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Life with my parents

Posted by anonymous at August 17, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Family

It's always being rocky, the relationship my parents share.
Their not at all loving to each other my dad always causes arguments and most of the time when i was younger my mum did not argue back she just agreed with him, but now because me and my sister have got older she has now realize how he affects us so she argues back causing him to go crazy.
he swears the other night he even said to my mother 'go fuck yourself' and 'eat shit and die' childish words just because she argue back towards him as he claimed 'we all lied and said we put the tortoises to bed' when we clearly had but they got up and moved.
he has always been in a bad mood, its the holidays now. my mum still has to work but my dad works at home, so were stuck with him.
I even wanted to commit suicide, i thought i should type in 'quick ways to kill yourself' he upsets me much and if i try to tell him he does he tells me to 'clean up the house yourself and you cause me to be angry' when of course i do not thats utter crap.
he gets pissed of over stupid little things. i just dont know what to do anymore, my mum doesn't understand as she never here and when she is she looks up at him as if hes some god. i hate her. she's a woman i suppose what possible harm could she do to my father, he is so horrid and mean.
i just don't know if to kill myself, or fight my way through childhood.


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