay for. Like wtf??? And yes every fucking holiday and his birthday he expects something which I do and wtf do I get? Not shit.

By anonymous at 20,Nov,15 06:01

Seriously? You're lucky enough to have a family and they don't do enough for you on fathers day? You leave asshole. I'll take your place and your family will have so much love and joy that everyday will be fathers day. I'd start by being more concerned with them rather then yourself. Sorry but this makes me sick

By Chase at 02,May,16 16:30

I agree, your family underappreciates you, they don't deserve your coolness bro.

By anonymous at 25,Nov,16 12:37

Glad you are leaving

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