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I hate my life

Posted by i hate my life at June 8, 2014
Tags: Jun2014

Well first off I want to say as of June 7 2014 I am 14 and my birthday SUCKED DICK!
How most my days go: wake up, eat, get bitched at, get hit then bitched at more, attempt suicide (then get stopped by fuckin parents), go to sleep

What my friends are like: Hardly any and only one of them I have met in person and another who is almost like a exact copy of me they are real nice thou

What my family is like: Grandad: A fuckin bitch Brother: Autistic (dad acts like he never does anything wrong he is 2 years older than me)Granma: a lot better than my granddad and brother Dad: Never met him he is in jail for life Mom: was very nice but died when I was 5 2 weeks before my 6th birthday :'(

My view on people and the world: Fuck 98% of you

What I think of myself: Hardly anyone loves me and I am worthless and never should of lived (doctors said I had a 0% chance of living) but God must of had a good reason for me living (to take care of my brother probably)

So who thinks my life sucks also if you are like me and want to chat please email me at also if you have any advice on how I can improve my life please email me


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