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I hate my life

Posted by i hate my life at June 8, 2014
Tags: Jun2014

Well first off I want to say as of June 7 2014 I am 14 and my birthday SUCKED DICK!
How most my days go: wake up, eat, get bitched at, get hit then bitched at more, attempt suicide (then get stopped by fuckin parents), go to sleep

What my friends are like: Hardly any and only one of them I have met in person and another who is almost like a exact copy of me they are real nice thou

What my family is like: Grandad: A fuckin bitch Brother: Autistic (dad acts like he never does anything wrong he is 2 years older than me)Granma: a lot better than my granddad and brother Dad: Never met him he is in jail for life Mom: was very nice but died when I was 5 2 weeks before my 6th birthday :'(

My view on people and the world: Fuck 98% of you

What I think of myself: Hardly anyone loves me and I am worthless and never should of lived (doctors said I had a 0% chance of living) but God must of had a good reason for me living (to take care of my brother probably)

So who thinks my life sucks also if you are like me and want to chat please email me at also if you have any advice on how I can improve my life please email me


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By Cass Michelle at 15,Aug,14 18:44

Personally, I don't know what you're going through but don't do anything that you're going to regret please (suicide, self harm, running away, etc.). Please if you need to talk to someone, kik me: ohsnapitscass_ or follow me on Instagram and dm me: Cass.michelle
By Elissa Batista at 17,Feb,15 12:53

Hello Good Day Yo You All In One Peace, I Am Batista Elissa, From Iceland, Here Is My Testimony About A Wonderful Spell Caster Who Helped Me Restore My Broken Marriage, Dr Tanasia Jobs Via ( My Husband Left And Broke Up With Me For No Reason To Tell, And I Found Out That This Wonderful Spell Doctor Helps Heal A Friend Of Mine From HIV, So I Decided To Contact Her And Tell Her My Problems As Well, She Told Me All Is Done,And It Came To Pass Just As The Woman Has Said, If You Are In Any Family Problem Or Spiritual Problems She Can Also Be A Blessing To You As Well.. Thanks
By anonymous at 24,Sep,16 15:18


By GBCS at 29,Sep,14 17:51

Hello. I know exactly how you feel. I don't have the balls to kill myself. I am a 48 year old man who lives with his mother, and bags groceries. I was born ugly, physically. Girls have always made fun of me, and I hate them all. My mother forced me to suckle at her teet until I was 37. I hate this sewer of a life. The only thing that really helps me, is to cover my head with a paper bag, and go behind the grocery store, and give wimps blowjons. So try and be happy.

By G at 13,Jan,15 13:30

God, I know exactly how you feel dude. I got a lot to tell you about my sucky life. and i would also be interested to talk to you about problems we have in common. So if you wanna talk then ... here

By anonymous at 07,Feb,15 19:46

Hey even if you life is really that bad at least u have friends. I guess I do to but mine are nothing like me. One of my friends is a leech. I can't get away from her because she is always hugging me and saying I'm awesome. But that is not true. I've had friends but they have never stayed with me. My last friend Alexis met a girl named Scarlett who was playing on one of her friends. Wow what love and care that girl had. She gave me nasty looks and stole Alexis the person who was most like me. Oh, sorry got off topic. My other friend Joey is ok but says really lame jokes. My other friend Dylan is ok also but never talks to me. Abby thinks he loves her but the amount of romance between them is zero. Oh, family. My brother and I fight often and he talks baby talk even though he is way to old for it. Dad is my favorite person. He's got depression can't eat bread which is his favorite thing and yells all the time. My mom is home after school but she doesn't alow anything with sugar or any electronics during the week but that doesn't stop me. Oh she yells too. My deppression from dad has kiked in and I feel like the world hates me because that isn't even the start to my life I'm in a lot of school clubs and have homework and don't forget swimming tae Kwon do and soccer.
By anonymous at 07,Feb,15 19:49

Oh btw my name is rowan like the tree of life

By How about employment at 23,Feb,15 12:47

Get a job.

By Moxium Jackal at 27,Mar,15 06:46

Dude i feel your pain, but iam a pervert
i love girls all the time
but they are whores, my mom told me my dad was a satanist, and that i was only born to be a sacrifice
i was like shit, why didnt you just let them kill me....
iam a ugly ass, autistic reject of society
i ahve 0 social skills and emotional problems
ive never had a girlfriend and iam just plain pathetic
but maybe its better if all the nice people in the world kill themselves, then we can leave these pricks to themselves -_-
By Moxium Jackal at 27,Mar,15 06:50

My moms a Wiccan witch
My dads a satanist
I weighed 6.66 pounds when born
Born on friday the 13th, at the time of my birth 8:02pm
500 people died from an earthquake... great
i see demons and ghosts all the damn time
and every 4 years on my birthday aliens pass over the city
no idea why, my mom told me iam a conception of a demon
his name is Mr.Hershell, my mom was unable to get pregnant and the demon touched her telling her Its a boy.
ive always wanted to kill myself because i thought i was the antichrist... my left eye is even bad and i have split personalities of near angelic or demonic preportions, i have weird dreams about demons all the damn time, and then i have seen angels or spoke about god in my dreams as well, no idea why i was born or who iam, but i was born 3/13/1992, iam probably just a demon spawn that was supposed to die, just a sacrificial lamb =[

By anonymous at 13,Apr,15 22:56

ur life isnt anything yet sir or madam.most people are lining worst than u .think about trying something new .like going out .fixing up urslef and meet new frenz .life cant suck get tht ooh

By anonymous at 13,Apr,15 22:58

by the way 5304857 just call mi

By anonymous at 27,Jun,15 00:33

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By Hopeful at 19,Nov,15 16:01

(sorry, I can't talk english very well)

I want to offer you something , that it can change all of your life.
there are a lot of lies about Islam and muslims..
some terrorist (they are not muslim.), trying to scare people from this religion.
but Islam is best thing you can experience.
there are two group in Islam ...Sunni and Shia.
Shia is the right path in islam. but there are a lot of people that doing wrong thing and call themself shia muslims! they are lier
for example, hurting themself with knife!
so, I suggest you to search about shia.
but be careful.
because there are a lot of lies about it on the internet,books, etc
just try to find reality....
( read about imam hussain, but be careful about liers!)

By anonymous at 29,Apr,16 12:55

I agree, your life is not that great. Most of my relatives just bitch me around. And I hate god. I wish I never was born, but Fuck Almighty brought me here for A Great Purpose", either that or my mom is playing shit with me. I hope your life gets better.

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