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Getting DUIs and not being drunk!

Posted by D-N0 at August 5, 2013
Tags: Aug2013

1987 DUI #1. Blew 0.18 I had that one coming! 1997 Having a manic episode that had been on going for about 2 to 2 1/2 week prior to the arrest. Working 2nd shift I would get up get my son 5 at the time ready for school and then when he was done with school he would get on a bus and got to a sitters I would pick him up after work. Well Nov 18th 1997 after work I didn't pick him up I felt his life was in danger. I thought I was being followed and that they was after my son. I went home couldn't sleep all night. Around 8am. I went and told my land lord he was a racist because the weekend prior to me having a full blown manic episode his daughter was sitting my son and when I came home my house was full of her personal belongings and she proceeded to tell me her day my land lord had kicked her out for going to prom with a friend that was Mexican. It's wasn't even a date she just didn't get ask to prom and decided to go with a friend. Anyhow, back to Nov. 19th I take off for Arkansas for some reason I felt I needed a break and my sister lives there. I live 90 miles west of Chicago. So I tell my land lord off get in the car and head south. I am laughing and crying and not knowing what is wrong. Somehow, I get lost on a trip I have taken more than 20 times. I end up north of Chicago drive thru a schools lawn and enter the school disrupt some classes and end up in the principals office. Police arrive and I am arrested. I was taken to the hospital and they used a DUI kit on me. I blew 0.00 but tested positive for THC from the pot I had smoked a week prior. I wasn't high at the time of arrest I was manic. I was in jail for 3 days and I didn't know where I was at just that I was in jail. None of my family or friends could locate me either. Somehow, my family found me and a friend bailed me out. $10,000 bond so he shows up with the 10% needed to get me out. The jailers had talked to my family and told them that they arrest people messed up on all kinds of drugs and that usually with in 24 hours they are normal. But in my case they said my family need to have me checked out because I never came "down". So, that is what they did and come to find out I am bi polar. I get put on 3 kinds of medication. My lawyer let's the court know how I had been diagnose. So the still give me the DUI but court order me to see a shrink and take medication for 2 years. I did what the court ask. However, after 2 years of taking Depakote I had developed the shakes so I quit taking the medication. I had gotten a girlfriend who is now my wife and she put up with me un medicated for about 3 years and one day she said I need to get back on medication that I had chased off all our friends and she was sick of my mood swings. So, I found a doctor I like and have been on medication every day since. 2008 things get bad as far as work is concerned I only worked 3 day in 2009. My house was almost forclosed on in 2010 I had to take out money from my retirement to bail myself out. 2012 still not having steady work my unemployment runs out so my house payment doesn't get made for 3 months and it's like 2010 all over again. I end up taking a job working for less than 50% of my regular wages but we are working 12 and 14 hour days 6 and 7 day a week I am able to make a house payment every other week until I am back on top of my bill again. Then May 15 2013 I have a bad reaction with my medication and hit a telephone pole with my wives car and it ripped the right front tire off the car and damage to all the components associated with the tire. And of course the fender is all bent up and bottom of car is messed up as I drove 2 blocks home didn't know anything was wrong with car till I hit the brake peddle to slow down and come down my street. Police show up 1 1/2 hours later give me a sobriety test then a brethalizer test which I blow 0.00 and they put me in the back of the cop car and proceed to say that they are going to help me out and not take me in for urine and blood test it will be easier that way. So they charge me with a DUI I can't afford a real attorney so I have the court appointed lawyer representing me. You know the guy that is on the same pay roll as the procicuting attorney and judge. Now I am looking at 3rd DUI not having a license for 5 years because I refused to give blood and urine. Of course that is not the case. Even the free lawyer was interested in getting the recording from the police car to show I didn't refuse. However, there is no such recording. 3 weeks later I am let go from the job I just got 4 month prior. Now I don't have a job I am going to jail and the house payment is not getting made. I guess I will have a place to stay while I am in jail but by the time I get out I might not have a house. LIFE SUCKS HELP ME!


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